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  1. This is getting good. Midnight, I want one of your animations for my character in FPS mode. It would be fun watching people try to shoot me.
  2. Great Sig SpotSD but I must agree with everyone else, it does get bothersome after awhile. Waaaaay too long. I for one chamge my sig every so often, anyway. After a bit it starts to get boring to me.
  3. The flight of the ArchAngel Michael is worth the price of the entire book. The design they used for the ship is an actual worthwhile design. It would work. It can even be setup with 1980's technology to provide 1G of acceleration. Sporadic, but with the appropriate type of shock absorber you could have 1G constant on the crew deck. Just thought...Another good book/movie adaptation would be Lucifer's Hammer. Kind of over done already with Armaggedon and the other movie like it (I can't remember the name. Just the scene with the guy surfing the tidal wave through L.A. Would be worth the cost of admission.
  4. Ya, it was in the ST animated series. As for Reactionless Thrusters, well: As quoted in the Ringworld Tech Manual: "REACTIONLESS DRIVE: Any Sub-light propulsion system which does not eject a stream of matter (or photons) to produce thrust, such as a gravity polarizer or a thruster." The benefits to this are: You don't have to lug around reaction mass (which takes up space and weight) and there is no "left overs" to track your ship by. I'm sure there are a few other benefits but I can't think of them off the top of my head. On another note, Mote would probably have to be a two part movie. They couldn't pull it off in two hours without butchering it. Although Footfall could be done in two hours. Ringworld would have to be a miniseries though.
  5. Hmmm sounds like a new game...Grand Theft BattleCruiser! It would probably be similar to that video from L.A. when that guy stole the tank. You would definatly go down in BC history, people would watch that chase for years. Heh, would be one hell of a fun ride though. To quote a good friend of mine "Ballsy, but stupid." [RP] As the BC commander comes back from his hike "Where did I park the BC?" Later "Galcom Headquaters here." "Galcom, this is Commander Leornards, um... ...I seem to have misplaced my BC." "... ... ... Please state that again Cmdr." "I, uh, lost my BC" "You lost your BC?" "... ...Ya" "You LOST your BC?" "...uh huh" "A BATTLECRUISER?" "Yes, I parked the GCV Indian Spirit and left it to take a hike, and when I got back it wasn't there anymore." The Galcom Comm Officer starts flipping through the Operations Manual, saying to himself "How the hell am I going to write THIS up?" [/RP]
  6. Or the Rocket Scientist and the Popcorn Guy
  7. Don't EVEN bring Microsoft up. That company p**ses me of daily. RAMbus is great IF you have a prog made to take advantage of it's high bandwidth. Which by the way, almost nothing does. For the same reason you don't see many companies putting out software on DVD. Though on a different note even though DDR says it transfers at twice the rate of SDRAM you really only see about a 15% increase over SDRAM. But hey it's cheap, expecially compared to RAMbus.
  8. Just a thin red paste on the back of the command chair.
  9. [RP]Hmmm can I get a bunch of you together so we can go joyride in a Stormcarrier?[/RP] That is a thought, but it would have to be done in BCM MP. If we could pull it off, I don't think anyone would complain. Then again, I'm sure there is a ton of safety protocols to protect against that sort of thing. But just think if it could be pulled off... how much would Galcom or the Insurgency pay for it? I wan't to see that auction!
  10. After reading all of this I have one thing to say go Indie. LOL Independents Unite!!!
  11. Fleets? we don need no stinkin fleets. Independents Unite!!!
  12. By the way, you didn't happen to get Cypher from WH40K did you?
  13. Or how about: "No remorse, no regrets, I don't care what it meant. Another day, another death, another sorrow, another breath" [ 08-08-2001: Message edited by: Malleus Malefictorum ]
  14. By the way, if anyone needs any computer parts cheap, I've got my own company and live right by alot of wholesalers. Just give me an email.
  15. Find a carrier on the black market huh? Probably be the equivelent of finding a modern US Naval Cruiser or such on the black market. Such things don't happen. Not to stir things up but the only way I see non-military personel getting thier grubby hands on one is by either defection (and who is going to defect to the mercs?) or by finding the hulk of one floating through space (and where are you going to get spare parts for it?) RP/ Mercenary Captain: "Excuse me, I'd like to buy three interceptor launch stations, a cloaking device, and a bridge computer for a Megaron" Propriator: pressing button for station security "Hold on one moment, I'll have to check my inventory" /RP
  16. aramike, what about money? Seeing that I can't get BC3K to run right on my machine, and I don't have an internet connection worthwhile enough to download the BCM demo (not to mention it probably wouldn't run on it anyway) How does money work out? Cost wise for products and such? Second, would a corporation be able to get a discount on supplies? Just a few thoughts.
  17. That's why I kinda understood it, it was Latin, like my name. Only saw Gladiator once, pretty good movie though.
  18. Intel dropped the Slot One processor in favor of the Socket 370/flipchip design.
  19. Good post TAC! Nice explanation of why I always suggest T-Birds to customers. And just to hear another rant, what do you think of RAMbus vs. DDR?
  20. I'm still trying to decide on what I want. I'm partial to a Garid for sheer toughness and speed, but I still haven't made my final decision yet.
  21. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I want to wait until I understand the game and universe a little better. But a few things I thought of: 1) Each caste should probably have it's own group. That way way potential conflicts are kept to a minimum. 2) It should have a founding group of at least five members before anything else. With a guild or corp there should be a "Board of Directors" That way (with 5 original members you have a good voting block. 3) A base should be set as at a station or base that is only caste specific. 4) We should find out and post some monetary standards so we know how to figure out how much dues and such should be. That's all for now, but I'd be happy to help anyone along in the establishment as best as I can. That goes for even groups that I won't be part of. To bad there isn't a Consultant caste, LOL
  22. "Morituri te salutant"??? Salute to death? What does it mean?
  23. Well, it's all RP until BCM and GCO come out but for one I wouldn't go around killing people and hoping someone will pay me. Contracted hits will be your most lucrative work. Maybe a little bounty hunting on the side. A little merc work in times of need or even transporting cargo when there isn't anything else to do. Hope it helps, but I'm kinda new here so I can only give you the basics. Don't be afraid to take chances..... remember: The Arc was built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals!
  24. I'll help if you want. Like any of these? Grey Mouser Sulaco Trebuchet Psychic Fire Daemon Dog Dominator Prophet Gunslinger Predation Long Shot Bloodletter Knight Lord or Night Lord World Eater Lamentor Plague Bearer Blood Thirster Keeper of Secrets Rapturous Death Doom Siren Chaos Spawn Dire Avenger Fire Dragon Warp Spider Dark Reaper Swooping Hawk Shadow Seer Wraithguard Death Jester Wailing Doom Great Harlequin Vicar's Dismay Like any of these? Some are stolen from various differnt sources, but none you'll get in trouble for at least.
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