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  1. You worry you'll be late for classes because you just got into the shower and you still have to take a shuttle craft down to the surface of the earth.
  2. A lot of the time with child actors, (as with adult actors some of the time) it isn't so much the actor, as the director that determines how the performance comes out. Chris Columbus has quite a bit of experience with child actors, and I think that is the reason that HP came out so good, and with relatively cheasy free acting, whilst SW1 was kinda sub par in that department.
  3. Has anyone here ever read the Gap Series by Stephen Donaldson? I'm re-reading it lately, and I just wish you could be that evil in BCM. Check this out: New America = Thanatos Minor GalcomHQ = UMC HQ Gamulans = Amnion Now if only I didn't get my a** kicked everytime I chose to be a raider...
  4. probably because you haven't registered the game yet... (my god this is my first time not ASKING a question)
  5. Try walking around on Saturn! Flying around any of the gas giants is cool lookin'. Back to game
  6. Great! I especially liked shooting my marines with an atv. And watching them try to run away when I came out after them! Unfortunately it keeps dumping me back to windows when i try to do anything involvling the moon. How strange is that? I'm pretty sure it is a problem with my system so I'm gonna defrag my hard drive. That takes about fifteen days so i'll just let it run over thanks giving break. Thanks SC
  8. I think I've already addressed this...
  9. Here's a pickle: On the EBgames sight it says: Shipping Method: Two-Day Air When I click on the tracking information it says: In Transit Service Type: NEXT DAY AIR I wonder which is correct, although you can guess what I'm hoping for.
  10. My order went from open back to processing!!! Does this mean I ordered to late and they ran out? I'm gonna curl up in a drawer and sleep for days.
  11. well then your gonna have to wait a while
  12. I know that the song is in the movie because I read it on a CAKE page somewhere (and my roommate just confirmed it). Alas, I just talked to my roommate who saw Shallow Hal yesterday, and he said that the song was not played at the dance and was played more toward the end of the movie. Sorry. quote: I've never heard of CAKE Come on you have to have heard of: Short Skirt Long Jacket, Going the Distance, Sheep Go to Heaven... any ring a bell? [ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: salisbury ]
  13. Okay SC- I haven't seen the movie but... I know of one song that is in the movie that isn't on the soundtrack just because I am a big CAKE fan. It is COMFORT EAGLE by CAKE. Hope that is what you wanted and if it isn't please don't hurt me.
  14. WOW!!! I just read all the links on this page and frankly I'm pissed. I couldn't REALLY enjoy playing BC3K because I knew about how great, and how many more things you could do in BCM. Now when BCM gets here I'm just going to be thinking about how great BTC and GCO are going to be. It's like the SC is my dealer or something, getting you hooked with a free 2.09 only telling you about the juicier stuff later on. [ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: salisbury ]
  15. quote:originally by the SC- This time though, you do NOT have flight control. All such commands have to be given to your crew or the ship's autopilot. So, you could be on deck 2 doing something, then pull up a menu and order your FO to take the ship somewhere or do something. You never have to be on the bridge. That is awsome! Who ever heard of the commander actually piloting the ship, except for that cheesy seen in Insurection.
  16. See nova, I'm not the only "clueless" one.
  17. Commander's Log Harrison Salisbury Still Kickin
  18. Thank you aramike. It is strange, you must have been moving the topic just as i tried deleting it from the BCM general discussions board, because now it won't let me enter the edit mode. Is that just a side effect of having the topic closed?
  19. I haven't really messed around with it much, but I would think a healthy mix of System of a Down and Ben Folds Five would be good.
  20. i can't thank you enough, TTFN has givin me so many problems, and i am usually so good with acronyms.
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