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  1. I can get AMD Palamino 1.2 processors if anyone wants them. Just send me an email at [email protected] Give me a little while to respond with the details though. I'm having a few personal problems lately.
  2. Actually in BT the Mechs are about 10 to 15 meters tall. I remember that because thats the size of the antennas I used to work on.
  3. sad thing is, I know people like that.
  4. A Duke Nukem movie??? Reminds me of the Toxic Avenger series, without the comedy. A battletech/mechwarrior movie would be cool, but don't plan on FASA making it. FASA is now defunct, gone kaput. Unless the companies that bought the rights to BT and Shadowrun produce more stuff without screwing it up (as everyone else does when they buy rights to any games) we may see something in a few years. [RP] Lapses back into mourning for the Freedonian Aeronautic and Space Administration. [/RP]
  5. They're finally coming out with AvP2? YES!!! AvP has got to be the best FPS in terms of atmosphere. Hopefully they toughened the marrines up a bit though. I actually pulled a muscle in my neck playing that game. I was so tense when I turned my head to answer someone, I pulled a muscle. I could never play them that well, but running across the ceiling was just too cool. I actually got around to making some skins for the game. Somewhere I have a Mr. T marine and a Marge Simpson alien. The Marge one didn't turn out all that great, but it was definately weird looking. I was going to try and make a Homer Predator, but alas, I never got around to it. As soon as I get the money to rebuild my system and but BCM I know what my next purchase will be now.
  6. Battle tech is it. Though I do have to agree anime fighting would kick BT's ass anyday, but BT is more realistic. I',ve been playing BT since it's inception in the 80's. Played most of the earlier computer versions and have even played the Virtual World sims (Master Status, thank you ). If you can find them they are worth the cost to play, about five dollars or more. If you ever get down to Houston, go to Dave and Busters. They have eight pods there. And for all you BT vets out there I've got a funny story. Me and some friends had a LONG campain going. Well, the lance I had was an Assault lance. The ENTIRE lance was taken out with ONE shot from a Gauss Rifle. ONE SHOT!!!. My lance was positioning on a hill for some long range and indirect firing. My "buddy" took a shot at my mech nearest the top at almost the max range of his gauss rifle. Hit the mech in the head, tears it's head clean off, the mech falls and proceeds to hit and take out ALL the other mechs in one fell swoop. Total Lance tonnage was around 350 tons or so. Lost all of it, and four experienced mech warriors.
  7. Intel will still go strong. The informed will buy AMD (and are already) everyone else will buy Intel just because of the marketing. And I must say one thing for Intel. Their processors are good for business end servers at least. Any gamer worth his salt will buy an AMD though. And if anyone wants those plans for the water cooler, just send me an email, and I'll send them on over. I set them up in Word 2000 to make it easier to deal with.
  8. Man did ya'll go crazy. I've been off for just about a day and there has been a slew of posts. So, Jeffery, you want to head up the Merc Division? I would but time is something I don't always have enough of. I would definately be willing so sign up as an advisor or some other similar role. Some other notes: 1) No one in the corp is required to lend assistance to anyone else. BUT remember if you do, that person should remember it and hopefully return the favor one day. Though I will tell you, unless you have become my best friend in the galaxy. if I happen to find you with a bunch of (insert any military organization here) don't expect my help. I'll dutifully record the Mil ships giving your ship a sun roof and air (space?) conditioning and forward it to your next of kin. 2) Nova, what is the general outlook of Galcom towards the Syrions? Couldn't find out much about that in the manual, but I don't think they are considered hostile. 3)Whomever rated me THANKS!!! 4) We probably should set up some kind of system to stop the corp working against the corp. It would suck and be bad for business, to have say the merc div. taking out trader div. ships or the like. Now if you get hired independently that's another story, just mean hired from corp on both ends. 5) There should be a standard discount for interdivision hiring. Cheaper escorts for the Traders, more work for the Mercs, and more profit for the company. Any suggestions? 6) Jeff, any good ideas for the Merc Division name? "Have guns, will Travel" maybe? 7) Riga, like the ranking system. What are the benefits though? Greater discounts on parts and ammo maybe? That's all for now. If I come up with anything else I'll post it later.
  9. I had said Board of Directors, because it had been posted that their shouldn't be one person it charge of the whole shebang. I would volunteer for the mercs division, but I haven't had enough time around the game yet. Which brings up another point, Raiders should NOT be included in a corp. Similar to having a thievery division.
  10. quote:And you can also use a cargo pod...assuming the idiot at the other end of the phone, trusts you enough. [RP] The Cargo Pod is in the mail...er orbiting Pluto. [/RP]
  11. I don't think anyone was saying you had to wait until you had five members onboard before a corp or division could be started. Just that once membership was up you should have that many people in control. One person should not be in control of a corp. A division would be ok, since the "board of directors" have overiding authority.
  12. Brings up another question. Will BCM support Force Feedback? The thing I don't like about feedback joysticks is that on an unsupported game, the stick feels "mushy", about the only word I can use to describe it.
