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  1. IIRC the european version of BC3K places some info in the windows registry. Maybe it's finding that and refuse to go on further. If there nothing else that could cause the install to refuse (pray the SC responds to this thread) then you might want to remove any reference to BC3K in the registry. But you know the drill, you COULD loose your OS if you make mistake. Make sure you have a registry back up and know how to replace is. Other than that I don't know.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Emmett.hendrick: Hmmm lets see sending marines to the fighter bays when intruders are in Medical (or worse on the bridge) Sending two marines on search when perscan shows 7 intruders Playing with his gameboy instead of searching for intruders Basically being a doofus! No, it goes further than that. It's personal! Back in the old days he deliberately countermanded our orders. Re-assigning marines to other tasks after you assigned them to specific locations on the ship. Pure disobediance. And worst of all! Yelling thru the earpiece "Marines assigned to search duty!" without stopping. He's got a reprimand file you don't want to know about. It needs it's own filing cabinet. He's a commanders worst nightmare.
  3. To be honest, I didn't intend to join the discussion. I don't know anything about the structural design facts of the shuttle, and haven't paid attention to recent developments of the investigations. I didn't get my best grades in composites class either. I just wanted to make sure some facts didn't get explained in the wrong way. As for the future, I just hope they find a way to find and fix it (in orbit) next time it comes around. Hard job probably. But hey, they're not NASA for nothing.
  4. True, but that graph says nothing about impact resistance. Maybe carbon composites are stronger than glass when pulled apart by in-plane forces. But when it comes to impacts (which are perpendicular to the plane), glass comes second place in the Aramid(AKA Kevlar), Glass, Carbon line -up. Aramid has the best impact resistance BTW. But ofcourse, in the end all depends on factors like layer build-up, resin type and others. That's what we learned from Michael Niu's "Composite Airframe Structures" in 'compo'-class in college anyway.
  5. And then there's the possibility of your turrets being damaged ofcourse. Checked that yet?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Paddy Gregory: I believe he has also been christened "Comical Ali".Are you sure that wasn't a reference to Saddam's cousin, nicknamed "Ali Chemicaly", who was in charge of southern operations and responsible for killing thousands of Sji-its after the last war's revolt by means of chemical weapons?. (And supposedly was found dead by the Brittish some days ago, after an attack on his home.) Anyway, this Information Minister dude was really a good laugh. To bad his comedy shows got 'cancelled' some days ago. An excellent way to boost moral even higher. And while I too experience some feelings of pity for the fella, one most not forget he IS part of the regime. There's no way he can be considered a passive victim of Saddam's tiranny. I cannot believe he worked himself up the ladder (right behind Saddam's very own 'personal biochem plant') unvoluntarily. But a bullet? No, not unless he gives himself one.
  7. SC, I hope you're watching this because I've got a question here about an entry of the VCF. quote:From VCF: v1.04 RC4 - 01.03.02 Revised mineral probability mined by mining drones. It is now also mineral specificDoes this mean you changed the mineral content figures of the planets/moons that was listed in the Navchart.pdf file during BC3K (which is now the BCM launchbase file) or is relating to something else? And the second sentence, "mineral specific", did I understood it correctly meaning that you will find one mineral appearing more frequently (on all planets/moons equally) among the 10 types a drone can dig up, than another? (Let's say a repair mineral has a higher prob ability than mercury as it is in greater demand) Or is it that on two similar planets (same mineral content) one mineral will be more quickly mined than another flavour. (didn't the manual/appendix say the Falkerie homeworld had rich radine resources, more than other places in the universe) In other words, would prospecting make sense?
  8. Personally, I'm far better at juggling formulas than number crunching. I'm bound to make mistakes at that. Though there's allways the occasional 'sign' that gets lost somehow. Just to put my mind at ease, that first addition was 21,000 right?
  9. Well, I'll better show my face here so Remo won't forget my Primefleet retirement payment this month.
  10. I don't think that formula with the natural logarithem is the the right one. I agree with Chavik. Assuming it's a one-time deposit of $1000. FV=PV*(1+interest)^years In the case of the first problem where you need to figure out the number of years: 1: divide both sides by PV: FV/PV=(1+interest)^years 2: to calculate the exponent (years) one takes the logarithm (of any base;i.e. 10 or e) on both sides of the equation; and taking the logarithm of (base^exponent) is equal to exponent*logarithm of (base) So: 10log (FV/PV)= 10log( (1+interest)^years ) which is: 10log(FV/PV) = years* 10log(1+interest) 3: The number of years is now the division of the to 10log's years= 10log(FV/PV) / 10log(1+interest) 4: Inserting the numbers: FV/PV=2000/1000=2; 1+interest=1+0.08=1.08 Ending up with: years= 10log(2) / 10log(1.08) The answer is.... (drum noise) .... quite close to! .... count all your fingers and forget one. The answer is not the same as the formulas from Friez or Tyrn suggests. It's not far off perhaps. But not it. As for the second problem they're both right. In a way, that is. Friez's formula works if i is the interest per month, while Tyrn expects r (rate??) to be an anual interest (per year) as he divides r by the number of months. Hope this is not too late for class. Good luck.
