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    Roll Call

    Despite fears that I had fallen of the edge of the earth, I am still around. Just been so busy with life that I hadn't been by in some time. Rip
  2. OK, in case anyone was following along. The key problem was because I was reading one from the sleeve instead of the one in the e-mail sent by BMT Micro. All activated now. All we have to do is get it setup for the weekend.
  3. I'm pretty sure I got it right. Wouldn't it have given me an error registering here if the key was wrong. Anyway sent another e-mail to the support address but no response yet. I guess I could make a post in the tech support forum and see if that helps. I'll do that tonight if I don't here anything.
  4. Managed to register the game here today, but ran into a wal activating. Wouldn't do automatic. When I went to the website to do it manual it said invalid CD Key. I e-mailed [email protected] but haven't gotten a reply yet. Hopefully that means SC is too busy working on the next killer project. Figured I post in case one of you knows what stupid thing I am doing that prevents it from activating. PS I wish people would quit using things like zeroes and the letter O not to mention B and eight in the keys/code. My old eyes can hardly ever tell the difference. I assumed all the round things in my CD key are Zeroes hopefully it won't turn out that some or all are the letter O. Rip
  5. Will I be ok to go ahead and get the new version for my home system? I'm hoping only the server side matters. If not no big deal, I'll buy another full version of both. Always happy to contribute to SCs cause especially after all the headaches my GG/OO friends have caused him over the years.
  6. I think I had an extra space in the logo first time, removed and will hopefully work now.
  7. Well tried to properly update my Sig hopefully it comes out right. I'll clean it up a little more as time available improves, which it is starting to. Got the server all plugged up today and assigned it an IP in the datacenter. The IP is going to be and my guys have AWA installed. Now I just need to figure out what updates and such I need download them and install. Then open ports and hopefully we will be ready to go. I have VNC installed on the box so in combination with opening a port for that or setting up VPN for a few people hopefully we can include a couple people in helping me adjust whatever we will need to on the box. IIRC you wanted to run in normal mode instead of dedicated server so I will probably have to run to the DC to start it but it is only 5 minutes down the road so that is no big deal. Now I need to get another copy for my machine. I think I will pass my UC on to a friend so with any luck it will result in another potential fleet member if he likes it. From a secure location in an undisclosed solar system. Rip out.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Ben Zwycky: After ISS administration staff approved changes to our fleet charter that reward logistical and web support work for the fleet, Commander Rip's outstanding long-term web support and security work has earned him promotion to security clearance level 4, and he is hereby offered the position of CIOPS Director of Security, should he choose to accept it. Congratulations, Commander Rip, about time someone noticed all you do, eh? Many thanks for the recognition and I proudly accept the appointment. I only wish I could do more and be more involved. Everyone will be happy I am sure to here that the AWA server is nearly ready.
  9. Rip


    Wow all this old guys coming back. I guess I'm going to have to put work aside and get back up to speed. I don't want to miss the reemergence of ISS dominance.
  10. That is good for me in general. Although sometimes things come up. as today I am off to fix a down network. I still expect to be home in 5 hours or so, but have still not applied patches and installed TS2 on my new system. Have to run, will be back in a few hours.
  11. Stay in touch if you can. Good luck!
  12. That may work better. I know Saturdays are always harder for me than Sundays.
  13. Commanders Log 01:30 , February 3rd, 3015 Continued monitoring of GALCOM communications digging for insurgent spies. Hit count increasing by thousands daily. These thing are like roaches. Forwarding to CIOPS headquarters for action teams to be dispatched. Sure hope we catch an assignment to deliver a little justice to a few of them. End Log Personal log... Just received a copy of my tactical performance evals. Really got humiliated in the first scenario. Second went well. Last scenario saved my butt. Every once in a while my aggresiveness pays off. I passed that is all that matters. After hearing the Fleet Commanders sigh during the first scenario, just passing was a miracle. Hell next thing you know I'll get promoted. That'll take another miracle. Off to the Officers Lounge. End log.
  14. Rip

    2005 Season

    Well, I made Server 2 between 12:30 and 1:00 pm but saw no one. Guess I'll check the other servers and look up the infor for the galcom teamspeak as the others seem down or empty.
  15. Rip

    2005 Season

    Patience is a virtue
  16. Rip

    2005 Season

    I thought we were sharpening our battle tactics today? Seems I'm always a day late.
  17. Rip

    2005 Season

    OK, I think I got it now. My first ID was 50
  18. Rip

    2005 Season

    When I go there it has the proper profile information. Just it isn't reflected here. It shows the old stuff.
  19. Hurrah! We picked up a little something for the trophy case while you were out!
  20. Rip

    2005 Season

    So how can I see what all my ID #s are? I don't see why we can't have our own MP server at some point. I mean I have everything but the server itself. I'll have to see about setting something up.
  21. Rip

    2005 Season

    quote:Originally posted by Ben Zwycky: btw, Rip, you need to update your profile (or at least put the link in your sig to your UC profile) I must be slow or something. I don't see how to make it select my newer registration profile(s) I've registered and entered 2 different copies of UC, but it still shows my BCM stuff.
  22. If you seek to be the best then ISS is the way to go. At least that is what the guy who brainwashed me said.
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