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  1. And then there's the possibility of your turrets being damaged ofcourse. Checked that yet?
  2. SC, I hope you're watching this because I've got a question here about an entry of the VCF. quote:From VCF: v1.04 RC4 - 01.03.02 Revised mineral probability mined by mining drones. It is now also mineral specificDoes this mean you changed the mineral content figures of the planets/moons that was listed in the Navchart.pdf file during BC3K (which is now the BCM launchbase file) or is relating to something else? And the second sentence, "mineral specific", did I understood it correctly meaning that you will find one mineral appearing more frequently (on all planets/moons equally) among the 10 types a drone can dig up, than another? (Let's say a repair mineral has a higher prob ability than mercury as it is in greater demand) Or is it that on two similar planets (same mineral content) one mineral will be more quickly mined than another flavour. (didn't the manual/appendix say the Falkerie homeworld had rich radine resources, more than other places in the universe) In other words, would prospecting make sense?
  3. Personally, I'm far better at juggling formulas than number crunching. I'm bound to make mistakes at that. Though there's allways the occasional 'sign' that gets lost somehow. Just to put my mind at ease, that first addition was 21,000 right?
  4. Well, I'll better show my face here so Remo won't forget my Primefleet retirement payment this month.
  5. I don't think that formula with the natural logarithem is the the right one. I agree with Chavik. Assuming it's a one-time deposit of $1000. FV=PV*(1+interest)^years In the case of the first problem where you need to figure out the number of years: 1: divide both sides by PV: FV/PV=(1+interest)^years 2: to calculate the exponent (years) one takes the logarithm (of any base;i.e. 10 or e) on both sides of the equation; and taking the logarithm of (base^exponent) is equal to exponent*logarithm of (base) So: 10log (FV/PV)= 10log( (1+interest)^years ) which is: 10log(FV/PV) = years* 10log(1+interest) 3: The number of years is now the division of the to 10log's years= 10log(FV/PV) / 10log(1+interest) 4: Inserting the numbers: FV/PV=2000/1000=2; 1+interest=1+0.08=1.08 Ending up with: years= 10log(2) / 10log(1.08) The answer is.... (drum noise) .... quite close to! .... count all your fingers and forget one. The answer is not the same as the formulas from Friez or Tyrn suggests. It's not far off perhaps. But not it. As for the second problem they're both right. In a way, that is. Friez's formula works if i is the interest per month, while Tyrn expects r (rate??) to be an anual interest (per year) as he divides r by the number of months. Hope this is not too late for class. Good luck.
  6. quote:was it weekly?I remember monthly. But I didn't get to take part in the early discussion. Just what I remember from the summary Remo wrote.
  7. Have your dustpan & brush, broom and scrub-o-matic on standby. http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/news/...2846256,00.html http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/show...=&threadid=1657
  8. quote:Originally posted by antaren4279: Reporting in commander. May I prepose an idea: when BCM multiplayer comes out, could we use voice communications? Roger Wilco is easy to install and works great. It would be easy to set up a private server for fleet activities, my machine could be a possible canidate.Actualy, IIR(ead the RW site)C we don't need BCM/MP to run to experiment with it. It seemed to me it should work stand-alone too. Or do other people have different experience with it? As I don't at all, it's just my guess from the given info from that site. Maybe this is an interesting alternative to a textual chat session. Heck, if it is true what I just said we should also be able to use it as realtime BCM (single-player) newby support. Whad' you guys think? [ 02-09-2002, 10:57: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  9. quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: quote:Originally posted by Rm: I think the Ez Boards charge a monthly fee to remove their ads ($30 per month, i think)Thanks, I'll check into it. 'ey Remo, don't waste your pennies on the fee. Those adds don't irritate THAT much.
  10. Marine calling: quote:2 bcmk3 a mk2, a mk1, and every cruiser they had plus five vandals, and a generis transport supplies? ... Figures. [ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  11. /walks in the wing room Whoaa!! Deja vu! Ahum, (adjusts humorous mindset) ... I noticed Simparadox has a personal quote in his sig. I'm afraid that's not Prime's policy. There's only to be one uniform wing quote. And which one that is for Gamma, I think, was still under discussion. (on the Prime forum IIRC) Unless Badgerius likes Ozzy Osborne, and I haven't been paying attention lately. (very well posible) Later fellas.
