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  1. The matter has been taken care of. Somebody apparently threw Derek's name out there as a really bad joke. They have since stated as much and have appologized.
  2. Hey there. I am just here stopping by to let you know that someone thinks that either you or someone loyal to you is crashing Taldren's boards and other sites regarding Starfleet Command 3. I'll give specifics only to you. I am trying to let people know that you are not the type to do this. Contact me via email at [email protected] or via ICQ # 37369491. Thanks
  3. [salute] It is sad, but understandable to see you leave. Wish you well, and we will still be here.
  4. Break out the champagne. The medication seems to be working. I have lost a milimeter in diameter off the size of the clot. Almost out of what the doctos consider the danger zone so to speak.
  5. So far, the good news is that it isn't getting any bigger. Now to wait another 2 weeks and we'll see.
  6. Well, been on the bloodthiiner for two weeks now, I go in to the doctor tomorrow to check on the size of the clot and see if it has decreased in size or (hopefully not) increased. Same request from me.... I have over a thousand AOL cd being sacrificed. Peace be with you all and just in case, you have all been great friends in a time of need. Commander Orthae out.
  7. Orthae


    Geez, Tyrn. Hope you get better soon. Wish there was something to say, but all us guys feel for you.
  8. Thanks to you all. Hopefully this clot will be disolved soon. I will try to read the posts as often as I can and put in my two cents worth as long as I am allowed to do so. I will keep you all posted as I can.
  9. I know that I have already been excused from the wargames pending upgrade of my computer. Good news, my computer is up to par with the videoissues, but I am asking for leave for a while. I went into the Emergency room for some severe migraines last week and the doctors discovered I have a blood clot in my head. I'm currently on blood thinner, but need to take it easy with everything since I am not wholly out of the danger zone yet. I am sorry that I have let you guys down yet again by not being able to be around and would understand if you wanted me out of the fleet, but I really must take care of this problem...
  10. I know it's been said before, but..... WOW!
  11. But, the cute little symbol is just so...... cute
  12. Welcome.... *Screaming to the Engineer* "I don't care where you put it as long as we get this ship fixed for the games.
  13. Gimme a couple days. My system crashed hard and I'm trying to get it back into shape... It has been dlow going, but I'm almost finished fixing it
  14. Primary email: [email protected] Secondary email: [email protected] Other email: [email protected] ICQ: 37369491 name chassan/jafo (changing to orthae) MSN messenger ID [email protected] Yahoo messenger ID: [email protected] AOL messenger UID: jbragna72
  15. Orthae


    What'd I do, Dreada? Um, I swear, he walked into that wall.....
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