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  1. me

    Questions for tech heads

    quote:Originally posted by Pyros: I love Windows xp pro, just finished setting it up (fixed all my problems with my pc) One question for XP users, in 98 there is a system config tool that allows you to easily delete items that load on startup (realplayer icq etc) all those nice things, how do I do that in XP pro ? Regedit Use at Own Risk
  2. quote: Have you signed on the dotted line and raised your right hand and taken the oath? He shouldn't have yet. At least when I went I took the day Before Shipping out to basic. You do sign a Contract entering Into the delayed enlistment program. I have heard of several occasions where people have seperated from the DEP(with minimal hassle). At this point the military has not spent any money on him(except his Processing at the MEPS, Medical exam, ASVAB...). In any case, I wish you luck $ilk. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. me

    Dark Age Of Camelot

    quote: It seems to me that people who were sick of EQ and looking for something 'different' were not satisified. That's why I haven't picked this one up. I also am waiting for Shadowbane. I hope it turns out as good I'm expecting.
  4. Very nice summary, after reading it I had to go see the review for myself, WHAT DO YA KNOW! That's what the man says... If It's not this, it stinks(paraphrased). In all fairness to him though, he does say it will appeal to the Hard Core Sci-Fi nuts, which is more or less accurate.
  5. me

    Misc Tech Support Issues III

    It shouldn't be a problem provided the user you are logged in as has the appropriate permissions to the Program directory.
  6. me

    Thy Popups Stoppeth!

    I use Opera 6 myself. Has an option to Reject Popus- Accept, or Accept in the background.
  7. quote: We are Galcom's First and Last line of defence... Hey, That is the ISS Tag Line, see here.
  8. me

    Missile performance question

    Ok, what did I start here?
  9. me

    Missile performance question

    and once again I am the only one laughing at my jokes... Must be why I'm not a Stand up comedian.
  10. me

    Missile performance question

    quote: Dont waste your money on any missile except the ralix, vagrant or questors. Hey Tac, You forgot the Bugnors!
  11. quote: Do these dual turret mounts (2 guns in 1 turret?) mean each gun tracks and fires independantly (aka, 1 gun can be firing left, the other one to the right at the same time)? I typically command a Questar, which has 5 Dual turret mounts, I thought I saw a few times where 1 turret fired at different targets.
  12. me


    Go to Tactical --> Loadout --> SC1 --> Cargo. If your shuttle reported that it retrieved it, that is where it will show. Edit: the relevant page in the Manual is 42. The last paragraph, it provides a few more details. [ 01-04-2002: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  13. me

    BCM Review @ PC Arena

    My thoughts exactly Jamont, seems like this reviewer spent more then 10 minutes looking for Eye Candy, and actually sat down and PLAYED the game. (And it sounds like he got hooked.)
  14. me

    ISS Fleet Roll Call January

    quote: Atten-HUT ???????? /rp What do we look like to you? Cadets? Or are you just a Parade ground soldier? /rp Oh, and how many RoleCalls do we need? There's one DeSylva started Here. [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  15. me

    Confused about careers

    Mostly for Multiplayer when it comes out. Or to just wander around without having to worry about being shot at by the Military.