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    As for other fleets, I've spotted several clans moving toward UC as there next game, but as far as I know they MUST register the fleet with SC before it can even be considered a fleet and even then there are certain requirements that they must abide by

    we'll just call them Genghis Khan's horde

  2. {rp}

    "Damn I knew it! All ships direct your fire towards the stormcarrier! Launch the interceptors all at the stormcarrier. Every single shot a tit."

    But somehow something inside me thought this wasnÔÇÖt all. One carrier against all these ships was suicide. Unless.....

    "Comms call fleet command and request back up immediately!"

    I knew the Gammulans too well. No doubt they had something up there sleeve.

    "Be ready for anything and take out that stormcarrier!"

    With a compliment of 3 BC MK3s fleet sent us and 3 cruisers we charged at the stormcarrier guns blazing.

    I knew this would only be the beginning though.


  3. {rp}

    We were finally back in space. Having left that hellhole of a base.

    I had earlier given Kalshion permission to take a shuttle and I gave him one of the Kindred A's shuttles since the Stormcarrier would need a shuttle.

    "Sir fleet commandÔÇÖs message ahs arrived. They say we are to stay on station until further notice."

    "Typical." I sighed.

    "Get me a casualty report."

    I stood on the bridge monitoring my TacOps. Nothing was happening at all.

    It was all too quiet. I had been in this situation before but something told me something bad was about to happen.

    "Power up all systems. I have a bad feeling."


  4. {rp}

    Still on the planet I was relieved to hear Aidan's voice,"This is Commander Tylier of the GSV Kindred B to Fleet Command Sol System. It would appear that my new ship is infested with Gammies. Request support."

    "That's the go ahead. Beam the marines."

    "Aye sir."

    Within minutes the ship was full of GalCom marines storming the halls.

    "Marines report ship is under control. Apparently the whole crew was injured."

    "Good. It seems the situation in space has cleared up. Any word from fleet command?"

    "No sir. Shall I send another?"

    I nodded my head yes.


  5. {rp}

    I was outside on the ground. Seeing things from my TacOps and issuing orders.

    "The ATVs are there and you the girl is safe? Good. What? Kalshion is injured badly? Get him back to my ship ASAP!"

    I saw the ATV carrying Kalshion rush over and go up the InvaderÔÇÖs ramp into the ship.

    "Medical get ready for a casualty. It's Kalshion. He needs immediate attention."

    Medical responded with Ayes and Rogers so I went back to my TacOps.

    That was when I got Aidan's message,

    "Mayday, Mayday this GSV Kindred A, Commander Tylier reporting. Ship is currently disabled, Crew has been evacuated. I am at this time preparing to board the enemy carrier."

    "Does fleet command know?"

    "Yes sir. They are preparing a boarding party and a way to get Aidan off."

    "Good. Send a message to fleet command and request orders. How is Kalshion?"

    "Already treated and healed sir. Orders?"

    "Stay down here and be alert for anything else. We'll be returning to space if HQ approves."


  6. {rp}

    We had our own mix of troubles in space. An enemy stormcarrier had appeared. It caught us well off guard but my re-enforcements came in time I was entering planetfall.

    "Tell the 2 carriers to attack the stormcarrier while we go down to the planet."

    The Invader finally arrived at the scene and its PTAs shot instantly at the enemy fighters about. Right then something strange caught my eye.

    "Crap. We've received word the Kindred is gone...Wait. Now the Cresnoya...ÔÇØ

    More reports of casualties flooded the comms. I cursed under my breath that I wasn't fast enough.

    But then I got Kal's report,ÔÇØ We might have a Civilian child in Fire Base Alpha."


    "Sir the Kindred's ships are on there way down here."

    "Call fleet command. Tell them we have a disaster on our hands and to send more ships. Send marines to the base and search for a female civilian child. Evacuate Kalshion's group and pray to god."

    The situation was escalating horribly. 2 ships were gone and a civilian the fire base.

    "Launch the fighters and tell them to secure the area. Give them all we got."

    Meanwhile the Invader was going at the stormcarrier and weakening it. The stormcarrier fled from the area and cloaked. Gone for now.

    "Sir our marines have found the missing child!"

    "Good get them out of there and evacuate everyone from here."

    "Invader this is Fleet Command. 3 BC MK3s have emerged in space and are fighting the stormcarrier. What is the situation?"

    "Casualties all over. We are evacuating Kalshion's group and the Kindred's crew."

    "Confirmed. Your LZ is clearing up. Land and provide relief on the ground."

    "Roger. Proceeding."

    The Invader landed its hulk just outside Kalshion's cave. Several marines rushed over and vehicles from the Kindred and others emerged on the site.

    "Sir the marine company that was sent to get the civilian is back but....."

    "But what?"

    "They say they were cornered and had to escape. 5 marines and the civilian herself needed to be left behind. They are not doubt captured."

    I cursed under my breath.

    "Get all marine crews active. Number One you have the con. I'm moving in with the marines to get the civilian. Give interceptor squadrons orders to escort us."

    I immediately left the bridge and hoped the situation wouldn't worsen.


  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Jaguar:


    Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason:


    Originally posted by echo:

    Resident babe.....hmmm resident babe....I may just put that in my signature!

    Thanks !

    no fair! why does Aidan get to be the pimp?

    You need to be nice, nobody and I mean nobody pimps anybody here.

    You will show respect to our resident Female Commander, or you will find yourself taking a long walk out of a short airlock without a suit...

    erm... sorry
  8. {rp}

    "Sir, all of the stormcarriers systems are operational!"

    "Damn. Sneaky Gammulans."

    Now I had to come to a decision. We couldn't leave orbit since if we did we'd leave the other ships open to attack.

    "Comms call for backup from Beta wing. We need 2 or 3 carriers. Get me on the line with Kal."

    Comms gave me a nod and i spoke,"Kal you look like you could definately use another carrier. Mind if I come down and blow that bird out of the sky?"


  9. {rp}

    The Invader was the second carrier at the scene. Providing overwatch of the situation.

    Something on the TacOps caught my eye.

    "Sir they've found the missing stormcarrier."

    I wasn't really sure why they were searching for a stormcarrier but obviously it held importance.

    "Sir the Kindred is sending help to Klashion's group. Tehys eem to have the situation in control as of now."

    "Stay alert. I want everytihng on the ship ready."I responded

    We stayed in orbit and waited quietly for something or anytihng toh appen.


  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Tac:

    Thats partly true. Here's the catch:

    Whereas every other mmpog out there allows people to choose their server, thus causing the usual empty server vs superpopulatedsuperlaggy server issue, FFXI will automatically balance the populations between the servers by assigning players to them.

    And yes, if you have friends and want to play with them, you need to be about lev 6 (attainable in 2 hours of play) to afford it and give the uniquely generated world-pass to your friend.

    I got into FFXI because one of my friends I played with in SWG told me a lot about the game... he gave me a world pass and all. He's level 20, im just level 8 now.. and the difference aint that big really... especially since he is twinking me and helping me level up fast. we're both having loads of fun.

    ok thanks for the clarification. i'll be putting this one on the holiday shopping list

  11. quote:

    Firstly, you have to remember, to get the full story, you need to have seen reloaded, all episodes of the Animatrix, and completed both Niobe and Ghost's paths in Enter the Matrix. Everything is explained if you watch carefully.

    yeah but i didn't see much difference between Niobe's path and Ghost's.

    anyway i'm going to see this one soon. since i think its a great trilogy.

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