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  1. Currently playing: Planescape: Torment (More fun than NWN) OMF:Battlegrounds limited test (you can get it at www.omf.com ) LOMAC demo Lasersquad Nemesis (if you're an xcom fan this is a game that's really worth trying)
  2. Strictly speaking that little line should indeed not be there, but I think it's a bit blown out of proportions. Here's a simple solution: Revised Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under --insert favorite diety here (to taste), if atheist remove under--, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  3. It would not solve Israeli problems. I wasn't aware that Israel was an oil producer. [ 06-09-2002, 17:35: Message edited by: emphy ]
  4. "In fact, if you look at the trend, they specifically aim for women and kids." I don't see that trend, when civilians are targeted they are aiming indiscriminately. You people are so self-righteous, Don't you think someones morals might degrade a bit after 30 years of occupation? It is very easy to stand there at the other end of the world being protected by the greatest army telling other peoples how to conduct their struggle for independence. [ 06-07-2002, 18:50: Message edited by: emphy ]
  5. I don't know if this is right but I've seen a documentary in which they said expected casualty estimates were around 30% due to the Iraquis using chemical weapons, not the difference in combat experience.
  6. It also happens to be worse then a lot of things people find to fight over.
  7. (warning: I'm not an expert) I humbly submit that for any attack to happen there would be needed a major change in the the Middle East. Current leaders there know that it is very foolish to attack Israel directly. It is very ironic that the biggest barrier to those countries attacking is the very fact that they are not democratic. one correction though: Iran is very democratic, the problem there is that the democratically elected government has little power.
  8. Ahem, I don't know if you've noticed, but there are people there. I'm almost certain that they would object to being nuked or robbed of their land.
  9. One of my points is precisely that you don't know yet if he was killed for his opinion. For all you know the killer was a psychopath who was out to kill the one person who has had the most media attention in the Netherlands in the last few weeks. (which, IMHO is also very bad) Now a lot of hatred is being directed at the left parties, courtesy of the LPF (and despite that right parties have also used wording as strong or stronger), just because they didn't agree with him. [ 05-09-2002, 07:48: Message edited by: emphy ]
  10. Ok fellow Dutchmen, this may hurt: Fortuyn for some years has been an advisor to different governments, including the current purple one, many things he criticized he has been partly responsible for. Fortuyn also has been only words, for the most part repeating a mix of Bolkenstijn, Janmaat, Rosenmuller, with a pinch of Marijnissen. It is extremely naive to think Fortuyn would be any different. True he has not had a chance to prove himself, but that is also the case with groen links and SP. Fortuyn's 'solutions' included, but was not limited to: refusing political asylum, annihilating work security, freezing government spending on hospitals, schools and care centers, slashing development aid and denying any environmental problems. (By the way, I don't call halving the number of asylum seekers in the Netherlands no action, the numbers are still falling as you read.) Contrary to popular believe, the purple government also has done good things, in general have not made a mess of things, and have passed legislations which future governments will profit enormously from. (read the economist) Things DO get done here. I really hate the anti-left atmosphere which has been created by the LPF lately. Of the three left parties in parliament only two have demonized him. (in case you didn't know: PvdA and groen links) This also was a reaction, mostly, to Fortuyn himself, calling Islam backwards, health minister Els Borst worse than Bin Laden, and so on. The rest have been the central party D66, or even the right VVD. (guess who I'm voting for) Media did not give him a bad name: his succes was largely due to rediculous media attention. He has been critizised like any other politician, yet I don't see any of the others shot. (not entirely true, but I think you should see my point) Also, it has not been determined yet if the name-calling by GL, PvdA, D66, and VVD (as you see, from left to right, NOT only left, and not all left or right parties) had any connection with the killing. Accusing anyone before determining wether it's true or not is midieval. [ 05-07-2002, 19:02: Message edited by: emphy ]
  11. two things: Fortuyn was NOT the first to point to immigration problems in the Netherlands. (CD, Bolkenstijn, and even the socialist party) Unlike what some of the extreme anti-socialists in the US believe socialists here in the Netherlands (or in Europe) in general talk things over (in a debate, as in any democracy). Not one socialist told to Pim Fortuyn "you are offending us", but said "I disagree, because...." Blaming socialism is like blaming kapitalism for Nazi's actions in WOII. [ 05-07-2002, 08:43: Message edited by: emphy ]
  12. - Magic & Mayhem (NOT art of magic) - Warlords battlecry - Zeliard - Ugh! - Arctic Adventure (for fmsx)
  13. Heh, I'm not sure I would risk travelling with an inirtia-less drive. A collission with a molecule would send you off at light-speed. Great idea to get relativistic missiles though.
  14. "Um. I don't think it is anymore. Read the official webpage. I forget the address though." from bungie.org: quote: it says 'Only on Xbox'! Does that mean the PC version was cancelled? No. As it says clearly on our forum (where this question comes up most often): "Only on Xbox" means "Not on any other console". It does NOT mean "Never coming to Mac or PC". Halo WILL be coming to Mac and PC. This has been confirmed, specifically, literally dozens of times by many Bungie employees, including Matt Soell (Community Liason), Jon Kimmich (Halo Product Planner), and Alex Seropian (co-founder of Bungie).
  15. $ilk: And, of course, attack is the best defence. I wish you luck in China, Saoudi Arabia, Usbekistan, Pakistan, and other nations where people suffer from oppression...
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