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  1. Attention Insurgents It is with great satisfaction that I make the following announcement. Know Ye that, having placed due trust and having observed the the sustained superior perfomance of duties, I hereby promote the following Insurgents to their newly appointed ranks: Fleet Admiral Chavik Balor Fleet Commander Fleet Admiral ShoHashi Bishamon Fleet Commander Fleet Admiral Kyle Antilles Spectre Fleet Commander And now for the Special Announcement. I will continue to monitor the boards from time to time and check in when I see the need for some Old Insurgent Wisdom but, having already placed my trust in the above individuals, I doubt that much wisdom shall be needed. With that, I hereby request to be transferred to the Insurgency Reserve and be allowed to Retire with Full Honors. Insurgency.....Dismissed!!
  2. HERE! On one of my short stays at home for now. These 90 out, 60 back, 60 out, and 90 back rotations truely add new meanings to Hoover Majic! Glad you guys are keeping this place together and I'm sincerely glad the SC is still willing to put up with us. I deeply appologize for my continued absence but without jobs, we don't eat, buy games and keep good friends close to our hearts. I sure wish somebody would find old BL so that we could all get back to normal again. Insurgents are still near and dear to my heart, and some Galcommies as well.
  3. Good to see you guys are still keeping tabs on everyone. Have a great holiday season ALL!
  4. quote:Originally posted by J.Smith: I'm outta bassic now and in AV school in pensicola FLA. So i'll be checking in when i don't have my nose buried in a technical manual. Hey!!! "Uncle Rattler" lives near Pensacola!! Drop me an email sometime SOON and maybe we can get together somewhere! As a Retired Aviation Technician CWO, I can sympathize with your sore nose syndrome from all those tech manuals. That and the tired eyes and sore forehead from banging it on the book when you've been studying for too long! Just remember, you're there to learn, and not too much!
  5. I think we're talking about "Dances With Wolves". I agree with the SC here, Cosner has been given a bad rap all the way around. Haven't seen the latest of his releases but I plan on going to see it. Maybe the goobers out in movie land will start doing westerns again. It seems that there are no more original thinkers out there though. Just about everything I'm seeing coming down the pike are "do overs". How about an original for a change? JMHO though!
  6. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: quote:Originally posted by Carl Burning: Define 'vet' for the BC seriesIf you have more than 77 posts, for one. And you were around for the Great BC Depression of 1996-1998. ...and got your ass burned to a crisp, right through the ordeal. If someone calls you a DS sychophant, you're a BC vet. You were around playing a BC title back when we used a BBS (Wildcat BBS) system to tranfer files. I'm sure the other vets can pitch theirs in (cough---cough) Ermh...I think I qualify for the Veteran status utilizing those benchmarks! AND the Brig Parties!!!! Yes SIR!! I'm a VET!!!
  7. Hey Gummy! Good to see you! Now for the big question.....Why haven't you registered in the Fleet DB? Do you still have time to be Eversor Fleet Commander? If you do, register in the DB. If not, drop me an email and I'll understand. (Salute)
  8. Good to see you here Parias! We've been missing you! Now don't miss another muster! [ 08-06-2003, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: Rattler ]
  9. Send them to me as well please. I have a website now on tripod that Spectre can use. Gallion, want to put it there?
  10. Gentlemen, I need to receive correspondence from all Insurgent Fleet Commanders As Soon As Possible. I will be monitoring ICQ for the next couple of nights. If you get a chance, give me a shout. We need to talk. It concerns YOUR/Our Fleets, so it's important. Thanks In Advance,
  11. Ok Troops, Time for that recall. I direct this to all Fleet Leaders and Fleet Members. Let's Muster on Station, Ladies and Gentlemen. Data Base is approaching like a Patriot Missile (about mach 5 for those that don't know it's speed). We had better be ready! Now, Fleet Leaders, Let's get down to the business at hand of rounding up our Troops.
  12. Gallion, I think my webpage is history. The free server I had it posted on went AWOL so I might have lost everything. I'll have to do a thorough search of ALL of my archives and see if I can find it. You should have one for Spectre (I think), Shohashi for his, and Chavik for his. Does Andergum's still work? I'll start searching the disks!
  13. I have no idea why you couldn't edit your own post Sho' but I reflected the changes you were talking about. Now wheres Yas' and the rest?
  14. Good Morning Sir! I'm trying to check in on all of these Roll Calls. Please keep me advised of your results. Thanks for maintaining Your Fleet in fine order. Give me a shout when you can.
  15. Not AWOL/Missing "Sho!" I'll try to check in on every Fleet Recall that is posted. Keep me advised of your roster, please. Thanks for taking care of Bishamon Fleet!
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