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  1. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: ...hehe, I can't believe this is still going on. Some of this stuff is just plain hilarious. Carry on guys. I'll pick a winner....soon. Just so long as the choice isn't affected by trying to save on shipping costs
  2. kalniel

    Kalniel's journal

    Journal entry #5 'Some things are best left unknown. For everything else the knowledge has a price.' Climbing out of the cockpit I was immediately 'greeted' by a pair of marines. Whether I was being protected, or being contained, I don't know and even less cared. Things were getting uneasy. When they took me to the cells I got even more worried, my questions may have as well been directed to a wall for all the response I got from my 'escort'. Eventually we reached one cell, outside which the superior who I was meant to meet waited patiently. As I started to ask what this was all about he simply put a finger to his lips and gravely motioned for me to enter the cell. Inside my first shock was that instead of a bland cell, I was faced with a relatively furnished room. My second shock was that the official behind the desk wore a helmet. I could just about make out a pair of eyes peering through the visor, but no more. "Welcome, Kalniel." The voice was going through a scrambler, but the way he said my callsign still impressed it's way through - cold and almost amused. That dispelled my hopes that somehow a mistake had been made, and I was being mistaken for someone else. "I expect you are wondering what this is all about?" Too right I was. "Well then I trust you will co-operate fully." My head was spinning. It was like something out of a film. Before I could say anything he pushed a button at his desk and I saw the forcefield go up accross the door of the cell. We were alone and wouldn't be heard. Beckoning me closer he wispered: "We need you again. You won't remember but I promised we'd never use you again. We gave you the life you have, in more ways than one. And much though it pains me to do this, I've got to take it away again. Sorry John." John... I remember the word echoed round my head like nothing ever had before. I was John. [ 09-18-2001: Message edited by: kalniel ]
  3. kalniel

    about kalniel's journal (non RP)

    Just to let you know I've not forgotten about the journal - I've been tied up with a conference. Next entry soon...
  4. Don't you want space in there somewhere? Or universe? At the moment it sounds like it could be some land based trading/combat game like settlers or something (actually I don't know about settlers, but something like that).
  5. kalniel

    Kalniel's journal

    Journal entry #4 'Relaxing after work at sunset is a job only half-done when you have two suns' As normal I went about my patrol, the light ship I was flying was as familiar to me as the back of my hand. The details need not be repeated in this journal. I don't know how many days this continued - I had no reason to even keep the days. Until during one patrol the communication klaxon went off. Not that it was unusual for this to happen, but when I touched the recieve pad it continued. Only after a few diagnostic checks did I realise the signal was coming from my standard issue bracelet. Confused I pressed the generic 'function' button and instead of cycling through the different time cycles one must get familiar with to sync operations with no objective time measure, I got a coded message. It ordered me back to the cruiser asap to report to my superior's superior. I didn't get a chance to punch in an affirmative when there was an exposion towards the back of the cockpit that threw the ship into a chaotic tumble. After regaining control I analysed the systems for damage - it showed only light damage to some comms systems. I radioed my squadron leader to report the damage and let him know I was heading back. Suprise suprise the radio had gone. I figured the superior who had contacted me would let the squad leader know, and I didn't fancy being in space without a working comms system so I headed back. With no comms I headed for the spare launch bay, not wanting to collide with anyone coming out in a hurry. As I approached it seemed to be devoid of it's usual bustle of activity. Now I was getting suspicious and I began to wonder if the explosion had been deliberate. 'Why me?' I wondered. [ 09-05-2001: Message edited by: kalniel ]
  6. Kind of implies trade and indeed the whole game is first person. Nice theory though.
  7. kalniel

    about kalniel's journal (non RP)

    [rp] [mumble]self-centred resposiblity-shirking immoral riff-raff [/mumble] [/rp] Might consider a trader though, at least on the outside... [ 08-31-2001: Message edited by: kalniel ]
  8. kalniel

    ROFLMAO!!!! you guys have gotta see this

    Blades, that was very, very amusing
  9. kalniel

    ISS Fleet Recruiting Topic !

    Actually can someone give me some comparisons between wraith and ISS? Wraith might be a little too 'hands on' for my liking. I prefer a sutble approach (ie doesn't rely on my lack of control skills!) [ 08-31-2001: Message edited by: kalniel ]
  10. kalniel

    about kalniel's journal (non RP)

    Thanks for the info, but my characters not really in it for the money. Also I'd like a strong community which I can contribute to and help out, which doesn't seem to exist in indies to the same extent.
  11. kalniel

    ISS Fleet Recruiting Topic !

    I love the sound of ISS. How much of a community is there?
  12. kalniel

    about kalniel's journal (non RP)

    Ok, initially it's a story introducting my character. It may well turn into RP when it catches up to 'current time'. There is also no reason why other people's stories can't be involved as well - either through people 'kalniel' meets or through other journal entries that he himself reads. Fleets, well I can't guarentee a weekly commitment for starters. Otherwise I like friendly communities. From my dabblings with the demos I guess I'm not the 'elite' that the game is being aimed at - my ship control is appauling at the moment! So I'm interested in a broader objective list, particularly exploring or information gathering. Good RPing opportunities would be cool as well.
  13. kalniel

    Who Wants Me (in their fleet)

    Hey at least you can learn... I'm quaking in my (dyslexic) boots.
  14. Just to explain what I'm doing and check if it's OK. Firstly I'll try and keep that thread (kalniel's journal) RP only. Non RP comments and suggestions can go in this thread. Secondly the lack of signature information is deliberate - I've not approached or been approached by any fleets yet so until anyone shows an interest I'm undecided. Fleet stuff, when decided, will be worked into the story. ?? 'kalniel' ?? cannot remember at the moment what his rank or even name is, execpt his callsign. Likewise he cannot remember what fleet he is or has previously been in. His memmory _might_ improve upon my deciding a fleet. At the moment he might as well have been working for the insurgents these last few years...
  15. kalniel

    Kalniel's journal

    Journal entry #3 'Never be too sure of your path in life. The moment you take it for granted might be the last you know of it.' I have no recollection what the date was when my quiet life took a turn into a new direction. It was in the twillight hours, when the skyscape of Io was it's usual beautiful wash of colours. The shooting stars had been getting more and more frequent but this night even the twillight sky was sparkling. I remember sensing some change in the atmosphere moments before it happened - a bright light appeared on the horizon, forcing me to sheild my eyes from it. Amazingly it intensified, the glow spreading to fill my vision. The ground started trembling and a loud roar suddenly exploded into my ears. No longer able to see or think clearly, I could _feel_ the light getting nearer, at an incredible rate. Then I felt the heat. Terrible scorching heat. The light, the noise, the shaking and the heat all suddenly got more intense as whatever it was passed over head with such speed I thought my world had been turned inside out. I felt the impact a split second before my vision turned deep red. Moments later the sound and shock waves hit simultaniously. The former burst my eardrums, the latter picked me off my feet and flung me away. The red faded to black, the roar to a dwindling whistle and I never felt the impact of my body hitting the ground. In a way my life ended there and then. I have no recollection of coming around, or of anything out of the ordinary. My new life not so much started, as carried on. As if it was all I had ever had. I woke up, reported to my superior and went for breakfast in the mess just as I had done as far as I could remember. It was to be another dull day patrolling near Frellis. [ 08-30-2001: Message edited by: kalniel ]