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  1. sniff, sniff, I miss you guys. [/me returns to lurker mode]
  2. Sorry, guys, I've been out of the loop with R/L for so long I don't think I could help. I still drop in every once in a while, but I'm not in the beta program any longer and don't have admin, so I don't think I can be of much help. It's good to know that you, Sho, and Chav. are still around keeping things together
  3. Wow, many of the originals come out of the woodwork I'm alive guys but have limited access right now Hope to see you on the servers soon (once I finish patching together enough rubber bands and gerbil runs to make a real computer).
  4. Also, you need to understand, raid controllers from Promise and Highpoint that are cheap to affordable are not true hardware raid controllers. They use your system memory and will put more of a hit on your CPU than a true hardware raid controller. As a general rule, if your RAID card does not come with it's own onboard RAM and slots for upgrading said RAM, it will eat some cpu cycles. The good news is, unless you're running a P2 or older P3 CPU and have 256mb or RAM or more, you're not likely to notice the performance hit from a card typical to Promise and Highpoint. In addition the best combination of performance and redundancy is 0+1. It's a stripped array mirrored with another stripped array and is a touch faster than RAID 5. However, you will need, at a minimum, a 4 channel raid card for maximum efficiency. Also, you will want to purchase 4 matched hard drives (although not necessary, but you will need 4 drives and your raid array will only be as large as 2x the smallest capacity). IDE is cheap and if all you're doing is gaming, then you can set up a fairly large array for under $300. However, if you're only using the array to speed up your gaming performance, then you'd be better off spending money on other parts of your system. Namely: CPU, RAM, Video card/Monitor, Cooling and Internet/Lan access speed with portabillity for LAN gaming being a wise consideration also.
  5. Yeah, TAC, Intel has their new chipset and a few manufacturers have mobos out. The main difference is the 800mhz bus coupled with dual channel DDR. When coupled with the new 800mhz (2.4ghz up to 3.06 with hyperthreading) qualified cpus fly while the previous generation (533mhz buss) just walks. Report seem to indicate that Intel is getting back into the enthusiast market with this new chipset and HT capable cpu's. Lookout AMD.
  6. Wha tha Heeee... Man, I drop into the shadow for a bit and everything changes I guess I should go ahead and buy a copy so I can get my arse wooped online. See ya guys soon (but first I'm gonna spend a few ducks and max out my system before I begin collecting parts for my new machine)
  7. Cool, you're in. Chav, he's officially yours. It would be nice to have more clandestine supply opperations
  8. Chav, Jonah actually was spewn from a large fish/whale creature. The bible doesn't deal much with the effects of bile (stomach acids) on Jonah, but texts of the poeple he visited detail the remainder of his life and the medical problems he had due to his living and breathing in the stomach. I used to have a bunch of reference info on this, but I can't seem to find it right now (convenient, huh?!). Drac, concerning your view as original man being stupid, I agree. However, Adam and Eve did have a teacher: God. He made their first clothing and it stands to reason he would teach them how to survive/thrive as well. In addition (i hate not being able to provide ref.'s but i will when i can find them), one must also look at why God said he chose Noah. Noah and family were the ONLY genetically pure bloodline leading back to Adam/Eve. Noah lived in time when man mixed with "not man". Some texts read demon, some fallen angels... etc. I've read a few theories. One of the more interesting is that there was still yet another race completly that lived on earth before God created man. They pissed off God and were removed from the face of the planet. These beings were the ones that intermixed with man resulting genetic aborations that required God reset the world and limit man to the only genetically pure line available. Giants were part of the offshoot of the genetic co mingling with another race man was never intended to mix with. One of the basis of Noah as factoid is the lack of genetic diversity found in humans (and animals). Scientists have understood for a while that there should be a greater genetic diversity than what exists today. We really have only a few differences between eachother which tends to prove the Noah story rather than disprove. Israelites were not God's people until late in human existance. God's chosen were picked due to Abraham's obedience to God. Before Abraham there wasn't Israelite and non... Until long after David brought toghether the tribes of Judah and Israel under one rule, there were no Jew and Gentile distinctions. As for connecting the Chinese/Indians (peoples that are closely related to begin with) to Adam... its