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  1. quote:

    Originally posted by LostInSpace:


    Originally posted by Kalshion:

    And here I thought that emoticon was just cheap commercialism for a deodorant product!

    "Hey you stink, you smell take a bath and then use deodorant!"


    we should be lucky we thrive on these forums.

    jsut check this out.

    so much crap is posted on that forum. politically and non.

    i thank the SC for giving us a nice haven to lurk by

  2. {rp}

    The Invader was sitting quietly in the Wraith hangar.

    I had come over to Wraith after hearing about Smyth's injury. I had found out he had recovered well but he still had pains.

    I was still in the Invader's hangar, the shape of the MK2 still intrigues me to this day. We had seen much action after the Omega incident.

    I already knew what was happening. Smyth was being sent on a high profile mission deep into Gammulan territory. But he was being sent alone.

    This sent a shiver down my spine again. This indeed was a bold move but it was very risky as well.

    They had asked me to be one of the ships to do the job if Smyth failed. This sent another shiver down my spine. I accepted but the thought of Smyth failing clouded my mind.

    I brought myself together as my second in command came to me,

    "Sir, ship will be ready soon. She's been loaded with all the mission requirements. Are you okay sir?"

    "I'm fine." I responded, "Make sure everyone gets a good rest." I responded

    "Yes sir." and with that he walked off.

    I got up and walked towards my ship.


  3. quote:

    Does UC completely supplant the need for BCM? Or do you see them as somewhat different games where maybe BCM still has something to offer, i.e. they SHOULD coexist on my HD.

    UC is still BCG. it's only been renamed.

    UC is BCM upgraded 100 times. whatever is in UC you probably wont find in BCM

    BTW nice water effects SC and the ships looks nice

  4. quote:

    Microsoft today filed papers in Federal District Court alleging that the United States Government is a monopoly

    and this is from MICROSOFT?!

    i'd say "Hey look who's talking Bill."

    these are companies i view as monopolies

    1. Bellsouth

    2. Microsoft

    3. 3000AD( j/k )

  5. quote:


    ATI has also struck a deal with Valve that makes the company the "preferred graphics partner" for Half-Life 2, and those who purchase the two new Radeon cards will receive a free copy of the game when it's released.

    talk about a back stab to Doom 3. they had some kind of a deal with id too didn't they?

    well no matter since i have a snazzy new computer with a.....NVIDIA card!!

  6. i picked it up yesterday.

    i do think they should get a different engine but the game still looks nice and they did the double and dual sabers good. they even added a mp level that looks like the Naboo reactor.

    i was hoping they'd include more with the customization but this isn't an RPG after all.


    Gary Fox said: the way you move and fight just looks static and blocky... not fluid like in JK2.

    i completely agree with that. in JK2 there was like a whole art into dueling and using the saber. now ppl with double and dual sabers cna spin around easily. not much skill there. it's still fun though to play Power Duel and Siege.

    overall it's a good game but i don't think it's as complex as jk2 was.


    Kalshion said: Was going to buy it today but after reading your post I decided not to and instead bought Chaser

    omg im so pissed at JoWood over chaser. the b*stards keep saying my cd key is invalid

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