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  1. LOL MIKE my dad was an officer in the navy every year we watched the army navy game.... then my older brother joined the army....you can guess what he thought about that then i told him i wanted to join
  2. lol Grayfox....trust me i know what your talking about my entire family is military all the way back to the civil war..... .....it was an army brat joke
  3. GODDAMNIT!!!! HOW COME I MISS ALL THE GOOD WARS!!!! Damnit, gotta wait till after college so i can join as an officer GO GET EM BOYS!!!!
  4. a little confused i keep seeing the bullets concerning sound moved from rc to rc does that mean that the sound issues are a work in progress and i will hear an improvement with each further R.C?
  5. DAMN! i know i've been away for a while i'm having a hard time finding out WHAT EP ACTUALLY SAID can soembody help please?
  6. Hunted


    i've been watching this beaut for a while, i posted in the IG3 post about it four words GOTY personally i consider this "the real IG3" made by the same people who did IG2 and it seems to play alot the same [ 07-27-2002, 07:34 PM: Message edited by: JJ ]
  7. skipping school i skipped a ton of school with help from my rents and not, most of the time it's been justified last day of summerschool : went drinking with this hot girl and came in half way through first period, didn't matter last day of class we weren't doing nething out of an 8 day period i had 2 periods of class so i had my mom call in and make them release me, no point in sticking around when you've got 4 periods free in a row another day of skipping we had an assembly at the end of the day put on by students, i skipped out on that ultra fast another day of summerschool i called in as my dad and said i had a fever of 105 lol and told them i had to take my son to thhe hospital, later called them back and said he was okay :-) skipping school is a national past time, trust me almost all kids do it
  8. i've been enjoying the continuous sound improvements i can now hear PTA systems firing in a furball and can't wait for 14 for the npc marine battles......quick question ne plans of working in a quick drag and select mode for the large marine battles for one of the last RC's?
  9. wel they gave me my e-mail but the codes to dled DON"T WORK DDDDDAAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hey guys i finally got my e-mail but my username and reg code aren'/t working i'm using I.E. any helo and yes i'm being case sensitive
  11. Soback do u just hate blizzard?? Warcraft III is great it like mixes diablo with warcraft it really is an oustanding game
  13. Hmmn i like this topic alot i've been waiting for this game and will keep waiting I liked Pax Imperia 2 but i think i was weak as hell compared to some of the other games out there but has anybody heard of Hegemonia: Legions of Iron? it's made by the same people who did IGII I CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS GAME ALONG WITH BATTLEFIELD:1942!!! here http://haegemonia.cryogame.com/ -thats for Hegemonia
  14. First off i would like to thank all of you for helping me with my various problems I have one more I am using XP how would i increase a program's swap file to half or more than that of drive which the program is on?
  15. Basic Training needs to be getten rid of it's a pain in the ass to pass and will turn gamers away
  16. Okay i think my Geforce 4 is overclocked, i DO NOT WANT IT OVERCLOCKED, how would i go about NON-Overclocking it help needed please asap!
  17. any chance we can squeeze a demo outta you later this summer sc?
  18. Sc i wanted to ask you...since the SA on marines are higher when i teleport them into an enemy base or near enemy forces. Because with MI marines they wouldn't deploy in an SAD mode and wouldn't even pull out their weapons when in hositle territory
  19. WARCRAFT III Thoughts about it? Getting it? Ebgames is reporting the game has gone gold nothing from blizzard yet though :-), i think this means it's ready Come on guys this topic has been a long while coming get out here and post!
  20. well i think the program i use is dvgate but i don't know how to use it :-( if you can't tell me how can you at least tell me how to turn my autoplay on?
  21. I just rented black hawk down and put it in my dvd-rom drive , now i think my autorun is off so how do i turn back on , or get the dvd to run another way BY THE WAY I HAVE WINDOWS XP [ 06-11-2002, 12:58: Message edited by: JJ ]
  22. Thanks SC i didn't have time to come back at Tac yet Now Tac in the beg of the war at first they were using laser guided weapons, and the Iraqi airforce was getting trashed after about 72 hours of fighting iraq grounded their airforce for the rst of the war. so the pentagon used older less expensive but still accurate dumb bombs. tac okay so what if the battle hardened israeli squad fights a non battle hardened but extremly well trained better organized and better equipped us force, Us would still win THE PRIMARY EXAMPLE OF THIS IS THE GULF WAR The Iraqi National Guard the fourth largest military in the world at the time had just gottn out of a bloody war with iran and the pentagon was worried as all hell that our non combat experienced force would be devestated they estimated our casulties around 16,000 instead it was two hundred and fifty plus. THATS IT. also rem the israeli army is mainly large urban policing actions
  24. Okay you want the deal... here it is from your relative military expert Israel's army is us trained and supplied BUT IS STILL NOT MORE MODERN THAN THE US ARMY i'm not going into details about this...like SC said any other idea is rubbish they do have the best airforce equal or better than the us the reason why is because they fly COMBAT missions observing hostiles EVERYDAY they USE THE Same fighters the US does , don't even waste yoru time trying to compare their modifications betwn ours we will be here for the next 8 yrs TAC I JUST READ YOUR POST TIME FOR JJ TO LAY THE SMACKDOWN :-) The Training the US gives it's common inf grunt is the best in the world, Israeli troops are only good in urban fighting, trust me throw down a us sqaud versus an israeli squad in the desert woodlands, islands or hell even in an URBAN environment the US squad will be victorious, without support, i cannot emphasize this enough. THe us dropped dumb bombs in iraq AS WELL AS LASER GUIDED BOMBS because the Airforce wanted to clear out some of it's 60's and 70's inventory. Some of the bombs they knew would be unnecessary in future so Schwarzkopf capitalized on this chance to clear it out. There are some outstanding books on Desert Storm, my favorite being "the General's" also watch the documentaries on tv and also remember who teaches israel how to fly and and fight on the ground and gives them the weapons to do it... WE DO The only mistake the Us made and the Isareli's beat out the US on was the BRADELY IFV, AN ENTIRE NEW TOPIC entirely [ 06-05-2002, 23:13: Message edited by: JJ ]
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