all in the genetics. Follow the genes back and you'll find that all humans on this planet are closely related. As for whether Egypt had relations with Inca... its possible. The earliest peoples to the Americas were not Indian. Some had features similar to caucasian. It has also been proven that many of the pacific rim and asian peoples traversed the pacific and landed in central/south america. Native Americans, for that matter, are not really native. Granted they've been here in masse the longest, but they're closely related to the Mongol's of China and were NOT the first peoples to exist on this contenent. Anthorpologists are finding new evidence every day that humans appearing nothing like Indians existed here when the place was supposed to have been covered in ice... But, back to the Bible. My point is, Drac, your denile of creationism is to deny God. It is, in fact, part of the OT where "God said" and by your musings here should be something you believe. Remember, the Jew/Gentile distinction came much much later in the bible. It should also be noted, being that you believe in the NT as truth/gospel that those who accept Christ as Lord and Savior are grafted back into the line of Abraham and heir to the blessings God bestowed upon Abraham and his children. However, until Christ came along, only the line of Abraham (later to be known as Israelite) were heir to Abraham's blessings. That doesn't mean God made Jew and Gentile seperately, it was merely He found one obedient man and set him apart from other men as His chosen. Sadly, jews of generations after focused too much on law and tradition to understand that they were supposed to be God's representative to all people not God's ONLY people. Unlike Abraham, later Jews forgot that they should obey God and instead obeyed tradition. They lost favor with God and became slave to all. Obedience, Chav, is why Moses, et al. wandered the wilderness for 40 years. Only a few returned from Canan(sp?) unafraid to obey God and take the land. A generation was lost to the wilderness while God taught the next generation to trust Him. There have been a few documentaries on the trumpets and the walls. Archeology has confirmed the destruction of these walls by a force similar to an earth quake. Anyway, much of this makes sense to me right now, but after I wake up in a couple of hours that may be different hehe. I hope it makes some sense to you. Anyway, I'd enjoy reading reactions providing you can make sense of my sleep infused musings. Must sleep now. G'night. [ 12-21-2002, 04:21 AM: Message edited by: Akira ]
  9. I miss you guys... but real life is in effect(until i can immerse my self into something more important like MP, hehe)
  10. O.K., I haven't been able to read all the posts here, so disregard if this has already been pointed out: Finger printing ballistics is impossible. First, the methods used to match fired rounds to weapons is at best spotty. No two rounds are ever the same. The only thing the forensic guys can do is assign a percentage of probability that the bullet/s came from the same weapon. Why? Every time you fire a weapon you change some characteristic about that weapon. The barrel changes, the slide changes, the striking pin changes, and the case ejection mechanism changes. Granted, the changes aren't extreme, but still, the first round fired from a weapon will not have the same markings as the 500th. Also, there's no way to keep resourceful individuals from manually changing any or all characteristics of a weapon once its out of the dealer's control. And finally, if you ask any police officer or forensic spec.(in my case I questioned an FBI agent and an OSBI agent about the testing methods) they will tell you that ballistics are a shot in the dark at best. The only reason fingerprinting is being hyped is due to the media's insane need to report SOMETHING during the recent sniper rampage. They didn't have any real news on the subject so they grasped at the sexiest straw in the bucket and pushed it like they were the end all be all of experts. Folks, if you believe 1/10 of what the media feeds you, you really need to turn off the television and spend more time in the library doing real research. Fingerprinting can't work. Period. However, the media can make you think it will work... and the media want you to think it will work... the media wants you to feel safe... the media wants you to think their your friend watching out for the common man... the media wants to spoon feed you so they can sway your opinion as they deem necessary. If anyone chooses to disagree with me, fine. However, you must understand this single point concerning gun control: it only affects law-abiding citizens. So, knowing that any measure made law will only affect those that abide by law, why do you think it would become law? Because politicians/government want power taken from the people and placed solely in their hands. And they're right. None of us normal citizens have enough sense to practice our freedom. We deserve to have it taken away. I love being a sheep. Don't you?!
