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  1. sniff, sniff, I miss you guys. [/me returns to lurker mode]
  2. Sorry, guys, I've been out of the loop with R/L for so long I don't think I could help. I still drop in every once in a while, but I'm not in the beta program any longer and don't have admin, so I don't think I can be of much help. It's good to know that you, Sho, and Chav. are still around keeping things together
  3. Wow, many of the originals come out of the woodwork I'm alive guys but have limited access right now Hope to see you on the servers soon (once I finish patching together enough rubber bands and gerbil runs to make a real computer).
  4. Yeah, TAC, Intel has their new chipset and a few manufacturers have mobos out. The main difference is the 800mhz bus coupled with dual channel DDR. When coupled with the new 800mhz (2.4ghz up to 3.06 with hyperthreading) qualified cpus fly while the previous generation (533mhz buss) just walks. Report seem to indicate that Intel is getting back into the enthusiast market with this new chipset and HT capable cpu's. Lookout AMD.
  5. Wha tha Heeee... Man, I drop into the shadow for a bit and everything changes I guess I should go ahead and buy a copy so I can get my arse wooped online. See ya guys soon (but first I'm gonna spend a few ducks and max out my system before I begin collecting parts for my new machine)
  6. Cool, you're in. Chav, he's officially yours. It would be nice to have more clandestine supply opperations
  7. I miss you guys... but real life is in effect(until i can immerse my self into something more important like MP, hehe)
  8. O.K., I haven't been able to read all the posts here, so disregard if this has already been pointed out: Finger printing ballistics is impossible. First, the methods used to match fired rounds to weapons is at best spotty. No two rounds are ever the same. The only thing the forensic guys can do is assign a percentage of probability that the bullet/s came from the same weapon. Why? Every time you fire a weapon you change some characteristic about that weapon. The barrel changes, the slide changes, the striking pin changes, and the case ejection mechanism changes. Granted, the changes aren't extreme, but still, the first round fired from a weapon will not have the same markings as the 500th. Also, there's no way to keep resourceful individuals from manually changing any or all characteristics of a weapon once its out of the dealer's control. And finally, if you ask any police officer or forensic spec.(in my case I questioned an FBI agent and an OSBI agent about the testing methods) they will tell you that ballistics are a shot in the dark at best. The only reason fingerprinting is being hyped is due to the media's insane need to report SOMETHING during the recent sniper rampage. They didn't have any real news on the subject so they grasped at the sexiest straw in the bucket and pushed it like they were the end all be all of experts. Folks, if you believe 1/10 of what the media feeds you, you really need to turn off the television and spend more time in the library doing real research. Fingerprinting can't work. Period. However, the media can make you think it will work... and the media want you to think it will work... the media wants you to feel safe... the media wants you to think their your friend watching out for the common man... the media wants to spoon feed you so they can sway your opinion as they deem necessary. If anyone chooses to disagree with me, fine. However, you must understand this single point concerning gun control: it only affects law-abiding citizens. So, knowing that any measure made law will only affect those that abide by law, why do you think it would become law? Because politicians/government want power taken from the people and placed solely in their hands. And they're right. None of us normal citizens have enough sense to practice our freedom. We deserve to have it taken away. I love being a sheep. Don't you?!
  9. Heh, I really liked the movie too... but, as good as it was, I still prefer "Dragon Slayer".
  10. Too bad... I was hoping Matrox would bring their 3d up to par with their sweet 2d performance. Oh well, I guess it's still the Quadro DCC or Qaudro4 XGL for me Maybe ATI's R300 will be everything I want: perfect 2d; fast 3d; multimonitor support; and a pricetag somewhere around free hehe
  11. Just stopping by again, on my way to Gam country. Seems like you have a pretty empty beer can out here on the fringe, Sho I give you props for being active, though!
  12. Hehe, hello boss. Nice to know you're still alive. Hope the hooch didn't mess ya up too much
  13. Well, Sho, looks like it's just you and me out here in the wilderness... How bout a game of chicken while we wait
  14. Still kickin... Although I'm at Spectre, this is still my home!
  15. True, but what about the station itself... Anyway, it's just an idea. Embargoes really couldn't work on the civilian side. The NPC's would never obey. Only a powerful military group could embargo a system, station, planet or base. By embargo, in this situation, I think it instead generally means that gamers wouldn't go to that system to load or unload (buy/sell) their cargo. Without NPC's, the station or system would eventually deplete rescources (in theory, but I doubt it would work in game).
