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  1. Ok, the Smurf has got to go...
  2. quote: BCM: Tactical Shift. You play as Resnig. That could get tricky... trying to assign marines to combat duty while dodging fire from your CO's wristlaser. Maybe that's why he sucks?
  3. quote: September 11th was NOT caused by Afghan or Islams, but by a group of malcontent, undeniably evil men under the cover of a religious cause The problem is this is where many of these Terrorists are hiding. quote: Why must the loss of lives be balanced by more loss of life? Unfortunatly, we are a violent species. The Bully on the play ground is only a bully until somebody gives them a bloody nose, and that is exactly what these terrorists are, and that is what we are doing. As far as understanding why they(the terrorists) want to do this... bin laden is angry at us for our occupation of his "Holy Land". Regardless of the fact that the US presence in Saudi is TOLERATED, and WANTED by the Saudi government. bin laden Blames US for events that happened before we were Born. quote: 4. civilian casualities=unacceptable, immoral occurrence associated with act of war (if done by a high-tech bully superpower) hehe, Well said Thantos. Civilian casualties are unfortunate. The only thing I have to add is If the U.S. were trying to kill Civilians the death count would be ALOT higher than it is alleged to be. Do accidents happen? Yes, and it is unfortunate. The only difference is we do NOT set out to target civilians, THEY intentionally did. And THAT is what changes a Freedom Fighter into a Terrorist - Hitting Military targets is one thing. Targeting Civilians is UNACCEPTABLE. Collateral Damage happens, it is something that you TRY to avoid, but no matter how hard you try, it is still going to happen.
  4. First off, Eclipse, I was wondering where you got your sources... National Geographic online does not go back that far with their Archives, and I have not had time to get to the Library to read the article. As far as the Dr. Niles Eldredge Quote, perhaps you would read this. Secondly for those who are Interested another site. They seem to have some good FAQ's on the site. And no Scrivener I have not Read all of it, or I admit even a majority of it. Thank you for the book Suggestions, I might look into them at some point. While I do not support Creationism, and quite frankly cannot see anything that will cause me to change that opinion, I am usually willing to read about the others opinions. Will I read the whole thing? Perhaps, if it is well written and easy to read. Unless of course it is obviously biased on the subject example. Anyways, as others have been saying, it is probably about time to let this thread die. As such, this will be my last post on it. Of course, if you have some Books/Websites you think I might be interested in feel free to email them to me at [email protected] [ 10-25-2001: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  5. Originally Posted by Eclipse: quote:No, you first show me ONE method that CONCLUSIVELY shows evolution existed. You tell me there are complete steps taken to prove it, yet show me nothing and then demand sources from me. It is not good to demand what you have not shown yourself. Can we prove it CONCLUSIVELY? Probably NOT because it has not been PROVED Conclusively yet. quote:You mentioned the evidence for evolution that you encountered in college was circumstantial. Welcome to the real world. Much (but by no means all) theoretical scientific knowledge is based on circumstantial evidence. Edit: Excerpt from a response to Jess Green posted on the No Answers in Genesis Website. Well, I have showed you my source. Do you have one to offer? Or are you a scientist specializing in evolution theory? or biology. Are you a Scientist? I have read everybody's posts and the creationists replies so far have been, well that's been proven false. So, where are your Sites backing these statements? Or do you have Intimate knowledge of this subject? I for one need to rely on other peoples work because I am NOT a scientist of any type. [ 10-24-2001: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  6. quote: Even the MOST optimistic scientist agrees that the eye is a mathematical improbability. Now, to have THOUSANDS of species with eyes is a mathematical fallacy. And, in mathematical evolutionary models, scientists have NEVER been able to reproduce the eye. NOT ONCE! Informative article. I take it Aramike that a computer model does not count as a mathematical evolutionary model?
  7. I kind of liked this Page myself. quote:And all of those LOGICAL steps to prove evolution have FAILED Is this what you were speaking of when you stated ALL those logical steps have failed?
