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    Originally posted by Rm:


    Originally posted by Grayfox:

    you need a brain in order to sue anyone. and i doubt any of those women have one.

    Maybe they're smarter than you think (hint: don't shoot the brunettes )

    IMO they are all about as smart as Resnig(maybe lower.)
  2. {rp}

    February 9,3010


    "OK. We have you tractored."

    Those words brougth a deep sigh onto the bridge. The mission was finally over and this mystery had been solved.

    I still believe that we wont' be able to comprehend the amazing technology the Galaxians must have had. But how did they disappear?

    That's another mystery for someone else.

    Meanwhile my ship had taken serious damage from the dog fight we were in and we were told we would have to be off-duty for awhile.

    This someone was okay for the crew but we wondered what they would do to it.

    "We have arrived in the Earth region."

    I watched as we jumped and GalComHQ came into view.

    "So what happens now sir?"

    I just stared at the massive star station.

    "I don't know Derrick. I just don't know."


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    Originally posted by Cruis.In:

    one last thing though. how'd he get the guns into the testing room? or they didn't think he could fight out of that? and the flat line, i didnt get it...

    you can tell he was setting up everything from the point he stopped the dosage.

    the guns he had probably where there in case he got caught probably and they thought he'd only bring his katana.

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    Originally posted by Spindoktor:


    is it me or that movie listing is unimpressive (money-wise) compared to what we usually see?

    According to this article, revenues are down about 9 percent from the same period last year.

    in short

    "Teh g4m3s R 0wning teh m0vi3s!"

    anyone who translates that gets a cookie

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:


    Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason:


    they also pretty much showed us the end of the war at the beginning of the film. with John Connor and his troops cheering and the flag there and stuff.

    Not really. It could just be a resistance rally celebrating some major victory, and not necessarily the end of the war.


    we'll probably have to wait for the next one to find out

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    Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

    But given his age and the time it took to go from T2 to T3, it is highly unlikely that Arnold will be in it.

    yeah and plus it couldn't happen in the story since nothing involves the Terminator during the war.


    they also pretty much showed us the end of the war at the beginning of the film. with John Connor and his troops cheering and the flag there and stuff.

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    Originally posted by Marvin:

    It was General George Patton. He said that you don't win wars by dying for your country; you win wars by making the other bastard die for his country.

    The profanity belongs to General Patton.

    Come Hell or high water, I'll be around for graduation. (That profanity originally belonged to my poor, sainted mother but I've adopted it as my own.)

    i thought that was him but i wasn't sure how to spell it

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