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  1. well since i go to a private school that makes you wear a uniform i'll put ym opinion into this.

    the fact is i hate school uniforms. my school uniforms have 3 different colored shirts but who cares about that when u have a freakin annoying tag that always makes u reach back and cratch.

    and then the ridiculous dress rules. they make u always wear your shirt tucked in or you get in trouble(come on!)

    personally i'd rather just walk around with a shirt and boxers then wear a school uniform anyday. but y do i still go here?

    the education is top notch. and i want a bright future.

  2. quote:

    Originally posted by Cmdr. WeeGee:

    Ooo, a female character, thats risky. I had a female dancer on Galaxies once, decided that it was time to nix her after 40 people in a cantina asked me to strip.

    Sorry, but that bothers me, esp. since I was just using the char to check out some of the other professions.

    Hendrick, what server do you play on? I need to make a new character so maybe we can meet up sometime (My Master Bounty Hunter was told to master Image Design to open my FS slot.... what up wit dat?)

    see this is why i'm scared when i see people with female skins. you don't know if they are some girl or a guy

  3. quote:

    nearly a hundred players from the 3 factions showed up, and respected the cease-fire, depite being a FPS game.

    Except for a group of 3 people that took a bomber and levelled out the place, friends and foe alike, and bragged about it on the forums.

    ouch. you have to admit that a gathering like that would be one heck of a target.

  4. quote:

    Shortly before he was thrown out of Alphaville, Urizenus and his fellow reporters were openly questioning whether teenage game players should be allowed to trade in human flesh, albeit virtual flesh, and wondering whether the Sims Online should be restricted to adults

    these guys have no clue. interesting indeed

  5. quote:

    I WOULD LOVE THAT! I can imagine cruising around the Star Wars universe with my Victory-Class Star Destroyer, with Lambda class shuttles and everything! And We could have multiplayer, where we can emasculate the Rebel Scum! Then I would switch to the Rebels and restore order in the galaxy.

    I'm dreaming again

    heh. good idea but wrong universe

  6. quote:

    As much as I'd like to agree with you Elio, seriously I would. After what I've seen going in the school system and such, the probability of the next generation destroying america is very very high.

    i have to admit that things in school don't go so smooth. kids in my school are pretty rampant in class.

    but i think after what we all witnessed on 9/11 should prevent that from happening.

    maybe it's blind hope or maybe i'm right.i'm not sure

    *eats some popcorn*

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