  8. quote:No, you have condemned yourself and are condemned by a Holy God. It is not my place to comdemn you. Meaningless Babble. Oooh I am condemned by a holy god... Which one? Allah? The Christian God? Apollo? The truth is YOU Condemn me, Not any one of them. quote: Hitler was following what he believed was right since his was the master race. What right did we have to condemn and vilify him? I myself do not believe that what Hitler did was right. Do I think that Hitler was doing what he believed to be right? YES. He did what he did because he BELIEVED that was the RIGHT way to accomplish his goals. quote: If I wish to break the laws of this country because I feel they are wrong what place do the police have arresting me? So, You follow all Laws at All times? What happens when a law gets passed that might conflict with your religion? Which do you follow then? As I said, it is Not an Absolute... Example: Speeding in a Car to get help for a dying man. Against the Law? Yes. For a Good reason? Yes. Is a Police officer still FULLY Justified in giving you a Ticket? YES. quote:And all of those LOGICAL steps to prove evolution have FAILED Show me. Identify your source. and Please note, You said ALL. Oh, and please bear in mind at the same time, that it is still a Theory.
  9. Eclipse: quote:Then by your own words you stand condemned. Because of unbelief in a higher Power, you can then create your own moral code, there are no absolutes of right and wrong. Who is going to Condemn me? You? That is right I create my OWN Moral code. As do you. By your teachings and Life Experiences. I will not say that religion has had NO effect on my morals, because it obviously Does. My mother was a Lutheran, my father a Catholic. I attended Catholic school for several years. I attended the Lutheran Church(As well as Catholic) for several years. Up until the Point of my confirmation(and yes I attended the lutheran confirmation classes, I simply did not complete the ceremony). The point of this excessively long Rant, is WE ALL CREATE OUR OWN MORAL CODE BASED UPON OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Just look at the differences between say, Southern Baptists, and Lutherans. You will see GREAT differences in what is permitted and what isn't. People as individuals weigh the consequences of their actions and CHOOSE which Rules to follow. There is NO Absolute in anything... All is relative. Not even right or wrong. Steve: quote:But what if the school teacher gets in front of the class and says "Let's have a moment of silence for each of you to do with as you please?" Why should a Teacher have to do this? Now I don't know how it was/is in your School. But when I was in High School riding the bus, I arrived a full Half hour before school started. That sounds to me like time to use as I please. If I choose at this point to hang out and BS with friends that is my right. If I choose to find some quiet out of the way place to Meditate, pray, Whatever... That is ALSO my right. Or is it simply that you are AFRAID that you/Your Children will NOT Pray if others are not around to hold your/their hand? As to creation being taught in School as opposed to the Theory of Evolution. Yes the Theory of Evolution was Taught at my school. As a THEORY. Was the Theory of Creation taught? Nope... How do you teach this... here people, here is a Bible, today we are going to learn about the Theory of Creation. For today's lesson I want you to read Chapter 1 of Genesis. As opposed to the Theory of Evolution: There are LOGICAL Complete steps that they have taken to try to prove, and are Still trying to prove. While we are at it... are we going to teach the Theory of Creation using the Old Norse Beliefs? Or Greek perhaps? EVERY religeon out there has some version of creation. How do we pick and choose? Aramike: Thank you, That is what I have been trying to say. I just don't seem to be doing a very good job at it.
  10. quote:So, if you're willing to allow special consideration for civil servant/government workers to practice their faith, then why are you not willing to allow our teachers or students the same special consideration to practice their faith, as long as the required 8 hours a day are spent in the classroom? Steve perhaps you could read through this thread again to tell me where anybody said that they shouldn't be able to? I seem to have missed that post somewhere. The only thing I Said was school SANCTIONED. In other words the Teacher/Principal/School worker - getting before a class and saying "Let us Pray". If a group of students have time during school hours(Recess, Whatever) and they get together and pray instead of play, who CARES? That is not the ISSUE!
  11. quote: swas┬Àti┬Àka (swst-k) n. 1. An ancient cosmic or religious symbol formed by a Greek cross with the ends of the arms bent at right angles in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. 2. Such a symbol with a clockwise bend to the arms, used as the emblem of the Nazi party and of the German state under Adolf Hitler, officially adopted in 1935. Source www.dictionary.com As I said, EXTREME example, But it WAS a religious symbol before it was a Political symbol. And even still Political symbols Do fall under Freedom of speech. [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  12. EXTREME Example: Suppose your mailman comes to your house with a Swastika on his forehead? I'd put money down that says he would be FORCED to cover it or loose his job. And I say this being a Civil Service worker. Freedom of Speech or Expression does not remove the Required Professionalism. Special concession are made to allow people their time to Pray during the day if required by their religion their Break times would be modified for this. Same as in the private sector, most places of employment will make concessions for it where possible.
