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    Hello Orion

    Urghh, busy for the most part. Got married, had a daughter, started a couple of businesses, filed for bankrupcy (heheh) and all manner of other things that have aged me ten years in the last three. So yeah, interesting. Doubt I'm back for the long haul at this time but when things even out again I'll make more time to get back into things. I'll be sure to be a more frequent visitor, however.
  2. lo SC, thanks for the account fix. Sorry to hear you've had troubles guys but it's good to see you none the less. Fill me in when you get the chance and we can all catch up.
  3. Heres my handful of coppers for ya. 28 Days Later (IMHO) is more like a remake of the original 60's classic "Day Of The Triffids" rather than NOTLD and it's ilk. Sure it has zombiesque mutants as a back story, but the real guts of the film focusses on the band of survivors and their struggle against nature and fellow man. If you watch this film and recall DOTT you'll instantly spot the comparisons. 28 Days Later is bloody scary though. Nothing has gotten to me like that flic since I watched the original Alien when I was around 13. Now my opinions on past, present and future :- T3 has to be seen. I dont care what anyone says, after Arnies last outing as a fireman in (OMG what was that shite film?) this has to be good. - roll on August. Hulk doesnt really do it for me but I'll watch it on DVD when it comes out. Solaris has me interested, but I know zilch about it. Daredevil (Which I recently saw on DVD) sucks worse than a $10 hooker. Bend It Like Beckham is such arse I actually wanted to lobotomise myself after enduring it for nearly two hours - I suggest you watch Pele in Escape To Victory again instead. Full Throttle has Cameron Diaz and her bottom. 'nuff said. 2Fast2Furious - yawn. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen has me worried. From the little I've seen and heard about it, there shall be no local shops with local people - so It's got a chance of being entertaining. Throw Sean Connery into the mix (Who incidently looks around 20 years younger in the trailers I've seen) and you got ... well, somthing. X2 I have yet to see but it's on my "Must Watch When It Hits Rental" stage. Lucky Lady - Ok so it was made in 1973 (ish) and is a black comedy about Rum runners in the early 30's but It's got Burt Reynolds, Liza Manelli and Gene Hackman in it and is my 100% favorite film in the entire universe after Aliens. If you've not heard of it, try try try and find it somwhere. Think thats about it for now. Apologies for the long rant - been a few days since I've had the strength to muster up a posting and didnt want to waste it on 2 or 3 trite posts.
  4. Well lookie here ... the head bunny and the string puller back on the boards and posting. Good too see you boys again. Allow me to be the first to invite you to an MP server for a quick wake up and "who the hell put that poker up my butt" call. See ya'll real soon boys.
  5. Hey quantum, Im expecting the iodine treatment so Im all ready for that. Just not looking forward to the isolation. Hyperthyroidism has been the bane of my existance for the last six months - most of it I assumed was because of work stress and a few colds, but after a really nasty period about a month ago I decided to goto the doctors (After about 12 years) and see whats what. Not being a fan of needles, I was instantly horrified at the prospect of blood tests and the like but it was all worth it now I actually know whats been wrong with me and I can get treated. I still dont know all the specifics, but if you have a few minutes to put proverbial pen to PM I would appreciate your insight.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll let you know when im all back up on my feet again proper, but until then, yes, I am interested in beta if Derek still has the room.
  7. Sorry guys, Im not AWOL, just sick. Been a bad 2 months for it and Im not getting treated just yet. It's not life threatening, but it's unpleasent enough to keep me away from computer screens much of the time. I need a dose of radiotherapy to knock it on the head if you after hints. No, it's not cancer (not likely anyway). I'll be in touch.
  8. orionfleet.net will shortly be available. It should have been up last week, but my domains guy didnt get round to registering it. As for the avatar thing, I asked you a few weeks ago to change it and I thought that your would do so on good faith. I have also noticed someone else using that avatar as well (Forget the name now). Im going to ask nicely one last time, then Im going to take this directly to Derek. Please dont let it come to that.
  9. Ah, got there before me I see. Oh well, never mind. *ahem* Ok ladies, lets saddle up. War is comming - our war - and the one thing we always done good round here is talk a good fight. Well, now it's time to fight a good fight. I know we're the best. You know your the best. Only problem is, those other muppets think they better than us. You seen those Bunnies talk? Saying they gonna get themselves some Lemming hides? Hell no they aint - not on my watch. All commanders who own and have patched BCMG shout long and hard here about it. You will be counted, acknowledged and put into operational rotation. Those that have yet to purchase BCMG - consider yourselves in drydock. Greg, Im assuming you have your copy all sorted out and patched. Im going to need you to take the helm at certain stages as it's likely I will be unable to attend some engagements due to the transatlantic whatsamathingie. I know you're upto it. Nova, consider yourself promoted to 3IC for recent activities and keeping the home fires burning during senior staff's absense. You're also being charged with the developement and deployment of the NEW Supremacy Battle Group. Please excuse the above dodgy wording, im on medication currently and Im a bit screwy. All orders stand however.
  10. I think the only real problem I had with this game was the horribly long tunnel sections - that and the fact that your invincible squad had appaling collision detection. I think the language was way OTT - but again I like that kind of realism in a war sim although for most it's probably too much. My absolute favorite FPS experience ever was defending the radio outpost in one of the latter missions. Imagine pouring rain, stranded at the top of a hill will VC and NVA running up the hill to top you - running low on ammo, scared to lean over the walls to get a shot off for fear of catching a bullet in your face - totally cool in a grim sorta way. All in all, good game marred by crap close up AI. 8/10
  11. Love the box. Manual is excellent. Runs like a dream and not even threatening to CTD. It's like Im falling in love all over again. Bravo.
  12. Mines on it's way. T-50 minutes and counting.
  13. Urghh, this sounds horrible - like a handful of teens who spent too much time roleplaying SpaceMaster suddenly decided it would be cool to make it into a PC game. The concept may be grand, but what little info on the premis they have made available looks like it was hashed up on the back of a character sheet during a sleepover at their rich buddies parents house. Repeat after me - Aerosmith aint cool no more! Gah ... horrible.
  14. Ok, who's using fleet addresses at the moment? Ya'll know theres a problem with the domain so do as the man says and sort your profiles out.
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