  13. Oh well, I was hoping my new XYZ Corp could by surplus Stormcarriers. LOL
  14. I have a Wingman Force 3D. It's pretty good, though I know a better one, but I can't remember it's name right now. The only reason I have the Wingman is cost. I'll check on the name of the other one and post it later. I suggest one with a seperate throttle and not on the stick itself. It is a real pain to reach accross to use the throttle. Plus if you have a seperate throttle you usually have alot more buttons to program too. Like I said, I'll post later with the name of the other one.
  15. Luc, I checked and couldn't find a good cooler for you in that price range. Most of them were WAY higher, not to mention special order at that. I did find something though. I found plans for a water cooler/radiator system that could be made for a bit over a hundred. I can send you the plans if you want. They are in a microsoft word document that has been zipped down to 1.03Mb. Just give me an email if you want them. If you want me to make it for you, give me an email and I'll discuss how much I would charge for it. I'll have to check how much the parts, shipping, and labor would cost. Either way from looking at it it seems to be a good design set up specificly for AMD processors.
  16. Deep Impact was the one I was thinking of. Forgot entirely about Meteor. The scene I was talking about with the guy surfing was in Niven's book Lucifer's Hammer. This was regular L.A. (not the L.A. from escape). Lucifer's Hammer (a comet) hits the Indian Ocean, the resulting Tidal wave was around two MILES high (I think) and it has a scene where a bunch of surfers paddle out and surf this monstrous wave. One guy actually makes it into down town LA and he has to start surfing around Skyscrapers. Like I said it's worth the price of the book. I don't remember how Thrusters worked in Known Space but Gravity Polarizers worked by negating the gravitons in all directions but one, then strengthening the force of the gravitons in that one direction. There by the ship actually falls in the direction desired. Yes there is an energy signature, but like most energy it travels at the speed of light and disapates with the square of the distance. Therefore you could "see" a ship that was nearby with sensors, but could find out where a ship had been, because the sig would be gone. Thrusters have a similar effect, but were more advanced and had higher performance. By the way, if anyone has anyquestions about Niven's Known Space series ask away, between me reading all the stories and having the guide helps too.
  17. This is getting good. Midnight, I want one of your animations for my character in FPS mode. It would be fun watching people try to shoot me.
  18. Great Sig SpotSD but I must agree with everyone else, it does get bothersome after awhile. Waaaaay too long. I for one chamge my sig every so often, anyway. After a bit it starts to get boring to me.
  19. The flight of the ArchAngel Michael is worth the price of the entire book. The design they used for the ship is an actual worthwhile design. It would work. It can even be setup with 1980's technology to provide 1G of acceleration. Sporadic, but with the appropriate type of shock absorber you could have 1G constant on the crew deck. Just thought...Another good book/movie adaptation would be Lucifer's Hammer. Kind of over done already with Armaggedon and the other movie like it (I can't remember the name. Just the scene with the guy surfing the tidal wave through L.A. Would be worth the cost of admission.
  20. Ya, it was in the ST animated series. As for Reactionless Thrusters, well: As quoted in the Ringworld Tech Manual: "REACTIONLESS DRIVE: Any Sub-light propulsion system which does not eject a stream of matter (or photons) to produce thrust, such as a gravity polarizer or a thruster." The benefits to this are: You don't have to lug around reaction mass (which takes up space and weight) and there is no "left overs" to track your ship by. I'm sure there are a few other benefits but I can't think of them off the top of my head. On another note, Mote would probably have to be a two part movie. They couldn't pull it off in two hours without butchering it. Although Footfall could be done in two hours. Ringworld would have to be a miniseries though.
  21. Hmmm sounds like a new game...Grand Theft BattleCruiser! It would probably be similar to that video from L.A. when that guy stole the tank. You would definatly go down in BC history, people would watch that chase for years. Heh, would be one hell of a fun ride though. To quote a good friend of mine "Ballsy, but stupid." [RP] As the BC commander comes back from his hike "Where did I park the BC?" Later "Galcom Headquaters here." "Galcom, this is Commander Leornards, um... ...I seem to have misplaced my BC." "... ... ... Please state that again Cmdr." "I, uh, lost my BC" "You lost your BC?" "... ...Ya" "You LOST your BC?" "...uh huh" "A BATTLECRUISER?" "Yes, I parked the GCV Indian Spirit and left it to take a hike, and when I got back it wasn't there anymore." The Galcom Comm Officer starts flipping through the Operations Manual, saying to himself "How the hell am I going to write THIS up?" [/RP]
  22. Don't EVEN bring Microsoft up. That company p**ses me of daily. RAMbus is great IF you have a prog made to take advantage of it's high bandwidth. Which by the way, almost nothing does. For the same reason you don't see many companies putting out software on DVD. Though on a different note even though DDR says it transfers at twice the rate of SDRAM you really only see about a 15% increase over SDRAM. But hey it's cheap, expecially compared to RAMbus.
  23. Just a thin red paste on the back of the command chair.
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