  16. WOPR, instead of trying to form a group or union or corporation, why not instead create an information service. Members would report issues to a central database if they choose. Other members would have access to that information and decide for themselves if, based on the information, it would be advisable to do business. You could easily create embargo lists; spot warnings; proven trade routes; get rich quick schemes; etc. You then have only two rules: 1. To bennifit from or provide the information you must be a member. 2. Members are required (much like maratime law) to do everything in their power to protect other members. The way you keep this from being a group or corp is by stipulating that #2 only applies to members when they are in the same area and help is requested. There. Simple, easy and still holds true to what seemed to be your basic concept. Naturally, membership would have its privelages. As peeps sign on, lucrative trade routes become known (to members only) and popularity grows. As popularity grows the member numbers grow. Sooner or later embargo suggestions from your intel network will become a sort of underground law. With enough members you won't have to put yourselves in harms way. Just post an embargo message and watch the number of trade ships to that location dwindle. This keeps your goals simple: make your members rich and be able to slap the hands of the more abusive types without risking your necks. Good Luck. [ 02-02-2002, 14:52: Message edited by: Akira ]
  17. Heh, I find this whole argument insane. Personally, I'm for gun ownership. Some people are not, and that's fine too. However, here's the whole issue boiled down and simplified: Gun control is not an issue of guns themselves. Rather, it is the issue of the bully and the victim. On one side, you have the bullies. Every person that chooses to take what is not their's (i.e., life, property, hapiness, freedom) falls into this category. The other side is populated by the victims. And this is where things get interesting. There are two kinds of victims: The A-type victim (those that immediately or eventually fight back), and the B-type victim (those that bury their heads in the sand). Now, we all know that the bullies are always outnumbered. Why then, are there still bullies? The main reason bullies still exist is because the B-types sharply outnumber the A-type victims. But, that's just the nature of things, right?! Everything naturally takes the path of least resistance. It takes far less work to run away, hide, or pass the responsibillity of defending one's self to an external group (i.e., police). However, that exactly opposes what this country was founded on. This country was founded by protecting its citizens from the bullies of the world. Sadly, those that still hold the "American Dream" in value (A-types) are quickly diminishing in numbers. Americans are no longer politically correct. Americans don't consider the rest of the world enough. Americans have too much and share too little. Sound familiar? B-types would like us all to believe that the victims are more dangerous than the bullies. In fact, if it weren't for the victims, the bullies would'nt even exist, right?! That's what happens when you stick your head in the sand. Everything's dark and nothing exists that can harm you. But, it's not the B-type's fault. They can't help what they are. Fear is a powerful and all consuming spirit. When allowed, it can control your every waking and sleeping moment. It distorts reality and bends logic to fuel its fire. So, B-types creat laws. They can't fight in any other fashion. They can't see that paper stops nothing because it would invalidate their work and cause them to question their fear. So, more laws are created to bolster other laws. A foundation of lies, half truths, and false bravado are held in place by the weighty mass of the new laws added atop the old. Granted, there is a place for law. In its purest form, it defines the line between right and wrong. It's the difference between justice and vigilanty revenge. However, law only affects those that abide by its precepts. Law is nowhere to be found between the moment a bully makes his/her move and the result of the bully's choice. Law does nothing to prevent those that choose to from becoming bullies. Law is, and can only be a tool useful AFTER THE FACT. Sadly, though, it's the only tool the B-type ever wants anyone to use. The A-type, however, chooses to take an active not a passive role in life. A-types understand that the only way to stop a bully is to confront a bully. Unfortunately, there are far too few A-types left in the world. Those that are left don't realize they are A-types until the bully does something to bring it out of them. Some, though, realize from day one that in order to have any sense of order in chaos one must live life constantly as an A-type. That doesn't mean A-types proactively seek out the bullies to "nip the problem in the bud". It means that, even though the moment may never arive, the A-type is constantly prepared. The A-type is vigilant in protecting his/her rights. However, because of their few numbers, and their tendancy to only take action during or after a bully's travesty, A-types are the constant target of B-types. B-type's fear does not allow them to see the real problem, but it does shift the blaim to where it doesn't belong. Although they are in the right, the A-type just doesn't have the numbers necessary to take on the bullies and the B-types. So, the B-types legislate what the A-types can and can't do under the guise of protecting innocents. The bullies, just like any predator, know where week points exist and exploit them. The B-types, not willing to look at the real problem, can only see the A-types. Since the problem can't be the B-types, the A-types must be the problem (they're the only ones left). B-types do what they do best and pass even more laws. A-types, being the only truly law abiding citizen do what they can to hold the tidal onslaught of B-type, but can't win in the end. So, A-type abides by the law and prepares in any way possible for the inevitable because they know that the only thing standing between Bullies and B's are themselves. But, hey, we're just talking about controling the use of guns by those that abide by the law, right!? So, the real question is not whether you agree with gun control. The real question is: Are you an A, a B or just another Bully? The answer is very obvious. Providing your an A-type or a Bully, that is.
