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    Is anyone still using Active Worlds?

    Greetings. I am new here but, upon seeing mention of ActiveWorlds, had to drop in. I originally joined AW in early 1999. After a few years I'd drifted away from it though. Now it's 2020 and I've been revisiting it and.. they still have things I built back then and before so, if you were just to have a look around those areas you might conclude that nothing had evolved. But, it fully uses rendering on my nvidia card and they've added a slew of effects and capabilities. It's the 25th Anniversary this year too, btw. I've been finding myself back in and experimenting with some of the new capabilities and, what do you know, it's fun and entertaining again. The software regularly gets updated with whatever it is they're doing adding or modding. It has been very interesting to see what is now possible and, there is a small but regular community of builders and those who just seem to either bump through or find it for the first time. You will find the extremely varied chatter around GZ (ground zero) in AlphaWorld and, of course there are those wandering though who think it's going to be a game and don't stay too long, not even long enough to realize what they've found.. You'll find their uninformed opinions out on the webs. I don't bother trying to correct any of that since it tends to generally be a complete waste of energy. *chuckling Mainly, I wanted to drop a note that it's still quite alive and still developing. Depending on what you do there, you'll either be better off playing with blocks on the floor or could design highly impressive and inspiring works. Drop back in and spend a bit finding out some of the depth that's hiding in ActiveWorlds today. Have a good one.! ~Myr .end.trans.