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  1. I was wondering the same thing... If anyone feels that I'm doing too little or something with the Epsilon wing then just tell me. *utterly confused*
  2. Commanders, we have a new patrol zone. Head over to the primefleet forum to recieve your new orders. And Cmdr.Demolition, I apologize for the late message but my ISP had a check with their servers and our connection to the net was severed for days. This will not happen again.
  3. Affermative, Commander. How do I recieve wing assignments? By email, or is it posted somewhere? Hope you get well soon.
  4. ok, this must be right now..
  5. Affermative. Is the sig correct now?
  6. Cmdr Desolator reporting in. Whoa, nearly missed this rollcall due to faulty email server.
  7. Cmdr Desolator reporting in... Will do that. And Cmdr Demolition, you might consider trying to find someone else to do the html to the Epsilon page. Haven't downloaded the fonts and so, but tried to make a similar page that looked like the Gamma fleet's but it wouldn't function correctly whatever I did. Will try some more but if anyone else know html better...
  8. Cmrd. Desolator reporting in. *salutes and stands at ease* Yes, I can do HTML, but right now I can not spend any time on that... busy at work. But if you type what you like the Epsilon page to look like, then maybe I can work on it after the hectic times I'm facing right now. ┬┤
  9. Ah, nice. Will change immediately. [ 09-03-2001: Message edited by: desolator ]
  10. What different space sims are there out there now that is any fun? The ones I've played are: Iwar1 & 2 Descent Freespace 1 & 2 BC3K (ofcourse.. All WingCommander series All StarWars games Allegiance All Elite games the ones I haven't tried are: Terminus X-Beyond the frontier StarLancer Tachyon-something... So have I forgot a game, or is this all games out right now? And if someone have played X-beyond the frontier, is it any fun if you like exploring space? And Terminus too...any fun?
  11. Eh, the Iwar2 demo slow? I got a PII 450 with a GeForce 2 and it runs along fluently, even at high resolutions, as do the whole game. (but seriously, It was only half as fun, if even that, as Iwar 1 and after a week or less it's just...well... boring.) Long live BCM!
  12. acknowledged. Had a serious problem with a virus on my computer, so that's why it took a while...
  13. ummm,Rico Jansen, I meant the non-existant fleet you guys joked around with in another topic... but if I upseyt anyone, then I'm sorry.
  14. Yes, Two fluffy BC "dices" in the shape of Battlecruisers with white dots..
  15. "Wow ! SC, Ill now BOW to my knees and PRAY to the almighty buddha that you wont never ever get hurt, so this game will come out sOON " What?! Aren't you already doing that? I thought everyone did that. We even got a janitorial fleet that protects the SC..
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