  13. hehe, trapped by my own wording. While they are not the government, during working hours, they are representatives of that government. As such have a responsibility to the neutrality I spoke of earlier. After hours... it's their business. I do not mean to say they should not be able to participate, except during working hours.
  14. First off Silk, Read my First post on this thread. As for the Majority statment of yours, The majority does rule, that is the Basic premise of Democracy(Please note, I am aware the US is a Republic, not a Democracy). Afterall more than 3 people can't agree on when to have dinner. quote:I disagree with Federal enforcement of Prayer, but if a school chooses to have prayer then tough luck if you don't like it. I agree with you if it is a Private School, they are governed by different rules. A PUBLIC school however MUST maintain neutrality. If a Public School allows any groups to use their premises then Yes, they must Allow ALL groups to use their premises. School sanctioned prayer however destroys the neutrality that they Need to have. In response to Steve Schacher: quote: I had a state college humanities professor who was a priest. Should separation of church and state forced him out of the classroom? Do the workers in the government have to remove their necklasses with Crosses and Star of Davids? In my opinion not unless he was using that as a platform to preach his religion. He still maintains that neutrality even being a priest. quote: Do the workers in the government have to remove their necklasses with Crosses and Star of Davids? No they shouldn't, BUT it should be worn under the outer clothing. For example you are allowed to wear any religious clothing with your uniform in the US Military, but again, it needs to be covered. quote: It's easy to say that we'll let the individual worker wear what he or she likes, but the larger State must not do certain things. But there is no larger State that does these things We DO have a Larger state, we have a Republic. That is a REPRESENTATIVE Government. The workers are NOT the government, they simply facilitate it's functioning.
  15. Ah, Yes, our Nation was founded on the Idea of God. And as you say Silk people are Free to Believe and Worship as they wish... So what is the problem then with SEPERATING the religion from the State? Just because of what Our Fore Fathers believed in? Our Nation was Meant to GROW and EVOLVE, become MORE tolerant Not less. So you see nothing wrong with schools FORCING people to proclaim things the Students, and Parents may not believe in? quote: Like it or not, this is a nation under God, and those who disagree with that have no right to pass laws to change that. So this is no longer a Government Of the People, For the People, BY the People. Unless we AGREE with our Fore Fathers Ideology? EDIT:I HATE SPELLING ERRORS! [ 10-20-2001: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  16. I have to disagree with you Jaguar... quote: The Constitution was meant to be taken word for word, it is NOT a living breathing document. The whole amendment system was Developed so that our Constitution could Evolve as required. In essence a living breathing document. And look again at the Structure of the government... 3 Branches: Legislative, Executive, Judicial. Legislative - Creates the Law Executive - Upholds the Law Judicial - Interprets the Law(Yes that INCLUDES the Constitution)
  17. quote: When we took the Ten Commandments out of the schools, they removed an outward sign that reminded students that there was a moral code to be followed and even that there was a soverign God Who controls everything. Humans as a rece are depraved, sinful beings. Without a knowledge that there is someone greater than you who will punish wrong, there is no restraint on evil and society falls into disorder and eventually anarchy And therein lies the problem Eclipse, I do not believe in a Sovereign God who controls everything. There is nothing greater that will punish me. EQUALS will punish me if I do something that out of line. Individuals who do wrong will do wrong whether there is a God to punish them or not. Religion has caused MORE attrocities than anything else, Starting with the Crusades as the most Notable. People found Justification in Christianity to KILL. Same thing for the Spanish Inquisition. Which brings us to today, Osama Bin Laden, he claims religious justification for his attacks on the US. According to Many Muslims(Both in the US and the Middle East) There is NO justification for what he does in Islam. So I'm afraid that just shot your argument of having a god who will punish you keeps you from doing wrong. People do wrong for their own reasons. They may make justification for it somewhere, but what it comes down to is quite simply they are EVIL, and do what they want, regardless of their religeon.
  18. My personal opinion on that is Religion is a Private thing. As such, if a Group of STUDENTS wish to get together at a school to pray, so be it. BUT a Public school teacher should not participate or encourage. Just remember that our Founding Fathers also put people into the stocks, or drove them out of town for proclaiming themselves to be Athiest.
  19. The 3 year Ban on internet taxes expires Sunday, the Senate failed to pass a 2 year extension to that. So No, They will not start taxing on Sunday, But it may be coming soon. And this would be to allow Taxation when the Purchaser lives in a Different state from the seller.
  20. And just remember Fendi, Not all lurkers are Bad guys.... some of us just don't talk much.
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