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    Originally posted by Grayfox:

    you know i was actually looking foward to KOTOR until i found out it was just like a jedi version of baldurs gate... then i figured NM, ill just wait for JA to come out.

    kotor is still a good game but JA probably can be better. considering every duel in a JK game is always different.

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    Originally posted by LostInSpace:

    Yeah there are some around here to that thinks that too. Actually, I have no real beef with any console I've played them all from the original PONG, commodore64, coleco vision, Vectrex, atari, intellivision, Nintendo, Snes, N64, playstation, Dreamcast. I really liked the Dreamcast a shame it died. My real beef is with the game companies. They made their fortunes off of us Pc gamers and all of a sudden we are treated like second class citizens when it comes to consoles and game releases KOTOR comes to mind as the latest infraction by making PC gamers wait two months for the game while the console version is out already. I know I've stated this issue often but it still burns my britches. Look what happened to Duke Nukem. They killed him by dropping the PC development and went console then we are thrown a pitifull bone years later to try to recapture his PC glory with Duke Nukem:Manhatten project what a piece of crap that was. They had a rock solid franchise with Duke on the PC and they just pissed it away all for a transitory game console. Go figure.

    yes i agree completely with this statement.

    i now have a personal vendetta against Bill Gates.

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    Originally posted by LostInSpace:

    Well I snicker at all you console owners cause we PC gamers have one major advantage PATCHABILITY and MODABILITY in our games. So KOTOR will last quite a long time for us PC GAMERS with addons and patches while you console gamers are stuck with the version and missions you bought!

    that's a pretty dumb argument considering this game is X-box live compatible and i have all the platforms.

  4. i honestly don't care for what console i play my games on. they all are just platforms to play the game made for that platform.

    games are games. it doesn't matter what we play them on.


    SC posted:

    Damn gamers. Nothing can ever be simple.

    how true

  5. i got it on friday and have gone done the path of the light side and strayed near the darkside.

    i'd say this is the best console RPG since Zelda and the X-box's best game since Halo.

    this game has hooked me playing it for almost the time i wake to the time i sleep. only Halo has ever managed to do that.

    my only problem is that the music doesn't sound like Star Wars(thought in some bits it does.)

    console activist, Star Wars fan or not this is a game noone should miss.

  6. 86 hours? that's like 4 or 5 days!

    i can imagine that was Lineage since that game is pretty popular over there. but 86 hours straight?

    wouldn't anyone come up to him and say something like "Man you have been playing too long. Go take a break." or something.

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