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  1. Rosko

    Gday all, BCM newbie

    Hehe, opps, hi to you from sweden too!
  2. Rosko

    Gday all, BCM newbie

    It's good to see fellow Australians on the board. Welcome to you're knew home!!
  3. Rosko

    BCG in Australia

    ok.... You can order products directly from an EB outlet! There are outlets in melbourne, there should be outlets in Sydney.
  4. Rosko


    quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: quote:Originally posted by Remo Williams: You burn the BCM music to CD in CDA format so you can listen to it in your car while out patroling for insurgents. or Gammulans You don't patrol for gams, you hunt them!! Fresh meat anyone?
  5. Rosko

    Matrix Reloaded

    I didn't really like the first Matrix, hopefully the second lives up to the hype!!
  6. Rosko

    The Legacy Revealed

    Once again; WOW Both look great...keep up the good work people!
  7. Rosko

    BCM Gold Discussions

    Box does look nice, can't wait to get a copy!!
  8. Rosko

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: BCM Gold went Gold yesterday and should be hitting the streets around the end of the month to first week April. The DC folks should be making the announcement sometime this week I think. So, if you're going to buy another copy, wait for BCM Gold. BCG is a good six months off. All things being equal. Great, that was quick! Not to mention a minimum of 6 months fo BCG is nothing. Does time fly?
  9. Rosko

    New shots at GameScreenShots

    Ok, the black ghost gunship(it's not black its yellow ), is awsome......wraith sub; awsome.... I love the solnar, reminds me of the marines ship in aliens! Sunflash looks great as well!!!
  10. Rosko

    March Fleet Roll Call

    Dude, leave roll call posts to Remo! Thats his job
  11. Rosko

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by StarRider: quote:Originally posted by Rosko: I think you should remove all the non-combat castes like you said. I think you should just leave them in, if they don't get in the way, code-related. Don't enhance them any, but just give us the option of exploring the BCM universe, make some money, upgrade ship, etc. It is just plain fun, don't have to worry about attacks. It is like going on an interstellar cruise, while being protected by the Geneve Convention. :-) I see you're point!
  12. Rosko

    BCG - Reality Check

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: It would have to be manually scripted and tested. And I just don't have time. And again, how is it going to cater to the playable career/caste combinations? If you don't have the time it's cool. I think you should remove all the non-combat castes like you said. Have only the Military castes available. The other castes are purely trivial, and I could only see a purpose for them in BCO!
  13. Rosko

    BCG - Reality Check

    It's all-good, though I must admit I'am a little disappointed about the dynamic mission selection feature. Does it have to be dynamic? Can't it be a set scenario list with in the roam mode? It would be like instant action with you're experienced avatar, in the game world. You could gain access to the list from places like GalcomHQ. A player could benefit from experience they get from the combat. Is this a viable option?
  14. Rosko

    New shots at Worthplaying.com

    quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: For you wallpaper junkiesHook me up man!
  15. Rosko

    New shots at Worthplaying.com

    Sounds all good to me!!