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  1. ooo lots of different one to look for. I was usualy geared more twords SciFi, A few books here and there but really filling out my Star Wars Expanded universe collection. Some of the newer "New Jedi Order" books where a disaponitment so Star Wars has kinda drawn down. So I've been rereading lot even picked up Battlefield Earth for the second time. (thought I lost that one ) Now I have some stuff to look for at Barnes and Noble, when I do go.
  2. I need a new fantasy book or series. so you know what I've already read (in hte fatasy genre at least) i got a list. -The Hobbit and LotR (of course ) -The Abhorsen Trlogy by Garth Nix (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen) -The core book of Dragonlance by Marget Weis and Tracy Hickman from Rastlin Cronicles to War of the Souls Tri. -Death Gate Cycle by Weis & Hickman -Valorian's Children (Dark Horse, Lightning's Daughter) by Mary H. Herbert -Sovereign Stone Trilogy by Weis and Hickman Well thats all that I have at home.. there might be more I've read but I can't remeber them... so I would like some recomendations they don't have to be is the same vein as the ones above or they could, which ever... I just want something new and good to read.
  3. Looks like a new styled gba is comming out, has a new folding design, a backlight and a built in rechargable battery. Suppose to come out in March for $99.95. Game Spot Story I'm glad I haven't gotten a gba yet.. heheh
  4. Great movie, met most of my expectations. The Ents owned, so did Gandolf vs. the Belrog. and Gollum, he was done so well. hehe. Just wished they didn't make the new sceens, like that entire hounds sceen and Sam and Frodo being taken to Gondor, and put in Shelob and finnish off Isengard. But other wize it was excelent. Now I can't wait for the extened version like FOTR.
  5. mmmmm... very purdy. But I think it will look even better watching one burn from my ship's bridge.
  6. mmmm...digital Big Mac. I will stand that the contiunation of The Sims has ruined Maxis from the cool company it was...
  7. 1Ghz T-bird Athlon Oced(150 bus) to 1.133Ghz ECS k6s5a mobo w/ on-board lan & ac97 sound 512 DDR pc2100 ram 80gb IBM 7.2k rpm HDD 20gb Maxtor 5.4k rpm HDD GeForce 2 Ti 17in Samsung monitor Altec Lansing ACS33 speakers Cd-rw, dvd, fans, 300w psu, case w/ front usb, logitech keyboard, M$ intellimouse optical. But I have a job. And I'm already getting a Audigy Platinum and a second 512mb stick. So now I'm waiting for a 2Ghz+ athlon.
  8. I just got my hands on a extra computer. Its not much.. a 800mhz celeron 192mb pc100 ram 15gb hdd tnt2 gfx and i'm prolly gonna use it for a lan server, messing with while the other one burns cds... and generaly anything else i end up needing 2 pcs for. i got win98se on it.. but i also want to set up a duel-boot linux, if only to see linux for my self. But which Linux should i get? I know of Red Hat and Mandrake but are they any otehr ones? and any good tips for linux woukd be greatly accepted... I'm a noob when it comes to Linux..
  9. ROFLMAO! they're all soo true. quote: 28) Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials. no one girl i know, be it friend, girl-friend or my sister, seems to understand this(exspecaly during sub-titled movies)... and then they always ask questions that where explaned in the movie...
  10. I beleive that Intercorp started out very similar, for the protection of a large group. It just incorperated really so it could stand up to and compete with fleets(as well as actualy be reconized). [imagining](at lease in BCO ) Intercorp fighting off a large fleet Embargoing the entire sol system. [/imagining] But still small unions would help with competiton.
  11. WEEEEE! A new Year, a New Comp and New Avatars... what more could i ask for?? Well maybe some Jellybeans.
  12. I desided to jump into a Aestrom and head to the New America Insurgent base. After a long journey, 4 intruder bastards who manage to get by 40 marines searching for them and blast one of my pilots. Finaly i made it to New America and cloaked up and lauched my fighter imediantly... only to find the bastards put that rock to close to be jumped to... ofcourse it was only a matter of time and all my fighters (save the pilotless one) where destroyed.. When i get with in 200klicks of the base they launch fighters. I cloaked up again, turned off the ptas and laugh as I opened up my main guns on the base. By the time i had the base into little pieces the entire crew was glowing. I un-cloak and bam I'm being hit... by that supply station.(I forgot to install that update. ) angered i turn around re-cloak (Yes i have no concern for the welfare of my crew ) and blast blast that away. My cloak draned half way into blasting the supply station. With both worthless stations gone I look around and find about 5 fighters bering down on me... I fiugre its time to get out... Oh no.. i forgot about that strech thats not long enough for hyper. about 10 missiles hit me... but nope i'm not dead, but nearly everything was damaged or destroyed, my AE desided it would be a good time to leave whats left of the bridge and was traped on deck 1. Then the fighters leave me for dead... I sit there as the Engineer ralttles off damages... and then in that damn calm voice proclames the reactor is gonna go critical....
  13. I'd have to go with the Super Cruiser Garid or the Heavy Carrier Nightstar.
  14. The game is HOT. I started up a Insurgent roam, my poor CC was boarded, blasted and totaled the second i hypered into Earth space looking for a fight. And at the inv stations... that healing sound is the most original one i ever heard.. and funny as hell
  15. All of the Grand Thieft Auto games are the best, I got the first and second on my comp still. you can even get GTA1, London and GTA2 from freeloader.com.
  16. I burned a bunch of Mp3s and some video files on to a cd all ong time ago. I go today to look at the cd and the bastard .rm files wont copy or play... The Mp3s worked fine. The blasted Cd has no scraches, I just burned it and put it away. But now it just wont work. All my other Cds with .rm files or other video types work... Anyone ever have a problem like this? and know a solution...
  17. quote: 5. Purchasing Galcom hehe that would be the day... [rp] ***Intercorp Newsflash*** Today Cmdr Jeffery Eu, Cmdr Jigoku and several other bought Galcom out from the SC's noise for an unbeleavable amount of credits. Intercorp and Galcom will be merged into the new Galcorp. When asked what will be done next Cmdr Jeffery Eu responded. "I think we will buy the Insugents out then go to Disney World." ***Intercorp Newsflash*** [/rp] HEHE..
  18. i've played ww2 fight sims since a friend gave me Secret Weapons of the Lewfwafa(sp?). Its sad, i've seen the flight sims go up then come down. (oh no a witty pun! ) All my favortes and the ones i play most are old dos ones.
  19. LOL!! Thats a good one. And its all true!
  20. gah! better just post here and now... hehe i'm notorious for not checking my email anyway...
  21. quote: The fun thing about being a merc is not the getting paid bit. What?! The killing is a plus. But i'd sell a marine if the credits where riht... and if I run out of marines just slap a gun into some of them flight engineers hands. Bow to the almighty credit.
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