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    Originally posted by Pyros:

    I love Windows xp pro, just finished setting it up (fixed all my problems with my pc)

    One question for XP users, in 98 there is a system config tool that allows you to easily delete items that load on startup (realplayer icq etc) all those nice things, how do I do that in XP pro ?


    Use at Own Risk

  2. quote:

    Have you signed on the dotted line and raised your right hand and taken the oath?

    He shouldn't have yet. At least when I went I took the day Before Shipping out to basic. You do sign a Contract entering Into the delayed enlistment program. I have heard of several occasions where people have seperated from the DEP(with minimal hassle). At this point the military has not spent any money on him(except his Processing at the MEPS, Medical exam, ASVAB...).

    In any case, I wish you luck $ilk. Let us know how it turns out.

  3. Very nice summary, after reading it I had to go see the review for myself, WHAT DO YA KNOW! That's what the man says... If It's not this, it stinks(paraphrased).

    In all fairness to him though, he does say it will appeal to the Hard Core Sci-Fi nuts, which is more or less accurate.

  4. The Hardware manufacturers have already buried themselves. Corporate is the BIGGEST purchaser, and who needs a 1.5gig P4 with 512mb RAM to run Microsoft Word. Most of the Home users simply check email, maybe a few stock quotes. The Hardware market is flooded. Few except for the Hobbyists(Gamers) need that powerful of a computer.

    The "Power" Computers are for Hobbyists, there will always be a Market for that. It's just not that Large of a market in the grand scheme of things.

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    Originally posted by AshSpear:

    I just wanted to post an observation reguarding the SF marin jetpacks. My AE's jet pack is back to normal with the .3 patch. I has the original 4-point thing, but the other SF marines outfits in the game still have that half jetpack for marines on planets...

    No big deal, and it is always possible that I've done something wrong. Any ideas?

    My best attempt at translation is:

    The Commander Jet pack model for space is the proper model again. The SF Marines however use the EFM jetpack model.

  6. Well Gentlemen, my new computer has arrived. I am downloading the BCM patch as I type. If you are interested in the specs you can see them in my last Log file (or my System Profile Info).

    It's messed up though, get the machine on Monday(and of course have to let it acclimatize), take it out of the box, and hear the sound of a screw rattling inside the case... hmmm that's not good. so I pull the case apart. fish out the loose screw, look for any other possible problems with the setup. Today, go to turn on the computer, well... it's supposed to have winXP installed... it does, it just won't boot, The machine POSTS fine, but won't boot to windows(Not even the safe mode), so I Format the drive right out of the box(Chances are I would have in a couple of days anyways just to see what the XP install was like.) I now remember why I have always put my computers together myself instead of buying a prebuilt system.

    I feel I need to send a letter to this company, explaining the situation, and asking what kind of quality control they actually have.

    First Impression of XP, hmmm setup is simple, stick the CD in, boot from CD, format drive, They install what they want, Instant OS, just add computer.

    Second impression it's ummm well... bubbly. I personally don't care for the Rounded corners on the windows, it's not bad once set back to the Windows Classic, which is easy to do.

  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Rip:

    If it ends up I can't have a Starion, then I'm leaning towards a Nightstar. What does everyone think? I don't see many of them, but it seems to favor my approach. Am I missing a glaring weakness, or does no one choose it just because it's ugly?

    Who knows? test it out, then report back with your results. Actually, I don't think it's ugly myself... Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

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