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  1. I use Opera 6 myself. Has an option to Reject Popus- Accept, or Accept in the background.
  2. quote: Atten-HUT ???????? /rp What do we look like to you? Cadets? Or are you just a Parade ground soldier? /rp Oh, and how many RoleCalls do we need? There's one DeSylva started Here. [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  3. Ok, the Smurf has got to go...
  4. me


    I use ICQ. Haven't loaded it up on my new computer yet though.
  5. me

    New computer

    I already had the 19inch. Otherwise I probably would have gotten the 21. The system was a decent price too, check out www.cyberpowersystem.com just uh... If you order from them check to make sure theres no loose screws bouncing around.
  6. me

    New computer

    Well Gentlemen, my new computer has arrived. I am downloading the BCM patch as I type. If you are interested in the specs you can see them in my last Log file (or my System Profile Info). It's messed up though, get the machine on Monday(and of course have to let it acclimatize), take it out of the box, and hear the sound of a screw rattling inside the case... hmmm that's not good. so I pull the case apart. fish out the loose screw, look for any other possible problems with the setup. Today, go to turn on the computer, well... it's supposed to have winXP installed... it does, it just won't boot, The machine POSTS fine, but won't boot to windows(Not even the safe mode), so I Format the drive right out of the box(Chances are I would have in a couple of days anyways just to see what the XP install was like.) I now remember why I have always put my computers together myself instead of buying a prebuilt system. I feel I need to send a letter to this company, explaining the situation, and asking what kind of quality control they actually have. First Impression of XP, hmmm setup is simple, stick the CD in, boot from CD, format drive, They install what they want, Instant OS, just add computer. Second impression it's ummm well... bubbly. I personally don't care for the Rounded corners on the windows, it's not bad once set back to the Windows Classic, which is easy to do.
  7. me

    ISS Roster

    quote:Originally posted by Rip: If it ends up I can't have a Starion, then I'm leaning towards a Nightstar. What does everyone think? I don't see many of them, but it seems to favor my approach. Am I missing a glaring weakness, or does no one choose it just because it's ugly? Who knows? test it out, then report back with your results. Actually, I don't think it's ugly myself... Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
  8. I tried making a post on the private forum today, when I clicked the add button it gave me a 404 error. Anybody know what's going on with that?
  9. me

    ISS Roster

    Put me down for a Questar Heavy Cruiser.
  10. me


    Commander Name: Melcar DeVaal Asset: GCV-Scorpius ISS FLEET, Pegasus Wing TIME: 12/11/3014 Ship Status: Docked Shields: 100% Hull: 100% Condition: AWP(Awaiting Parts) Report from ISSHQ supply section: New Main Computer on route. Expected Arrival 12/14/3014. Specs: Athlon XP 1900 512mb pc2100 DDR-RAM 30gb HDD Leadtek GEFORCE-3 TI500 64MB DDR Creative Lab SB Audigy X-Gamer
  11. quote: BCM: Tactical Shift. You play as Resnig. That could get tricky... trying to assign marines to combat duty while dodging fire from your CO's wristlaser. Maybe that's why he sucks?
  12. Ok, got it working again. Just one more question though, when the hell did I turn off Gif animations?
  13. Is it something I screwed up with My browser settings? Or have the Animations stopped working?
  14. me


    [rp] Commander DeVaal personal log Ship Status: Shields: 0% Hull: 100% Condition: Docked(AGAIN). The Scorpius was finally completed, her Commissioning ceremony was something I shall remember for the rest of my life. Unfortunatly the shake down cruise was something I shall remember for the rest of my life as well. While docked all systems checked out. So we launched from HQ. First problem: The shields would not raise. Ok, some thing to look at, hmmm what's this, weapons systems are offline also. Then the Engines died. 2 minutes later, the Main computer crashed. The reactor suddenly shut-down. WE HAD TO BE TOWED BACK TO BASE ON OUR MAIDEN VOYAGE! Talk about embarrassing. I just hope none of my Classmates from the Academy find out about this one. My CE tells me the Main computer is Unrecoverable. New parts should be on Order soon. END LOG quote: You know we're sitting on 4 million Pounds of fuel, 1 nuclear weapon, and a thing that has 270 thousand moving parts, built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel good doesn't it?
  15. me


    Well, I have it now also. Installed no problem, Horrid frame rates though. (slow computer: AMD k6-3 450 128meg ram, dimond Viper V770 Ultra) That was in Roam. Will go back in and try the TA and IA scenarios, it might handle them better.] I've been planning a new computer for a while now, so this is just a Temporary Setback. I just need to finalize all my decisions and actually Order the parts to put it together. Now I have even MORE incentive to do that.
  16. Yeah, I'm having this problem too with my Home comp. 56k Modem, Refreshing the page SOMETIMES works. I Occasionally have it at work on the T-1. Hitting refresh there usually does the trick though. Even tried turning off images to see if that would help, No luck. I also tried downloading the pages to my HDD and reading them from there, same thing, only got a Partial download. [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Melcar ]
  17. me

    New Logo and Sig Test

    My turn for a test, Hopefully this works... I accidentaly linked my name to Lord David's in the Database... Oops. It should be against the Rules for one simple dropped Number to Link to our Most Mortal Enemies.
  18. INSANE!!?!?!?!? US?!?!? welll...yeah, ok ya gotta point... Now, who's got the VacPacks(BETTER than Medpacks!)
  19. me


    quote: T I double ga ER So what's a TIgagaER?
  20. LOL, hey if the Insurgents want to include us in all their communications who are we to complain?
  21. me

    Pegasus Wing?

    So ummm, when did I get moved to Pegasus?
  22. Maybe it's time the SC created a new Forum strictly for countdowns?
  23. Bah, You're no Fun. quote: (No spoilers if you've heard this) Guess That means I must Abstain...
  24. quote: September 11th was NOT caused by Afghan or Islams, but by a group of malcontent, undeniably evil men under the cover of a religious cause The problem is this is where many of these Terrorists are hiding. quote: Why must the loss of lives be balanced by more loss of life? Unfortunatly, we are a violent species. The Bully on the play ground is only a bully until somebody gives them a bloody nose, and that is exactly what these terrorists are, and that is what we are doing. As far as understanding why they(the terrorists) want to do this... bin laden is angry at us for our occupation of his "Holy Land". Regardless of the fact that the US presence in Saudi is TOLERATED, and WANTED by the Saudi government. bin laden Blames US for events that happened before we were Born. quote: 4. civilian casualities=unacceptable, immoral occurrence associated with act of war (if done by a high-tech bully superpower) hehe, Well said Thantos. Civilian casualties are unfortunate. The only thing I have to add is If the U.S. were trying to kill Civilians the death count would be ALOT higher than it is alleged to be. Do accidents happen? Yes, and it is unfortunate. The only difference is we do NOT set out to target civilians, THEY intentionally did. And THAT is what changes a Freedom Fighter into a Terrorist - Hitting Military targets is one thing. Targeting Civilians is UNACCEPTABLE. Collateral Damage happens, it is something that you TRY to avoid, but no matter how hard you try, it is still going to happen.
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