  12. I also thought it was time for a pre-"new year" roll call. Let yourself be heard at Primefleet ezboard forum, Delta Wing roll call
  13. Ok, just wanted to be sure this didn't end up being an abandoned project.
  14. Hey guys, where is that director Mr. Mistery of yours with his amendments. I'd like to see what he has to say. Been a month or so since the charter was posted. Fendi, please yank him away from behind those curtains.
  15. ok, has some merrit. But I think real-life leeches have to be in direct contact (near proximity) with you to do some damage, while crabs can/need to be at some distance to hurt you. And those claws are more like offensive weapons, like the turrets. But most important of all, whenever I launched a leech in bc3k they allways kicked me right up there in nullspace or to a space junkyard. God I hate(d) them.
  16. quote:When you are afraid that the crabs they sell at the store will blow up if you are too close. I think you need to play BCM some more. Crab has the turrets and the Leech is a proximity detonation.
  17. Hey, don't hijack this thread and smuggle it over to the misc forum. Ari asked about ISS and it's intensions. Not you nitwits! It should stay here. Even if it was a miss-direction by Fendi in the first place. It still was Ari's conscious decision to post here. quote:**Cough** Excuse me, while what you say is essentially true, you seem to have forgetten one little detail. Riga, myself and a couple of others are in the process of establishing Intercorp Unlimited a corporation catering all UCVs, assuming Tacops or the SC have the chance to read my email and profile.Hint, hint What detail? That's why I said political support. If you guys want to have support you need to ask very very very nicely , or find it amongst yourselves (indies). Which you also need to ask very very nicely. As independants are not obligated to help eachother out, unless under contract. Wake up from that dream fellas. Ok, now let's give the mike back to Ari again. And get this topic back on track. [ 12-26-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  18. An official 'miscellaneous fleet' does not exist, Fendi. You know that. And they need to be official to exist. It's either the terrans with (twinkling star)Prime(twinkling star), ISS, Orion, Wraith and Earthcom. The insurgents with their *censored*, *censored*, *censored* and *censored* fleets. And then there are those pathetic Gammies. Indies are indies, independant. Forsaken from any kind of political support. And a corporation is not a fleet. Don't give newbies the wrong impression, please.
  19. Interesting, but what does this have to do with GBS?
  20. Replied to you both, an hour ago or so. That is to say, not you, Demolition, but Remo and Stephanos. [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  21. Space dragons? Now you mention it, I have been wondering if I could find this nebula part in the space backdrops that looks like a dragon's head. Have yet to find it. But the resolution is probably not appropriate. Blackholes: Avoid at all cost. Lethal. (And btw, jumppoint in Mars leads to one.)
  22. quote:Of COURSE I had the laptop on the passenger seat - complete with my Motorola phone and wireless adapter for the laptop modem. But I swear I never opened it....except when I was testing the modem+cell phone connection at the first stop I made for gas. [RP] What!!??!! (whacks the SC) We told you not to do that! NOW, lead that cheese sandwich DOWN THE HATCH at some other motel or something, and not stuff it in your ears! [RP] Still, a pad on the back for not actually checking Commlink with it. I'm extremely happy to hear this whole event turned out to be much more like a supernova instead of 'the big crunch'. Couldn't keep myself dry either. Not all is lost. Life continues, only in a different form. And shedding off weight from SC's shoulders. p.s. If you ever do cross the big pond, don't burn that rubber here in the Netherlands. Cops here will nail you for having that detector, sometime next year. (goes back to adress his own pathetic life) [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
  23. Primary email: [email protected] ; or secondarily checked/BC intended: [email protected] ; or if by any chance those don't work my spam trashbin: [email protected] ICQ : 85776327 aswel
  24. (feels overly self-confident) Sorry, SC, you came in at the wrong moment. We've had better times this evening.
  25. There's allways the chance I did something wrong, but going by the latest version (5.91 32-bit): -File/Options menu: press the "Add" button on the popping up window (the "connect" branch on the left is allready selected). -Enter (any arbitrary) description, also the chat.server.something string below that, I left the port number as-is (appearantly a standard), leave the group entry empty (wasn't mentioned on the other thread page), and password shouldn't be neccessary as it is a public chat server. - close the (2nd smaller entry) window with the add button. - press the wide 'connect to server' button to start connecting to it. If all goes well you'll eventually get logged on and you can select a channel. But mine just says "Unable to connect (Connection refused)" and it keeps trying. [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Rico Jansen ]
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