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  1. {rp} My fleet was fighting a very difficult battle. We had been face-to-face with the Hegemonia only to have that ship destroyed by the very weapon we had been searching for. My fleet had cloaked to keep ourselves safe from the weapon. We weren't sure what its intentions were. We didn't know whether it was on our side or not. Meanwhile we had sent shuttles of marines down to help Kalshion. The Invader had some of the most battle hardened bunch of marines in GalCom so no doubt they would not fail. I sat back in my chair and prayed for the best. {/rp}
  2. hey i was about to post one! of course im still here as usual. replaying KotOR on my x-box and readying for the holidays.
  3. what will they think of next? i have a cuban background but thsi doesn't affect me. it's jsut a frickin' game!
  4. man. we seem to never be able to escape the past
  5. since Prime's site is down for awhile you should contact Remo Williams if u want to join Prime fleet.
  6. i'm up for some battlefield mayhem. jsut when and what time
  7. {rp} "Sir we have arrived. As expected it is cloaked sir." "You remember the EMP pulse we had during the Omega operation?" "Yes sir." "Well I hope the scientists did all the changes we need and installed it on every ship. Send a message to our ships and tell them to get ready and fire the EMP as soon as the ship gets close." "Yes sir." The preparations were made and we'd hope luck would go our way. "Uncloak!" {/rp}
  8. quote: Time to move SC, You're the only intelligent Floridian left, run while you still can. *ahem*
  9. my policy with games are usually to getthe demo and if i liked the demo im getting the game. if no demo is available check out some reviews.
  10. {rp} We arrived at the system cloaked. "I assume my contacts are still here?" "Yes sir. Before we left to go they said they'd remain on station." "Good. Some more firepower." I had heard all the rumors about the Rinland and Hegemonia. After going through the Omega operation I thought this shouldn't be so bad. I didn't know the condition of Kalshion or who else was with him other than the girl but I knew it was imperative to get him out of there. "Sir more re-enforcements have arrived cloaked." "Good. Send a message on a tight line to hyper to the planet and to disengage cloak on my orders." "Yes sir." And so it began. {/rp}
  11. {rp} "Message received." "Commander, I have just posted the Warrants for Arrest of the Station Commander, The commander of the Hegemonia and the Rinland. There is a 50-50 chance I'm right. I believe the Hegeomia and the Rinland are involved. My Career is over for sure though. But besides that. If I am right, The Hegemonia knows where Kalshion is, or was.... And....The Hegemonia will be looking for us commander. I suggest you prepare yourself." "Alright. I don't know how we can thank you enough. We've just got word of the spotting of two vessels. The Rinland and Hegemonia. Our sources say the Rinland is after us." I paused briefly. "But the Hegemonia is stationary cloaked but undoubtedly in the region where it was spotted." I switched off the link "Cloak and set course for the Hegemonia's region. I hope we're making the right choice." Of course I never headed into battle without a few surprises of my own. {/rp}
  12. {rp} It all happened so quickly. First I was on the bridge on my way to Kalshion's location when HQ was attacked and then a flux field opened and I found myself where Kalshion was. Or where he was supposed to be. "Ummm sir...There is no sign of Kalshion. Aidan is also requesting a fighter." "Hmmm...Contact my sources and tell them. Assign Aidan the spare fighter we have." "Yes sir. We've also received a message from your sources. They say they were following him when they suddenly had to disengage cloak and were attacked by two fighters. They say by the time the fighters fled Kalshion's ship was gone." I sighed in frustration. "Apparently we aren't wanted to find Kalshion. Tell them to keep searching. Where are we?" "Lenon sir." "Commence planetfall and mine the area. We might as well wait for our sources to find Kalshion." "Yes sir." {/rp}
  13. {rp} I nodded my head. "I don't seem to have much of a choice and things have been going in our favor. My sources have been looking into that station commander's past as well. My sources also know were the location of the freighter is. Of course IÔÇÖm not authorized to say who my sources are.ÔÇØ I said smiling a bit. "So with both of our sources we should be able to find and save Kalshion and maybe even destroy the Twilight Burst along the way. I suggest we move along now. No telling how quick the station commander's ships are." I got up and we both left the room. Aidan gave his crew orders to stay on station and that his second in command was in charge. We both took my shuttle back to the Invader. Back on the bridge the crew saluted me and Aidan. "Set course to Kalshion's system. Cloak and be ready for anything." Aye ayes followed and the Invader was swiftly on her way. [/rp} Btw my ship is a BC MK2
  14. Yes I might be a day early but I wanted to stop and think about how lucky I am and how many of us are. I'm thankful I'm in this community and live the life I am living. I am also thankful for those who fight overseas to ensure our freedom. God bless them
  15. {rp} "Sir you are being invited over for dinner on the Kindred. Aidan says he "has some loose dishes that I need to secure." I understood what he ment there. Something wasn't right. "Thank you comms. Tell him i'll be there.z' Later that night... "Docking with the Kindred. Stand by..." I forgot just how massive Stormcarriers were. I was too used to blasting them. I arrived at the dinner table moments later. "Good to see you Commander Tylier. You wanted to discuss something?" i said as i sat down {/rp}
  16. {rp} In an undisclosed location.... "So how was your meeting?" "Routine. Except we got a new superweapon on our hands. The 'Twilight Burst' they call it." "Indeed. We've been searching for that thing for awhile. Any known location?" "None. We aren't even sure which side has it." "Very well. We'll continue searching for it and our strike team will stand by." "Good. I'll see you later then." {/rp}
  17. has anyone gotten Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ? i'm eager to get it for the holidays
  18. {rp} "Now.. anymore interruptions? Elio, do you have any questions", Kalshion asked, curiously "Is it known yet who or what made it? And does the weapon destroy the surface only or the entire planet." I leaned back in my chair. {/rp}
  19. quote:Originally posted by Aidan Tylier: I'm here too. (As new as I am.) I was busy trying to get Elio to support my Captured StormCarrier to save Kalshion's Arse. (Again) Present!
  20. {rp} "Docking procedures done sir." "Good. As of 0400 in 7 days you all have a week off." The crew cheered. It was a vacation we all needed. Right then a few marines entered and saluted me. "Sir, my name is Lieutenant James. On orders from fleet command we are to search your vessel, question your crew and perform bio checks." What would they get besides a tour? "Very well James. Do make your search and checks quick. My crew is ready for leave." I then punched in a message to the crew telling them to stay onboard and let the marines question them. I handed them a notepad with my info and went to my quarters to get changed. I left a few moments later and arrived at Kalshion's office. I knocked on the door and heard his voice. I walked in. "Sorry IÔÇÖm late gentlemen. I don't seem to be punctual today." We all laughed a bit and I took a seat next to Aidan who was opening a Jack Daniel's. {/rp}
  21. {rp} "Message from the Kindred sir." "What is it?" "They want us to go and let the fleet mop up the rest." "Us? But why us and leave the fleet...I'm suspicious about that...." "He says he'll explain later..." "Hmm...Get us to the closest friendly station. WeÔÇÖll wait and see." I wasn't sure about all of us and what Aidan had up his sleeve. But the commander had been making good choices which were enough to convince me. {/rp}
  22. welcome buddy.you'll be in good company who's willing to show him the cili nuts?
  23. i've also noticed some people posting pcis without a link to them and that's a definite no-no as well.
  24. that's some great news right there. you definetely can't cancel a promising game like that.
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