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  1. Wow, my hands are still shaking from that particular experience. I Jumped into Mars space from Saturn, looking to investigate the Red Planet for myself. No sooner did I get in did a Gam Raider BC Mark II hyper in, and disappear. Static is playing on my screen, my officers are muttering "There's something out there". I'm tense. Suddenly an Intruder Alert. Wary from losing craft in the past, I kill Power to Launch. The Marines begin searching. Then All Hell breaks loose. Two more Gam ships warp in, both cruisers. The Gam BC makes itself known, not 20 km from my position. They launch fighters. I launch... nothing. And then I realize: I cut power to Launch! I check one of my shuttle craft that suddenly went offline, sure enough, there was an intruder in there. One that was busy, he had about 40 units of my SHIELD Fuel loaded in the craft. My shield starts taking massive hits, my screen is crackling from blasts. Desparately, I route marines to the shuttlecraft and fire upon the Gam BC. Boom! A Colorful explosion results. One down. I fire off half a dozen missiles at the other two cruisers as the fighters buzz around me like angry hornets. I watch my shield go from 80% to 60%, 40%, my hull takes some burns. Thank God I upgraded shields and hull armor. Finally one cruiser is crippled, the other hypers out with two of the destroyed BC's fighters. Meanwhile, in the ship, the two marines managed to wrest the shuttle away from the intruder, killing the last of the internal menace. Those men deserve a medal. Amazingly, they saved the Flight Engineer that was trapped in the shuttle with the intruder, though he had to be taken to the medibay for treatment. Following that sortee I docked at the local station and finally exhaled. In-fricking-tense.
  2. In all honesty, I'm not too broken up if it invalidates saves. The patch notes in the VCF is enough to get my mouth watering. But the SC can turn water to wine, so we'll have to see what happens.
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