  18. hehe, a lot of the book was missing...(entire scenes... and the way that the hobbits got the swords was wrong...) but, they did a fair job of sticking to the general storyline. I just wish the pacing were a little better. Lot of eye candy. I'm hoping, like Empire Strikes Back, that LOTR:2 is better
  19. Sobak, what branch? The USAF has a long standing tradition of making ossifer pilots out of the enlisted types. Also, right now all the branches are hurting for good people to fill the more important positions. There are a lot of flying jobs that don't put you behind the stick, but do make you a better candidate that joe academy when the seats do open. Also, there are some pretty interesting jobs that will challenge you mentally and leave you with plenty of time to fly your cesna on the weekends. No branch can guarantee any position. Reason being they don't know if you'll make it through the training. They can't know if you've got what it takes until they put you through the test. But, after you pass they're more than happy to make sure you get a job you want. Too many unhappy but very talented people have left the mil. in the past. Because of this, they've had to hire people that would've otherwise been working in the "hotel management" job field (a cook). When I went in in '90 they were in a position to pick and choose. I entered the delayed enlistment and was assured a flying job providing I passed everything else. I wasn't a pilot, but I had the ONLY job in the AF where ossifers drove me to work. I was up in the air for the majority of my time. Temporary duty took me everywhere i wanted. Hell, my AC (pilot) worked it out so that we went TDY at least once a year someplace near a ski resort! Anyway, all I'm saying is that if you're young and don't already have Daddy's millions or a specific goal in mind, the USAF offers more than just the stick jockey position. But, if that's what you want, I had two co-pilots that were enlisted guys. One worked as a crew chief (mechanic) on a B-52. He completed his bachelor's and went straight on to OCS and a pilot's seat.
  20. And if you haven't seen Redford's other CIA flick go rent it: Three Days of the Condor Every bit as good as Spy Games (better IMHO)
  21. Jaguar... oooo... that was supposed to be an awesome platform. Was it?
  22. Ok, here's the skinny from someone with hands on experience: If you're just gaming, doing office stuff, and/or some light art work (3d, web, photoshop, etc.) save your money and go with the AthlonXP. Get a 333mhz DDR board if you can find one (sis is a good chipset but better are in the works). If you're doing 3D work, pluggin heave graphics work, and still want to game then go with the P4... however, don't go below the p4 2ghz. it's the new socket so you're assured of being able to upgrade for at least another 3 months (hehe). Make sure you're getting one of the new mobo's that use DDR ram instead of RDR ram... they're FAR Faster with the p4 cpu. If you can't afford that, the xp1900 will do just fine and you really won't notice the difference (we're all asleep during renders anyway... well, at least i am). Now, if you're looking to do professional 3d or video post work but can't afford a multi-processor machine then don't go for anything but the p4 with the new socket design (478 i think). However, and here is where things change a bit..., the athlon mp's are the sweet point between power and price. A dual AthlonMP system won't cost you your soul and can crunch through renders quite nicely. Not to mention really give you some boost with games that designed to use multiple proc's. If you've got money to blow though, my dream machine consists of dual p4xeons at 2ghz and a wildcat 3d card and comes in at the low low price of $10k. The real question really is what are you doing and how much money do you have to spend. Then the decision is quite easy. Just find what gives you the best bang for the buck realizing that either the AthlonXP/MP or the P4 will give you great results. Just be sure to go with DDR ram on either single cpu system. As for heat... the cpu doesn't explode. An Athlon 1.4 OC'd to 1.7 oozes a black substance that is nearly impossible to clean off. The cpu is dead. The newer P4's have a steal heat spreader so they live a bit longer... but not that much. Be sure to get a proggy like Motherboard Monitor that has an alarm or autoshutdown function should your fan fail or the temp gets too high (Athlon's are rated to be stable in the high 100's... scary to let them get there though ). So, go figure out where your money vs. power sweet spot is. Buy, and don't every look back. Well, you can look back after 8 months. By then computers may be completely different and a new version of Windows will be released !
  23. Akira


    Man, .gif's are old school guys. Learn how to create vector based art. Start using flash. Few peeps don't have the pluggin. It's hella fast and hella small. And you can do SO much more... Sorry, I don't have anything I can show you... yet
  24. Andergum! Hey, man, long time no see Lost track during the betatesting and thought you'd gone the same way as Rattler Good to know you're still in the shadows too
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