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    Originally posted by LostInSpace:


    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


    Originally posted by LostInSpace:

    Doh, I knew there was something familiar about the Russian Box Art it's the same that's printed on the CD.

    Rubbish. Look again.

    I should have made that more clear. The part of the marines marching towards the facility and the one guy in the foreground with his helmet off are the same. The sky graphic is different.
    actually if you look real close at it(same for our version) you'll see that it really isn't a facility.

    it's actually a BC MK 3

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    Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD:

    I'm not dead, im alive and if that boggles your little insurgent head. Its called being a good fighter, a ruthless killer, and a demented human being. I thankfuly am all three. Been playing for about 3 months on the same darn ship. I AM VLAD my name echos threw the universe as a word of fear, people hear it and tremble and by jove, I wouldnt have it any other way.

    Song: "Devil Like a Cyclone"


    CD: Duke Lion Fights the Terror

    "Kicken ass, kuckles brass, fighten fire, and chewen glass, devil like a Cyclone, BABY"

    you should seek medical attention.

    i'm not a big fan of raiders. much too easy to take home and capture. i prefer to kill.

    and your banging with the wrong crowd buddy

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    Originally posted by Commander Jamont:

    no we could use dsylva im still a rookie fleet commander and could learn a great deal from him

    well um... im no FC or anything but i would suggest doing monthly roll calls.

    well anyway..back to the bar...

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    Originally posted by Raider/Pirate VLAD:

    Yea well every one of those Star stations should be made TERRAI. Thats how you fix that problem sounds like you put too much value on the lives of the people of that game. As to any Militay faction on the game I say "JUST! BRING! IT!". Ill show them whos daddy thats all I got to say. Stay in there OUTKAST KICK ASS!!!!

    i'd say your hallucinating

    your mine when MP is ready

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    Originally posted by Tac:

    Next will be Micheal Jackson Vs Jesse Jackson!


    well if you compare the two(they have it on the official site)Jason has the edge(longer weapon, more kills, etc.) but anyway i really don't like horror movies so?

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