  11. Hold on, Hold on, Me too!!! Let's sing together, shall we, Emmett? Happy Birthday to us, Happy birthday to us I know I've been cloaked for quite a while, but that doesn't mean I don't want to share it with you guys. Let me take care of cuting the pie. Apple-pie anyone? Or Mocca?
  12. quote:was it weekly?I remember monthly. But I didn't get to take part in the early discussion. Just what I remember from the summary Remo wrote.
  13. Have your dustpan & brush, broom and scrub-o-matic on standby. http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/...2846256,00.html http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/show...=&threadid=1657
  14. quote:Originally posted by antaren4279: Reporting in commander. May I prepose an idea: when BCM multiplayer comes out, could we use voice communications? Roger Wilco is easy to install and works great. It would be easy to set up a private server for fleet activities, my machine could be a possible canidate.Actualy, IIR(ead the RW site)C we don't need BCM/MP to run to experiment with it. It seemed to me it should work stand-alone too. Or do other people have different experience with it? As I don't at all, it's just my guess from the given info from that site. Maybe this is an interesting alternative to a textual chat session. Heck, if it is true what I just said we should also be able to use it as realtime BCM (single-player) newby support. Whad' you guys think? [ 02-09-2002, 10:57: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  15. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: quote:Originally posted by Rm: I think the Ez Boards charge a monthly fee to remove their ads ($30 per month, i think)Thanks, I'll check into it. 'ey Remo, don't waste your pennies on the fee. Those adds don't irritate THAT much.
  16. (ponders) Shall I tell them?? Hmmm... My spidersense is telling me there is something out there. It should probably be reported to techsupport. Likely to be a bug of some sort. It's reproduceable. Ohh wait, a spider is not really a bug, right? Having 8 legs. I don't see it causing gameplay issues in MP. It's just not natural. I've known it for some time now. (see the version number) But I didn't wanna disclose yet. (though some of you know) Something told me this thread was comming. It's just too appropriate for this now. Procedure: Stand in front of an overhanging wall (like the lighter grey wall in the picture, but a shuttle(mk1)'s front works also), some meters away; crawl and keep going (W) towards the shuttle/wall and eventually you should go up and keep sticking to it. Until you try to cross a convex edge, and then you fall. Or might it be a feature? As it keeps you from getting wet by the rain. (almost same position as 2nd shot, FP view) P.S. Sorry for the (1st) pic corruption. Must have happend during upload. But it get's the point across. p.s. #2 : If Geocities doesn't allow the pic to be viewed automatically, click the location url and press enter. [ 01-16-2002: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  17. Yep, but alone they'll probably fail to make a stand. Your marines that are sent on search duty will eventually search those shuttles too. So you don't need to assign them to it. It gives them something to do, though. If launch control is disabled your shuttles can't leave. (not entirely, really smart intruders can) Intruders will be sitting ducks for them. Be it with their guns drawn.
  18. He probably has taken a trip all the way around the universe to get at the places he needed to be. Look for a shortcut. Actually, more than one. *points to a certain white map in the appendix* [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  19. I liked the tour of the galaxy. Only you made a spelling error somewhere. Galaxies (plural/more than one) instead of Galaxy (just a single one). But it ended quite abruptly in my experience. I hope it's not all there is too it. Because it doesn't really say anything about Prime and it's cause.
  20. Nope, no asymmetric thrust settings and the like. Besides, most crafts have enough shuttles to carry us home if need be. And there's the tow-request service.
  21. Just for info. What craft are you using? The bc mk3, as in the opening post?
  22. Insectoid: That question doesn't belong in this thread. There's a nebwie forum for such questions. And if we don't need to answer, why ask? Or you might find this planet side hull walking thread interesting. It's basically the same other than gravity and jetpack controls.
  23. Money and experience points. (appendix/ep.html)
  24. They can't enter transporter coordinates of something they cannot see. And 'power off to launch control' doesn't work for the smartest intruders. That's not a tip, that's a caveat to remember. It's not a fail-safe solution to stealing. I think all castes get intruders onboard at one time or another. There's no reason why intruders would prefer aggresive castes over civilians. Quite the contrary, I would think. Path of least resistance.
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