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  1. I was wondering the same thing... If anyone feels that I'm doing too little or something with the Epsilon wing then just tell me. *utterly confused*
  2. Commanders, we have a new patrol zone. Head over to the primefleet forum to recieve your new orders. And Cmdr.Demolition, I apologize for the late message but my ISP had a check with their servers and our connection to the net was severed for days. This will not happen again.
  3. Affermative, Commander. How do I recieve wing assignments? By email, or is it posted somewhere? Hope you get well soon.
  4. ok, this must be right now..
  5. Affermative. Is the sig correct now?
  6. Cmdr Desolator reporting in. Whoa, nearly missed this rollcall due to faulty email server.
  7. The Operational Art Of War: Century of Warfare is also a nice strategy game. Very realistic, and extremely fun.
  8. Cmdr Desolator reporting in... Will do that. And Cmdr Demolition, you might consider trying to find someone else to do the html to the Epsilon page. Haven't downloaded the fonts and so, but tried to make a similar page that looked like the Gamma fleet's but it wouldn't function correctly whatever I did. Will try some more but if anyone else know html better...
  9. "THERE IS A GOD!" Yes, and his name is Derek Smart! Well done! whohoo! yeey! whihaa! *and all the other similar "YEY its finally out and were ALL so HAPPY that we can EXPLODE!" quites* and ofcourse....Wheeeeee!! (no g**ards and strife here though ;p)
  10. Cmrd. Desolator reporting in. *salutes and stands at ease* Yes, I can do HTML, but right now I can not spend any time on that... busy at work. But if you type what you like the Epsilon page to look like, then maybe I can work on it after the hectic times I'm facing right now. ┬┤
  11. Since you had favourite Characters, why not people? Personally I vote for the hackers at MIT. You know, R.Greenblatt, B.Gosper, S.Nelson,T.Knight and the like... And ofcourse the SC for bringing us the BC games.
  12. Ah, nice. Will change immediately. [ 09-03-2001: Message edited by: desolator ]
  13. I got all the answers to your questions... first of all, there will be no performance decrese since you only use one OS at a time. There will be though, as someone stated, decreasing performance the longer you got Windows installed, and the more things you install in it. (This will not happen on a linux system.) The OS is preferably installed on your primary drive since your bootblock resides on that one. It can be changed though, but I can't see why anyone would do that. (especially with Win, since it's a pain to change...)
  14. You seriously should avoid Arcanum. While quite a good game, the cumbersome interface and the WAAAY too small inventory makes the game rather a b*tch to play... which is a shame because it's really neat to mix magic and gunpowder & steamtechnology. Startopia though are serious fun! A bit too short mayhap but thats ok, you'll have a lot of fun anyway.
  15. What different space sims are there out there now that is any fun? The ones I've played are: Iwar1 & 2 Descent Freespace 1 & 2 BC3K (ofcourse.. All WingCommander series All StarWars games Allegiance All Elite games the ones I haven't tried are: Terminus X-Beyond the frontier StarLancer Tachyon-something... So have I forgot a game, or is this all games out right now? And if someone have played X-beyond the frontier, is it any fun if you like exploring space? And Terminus too...any fun?
  16. Eh, the Iwar2 demo slow? I got a PII 450 with a GeForce 2 and it runs along fluently, even at high resolutions, as do the whole game. (but seriously, It was only half as fun, if even that, as Iwar 1 and after a week or less it's just...well... boring.) Long live BCM!
  17. acknowledged. Had a serious problem with a virus on my computer, so that's why it took a while...
  18. I don't pray but will have your cat in mind. (Love cats, have had a total of 5, only one lives today... and when that one dies, I will get another one in its memory.) Promise to tell us if the little cute critter survives.
  19. ummm,Rico Jansen, I meant the non-existant fleet you guys joked around with in another topic... but if I upseyt anyone, then I'm sorry.
  20. Yes, Two fluffy BC "dices" in the shape of Battlecruisers with white dots..
  21. This sounds really odd. I got the full version of Europa universalis. Been playing it for quite a while and never had a single bug. Ofcourse, I run the swedish (european) version of the game, so i suspect someone must've f!cked it up in the US version.
  22. "I tried system shock... it's hard to play, cause of the low res and the way the controls work, but I played the ss2 demo... anyone has the full game?" Theunderdogs.org has the SVGA version for free downloading. (Abandonware.) It's much much much MUCH better (story and the like)than the sequel although I liked SS2 a lot too..
  23. "Wow ! SC, Ill now BOW to my knees and PRAY to the almighty buddha that you wont never ever get hurt, so this game will come out sOON " What?! Aren't you already doing that? I thought everyone did that. We even got a janitorial fleet that protects the SC..
  24. Well, I got a reply for those "non-user friendly" linux arguments. (As I see it, windows is only good for one thing. Gaming. And as usual, this is not directed at anyone, just trying to convert more users to the Linux community. "1) The shell terminals." Windows got DOS. Same thing. "2) Makefiles and compilers are scary." RPM exists for users that can't handle sourcecodes. "3) Hardware drivers don't usually come with the hardware you buy; you have to look for them on the Internet (Joe User may not know how and could also be lazy). Setting it up can be kooky too (plug'n'play support not as robust as Windows). Provided the hardware is compatible with Linux (and some boxes don't even mention Linux and the sales reps are clueless too)." The SuSE dist. can handle most cards, as with Debian. Although we all have to work a little to get our things to work.. "4) Windows is supposed to be more user-friendly and look how much trouble people have with that already (or computers in general) *g*" umm... people that can't handle Windows at all shouldn't try any OS. *evil grin* And Windows isn't exactly brilliantly programmed... Anyway, the reason I use the SuSE dist to get new users into Linux is that it can be configured realively easy, and can have the look and feel of a win-box. "5) Manual "mounting" of external storage media (floppy disk, CDROM too but they can automount too)." As you said, automount can do it.. "6) It doesn't run MS Office programs (without jumping through additional hoops like emulators)." Then again, who needs that when there is f.ex StarOffice. or Koffice. "7) Finding other software isn't as easy as for Windows (e.g. games and family stuff - when's the last time you went to CompUSA or WalMart and saw a comparable amount of Linux games and productivity software in comparison with Windows stuff)." Linux is new on the gaming front. Loki Games sells a lot of games for Linux. And freshmeat got tons of software, as do linuxapps. "8) It's cheap and so is its software - and to most of the uninformed public, cheap = inferior. A stupid perception but nonetheless real." The most expensive thing doesn't always have to be the greatest thing. Microsoft and IBM is to blame for this mostly. [ 08-23-2001: Message edited by: desolator ]
  25. And here's a desolate one... Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Very High Schizoid: High Schizotypal: Moderate Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate yup, my old-time hacker paranoia still lives it seems... Just a question though, me antisocial? Heck on the net you have to kick me to stop me from typing and helping...
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