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  1. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    I was wondering the same thing... If anyone feels that I'm doing too little or something with the Epsilon wing then just tell me. *utterly confused*
  2. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Commanders, we have a new patrol zone. Head over to the primefleet forum to recieve your new orders. And Cmdr.Demolition, I apologize for the late message but my ISP had a check with their servers and our connection to the net was severed for days. This will not happen again.
  3. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Affermative, Commander. How do I recieve wing assignments? By email, or is it posted somewhere? Hope you get well soon.
  4. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    ok, this must be right now..
  5. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Affermative. Is the sig correct now?
  6. desolator

    Prime Fleet Roll Call

    Cmdr Desolator reporting in. Whoa, nearly missed this rollcall due to faulty email server.
  7. desolator

    Small, cool strategy games?

    The Operational Art Of War: Century of Warfare is also a nice strategy game. Very realistic, and extremely fun.
  8. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Cmdr Desolator reporting in... Will do that. And Cmdr Demolition, you might consider trying to find someone else to do the html to the Epsilon page. Haven't downloaded the fonts and so, but tried to make a similar page that looked like the Gamma fleet's but it wouldn't function correctly whatever I did. Will try some more but if anyone else know html better...
  9. desolator

    BCM is officially GOLD!

    "THERE IS A GOD!" Yes, and his name is Derek Smart! Well done! whohoo! yeey! whihaa! *and all the other similar "YEY its finally out and were ALL so HAPPY that we can EXPLODE!" quites* and ofcourse....Wheeeeee!! (no g**ards and strife here though ;p)
  10. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Cmrd. Desolator reporting in. *salutes and stands at ease* Yes, I can do HTML, but right now I can not spend any time on that... busy at work. But if you type what you like the Epsilon page to look like, then maybe I can work on it after the hectic times I'm facing right now. ┬┤
  11. Since you had favourite Characters, why not people? Personally I vote for the hackers at MIT. You know, R.Greenblatt, B.Gosper, S.Nelson,T.Knight and the like... And ofcourse the SC for bringing us the BC games.
  12. desolator

    Epsilon Wing News

    Ah, nice. Will change immediately. [ 09-03-2001: Message edited by: desolator ]
  13. desolator

    Operating System Questions

    I got all the answers to your questions... first of all, there will be no performance decrese since you only use one OS at a time. There will be though, as someone stated, decreasing performance the longer you got Windows installed, and the more things you install in it. (This will not happen on a linux system.) The OS is preferably installed on your primary drive since your bootblock resides on that one. It can be changed though, but I can't see why anyone would do that. (especially with Win, since it's a pain to change...)
  14. desolator

    What's good?

    You seriously should avoid Arcanum. While quite a good game, the cumbersome interface and the WAAAY too small inventory makes the game rather a b*tch to play... which is a shame because it's really neat to mix magic and gunpowder & steamtechnology. Startopia though are serious fun! A bit too short mayhap but thats ok, you'll have a lot of fun anyway.
  15. desolator

    Space sims

    What different space sims are there out there now that is any fun? The ones I've played are: Iwar1 & 2 Descent Freespace 1 & 2 BC3K (ofcourse.. All WingCommander series All StarWars games Allegiance All Elite games the ones I haven't tried are: Terminus X-Beyond the frontier StarLancer Tachyon-something... So have I forgot a game, or is this all games out right now? And if someone have played X-beyond the frontier, is it any fun if you like exploring space? And Terminus too...any fun?