  11. Hehe, my nephew just started going to preschool-daycare. I swear, every time i visit him I get sick. It's either a lung filling mucus parade; bowl filling intestine twists; or projectile bile paint. I've really got to get out of my bubble more often. My body is just not prodicing enough antibodies to cope with my nephew. Good thing he's more fun to play with than my computer
  12. All I know is that if I don't at least have the OPTION to play a jedi, I'm not buying the game... Not that I so much want to be a jedi, but I want the choice. Personally, I want to be either a bounty hunter; Jawa; or a lowly rebel puke that usually dies when the first AT-AT starts shooting (but i won't die... hehe, long live the red shirts!!!)
  13. Heh, I really liked the movie too... but, as good as it was, I still prefer "Dragon Slayer".
  14. Too bad... I was hoping Matrox would bring their 3d up to par with their sweet 2d performance. Oh well, I guess it's still the Quadro DCC or Qaudro4 XGL for me Maybe ATI's R300 will be everything I want: perfect 2d; fast 3d; multimonitor support; and a pricetag somewhere around free hehe
  15. Just stopping by again, on my way to Gam country. Seems like you have a pretty empty beer can out here on the fringe, Sho I give you props for being active, though!
  16. Hehe, hello boss. Nice to know you're still alive. Hope the hooch didn't mess ya up too much
  17. hehe, the show's pretty cool now. it's gone from generic Star Trek to an edgy show that is at times hackneyed but still has enough hot chicks kick'n arse to make it acceptable. I don't like the Warrior dude (the one with the weird spikes on his arms) though, his acting is melodramatic. Every line seems to be pushed and way over the top. other than that, the show's got promise. it's taken the darker side of spread'n the peace. especially with the purple good luck charm turned red demoness
  18. All I have to say is, for those interested in upgrading here's some rules: Stay away from the GF4-MX. These cards were not intended for the gaming market, but instead as the current vid card for the business market. If you must have the best of the best, get the Ti4600. For now, nothing beats it. If you need to save money but still like to play games, there's nothing more sweet than a GF3-Ti200 (most are OC freindly and perform almost as good as the Ti500) Now, having said that, were ATI to get their heads out of the south door and get a good team working on drivers, then the I'd suggest the 8500. At around $250 (online) it's the best bang for the buck followed by the ti200... Now, as for the R3XX ATI is whispering about... Well, we all know how long it takes for that company to make drivers as good as their chips. Don't get me wrong. I like ATI, i just don't like their drivers. So, if you have $500 sitting around, and you must be able to hit 200fps in Quake 3, you know what you must do. If you're smart, though, you'll wait for the seas to calm.
  19. Well, Sho, looks like it's just you and me out here in the wilderness... How bout a game of chicken while we wait
  20. Greg, I have to question your rant. If I were in the retail business to make money, I somehow doubt that I'd bother buying stock of the G4 unless I was makeing at least a 100% profit (meaning I buy for 200 and sell for 400). And chains like BB very rarely make less than a 200% profit on their merchandise. It's how they stay in business and why they can have some pretty nice sales to generate traffic without hurting their bottom line. Then again, I could be wrong. They could be paying everyone min. wage and cutting everything close to the bone. But I doubt it...
  21. Ahhh, Tandy (Radio Shack) TRS-80 (trash 80) with a audio cassette storage drive... programing in BASIC yumm. And the Sears Pong machine. And the Atari 2600 with Asteroids that totally destroyed my left thumb... Aaahh, the good old days
  22. Still kickin... Although I'm at Spectre, this is still my home!
  23. True, but what about the station itself... Anyway, it's just an idea. Embargoes really couldn't work on the civilian side. The NPC's would never obey. Only a powerful military group could embargo a system, station, planet or base. By embargo, in this situation, I think it instead generally means that gamers wouldn't go to that system to load or unload (buy/sell) their cargo. Without NPC's, the station or system would eventually deplete rescources (in theory, but I doubt it would work in game).
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