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  1. Hey there.

    I am just here stopping by to let you know that someone thinks that either you or someone loyal to you is crashing Taldren's boards and other sites regarding Starfleet Command 3. I'll give specifics only to you. I am trying to let people know that you are not the type to do this. Contact me via email at [email protected] or via ICQ # 37369491. Thanks

  2. Well, been on the bloodthiiner for two weeks now, I go in to the doctor tomorrow to check on the size of the clot and see if it has decreased in size or (hopefully not) increased.

    Same request from me.... I have over a thousand AOL cd being sacrificed.

    Peace be with you all and just in case, you have all been great friends in a time of need.

    Commander Orthae out.

  3. I know that I have already been excused from the wargames pending upgrade of my computer. Good news, my computer is up to par with the videoissues, but I am asking for leave for a while.

    I went into the Emergency room for some severe migraines last week and the doctors discovered I have a blood clot in my head. I'm currently on blood thinner, but need to take it easy with everything since I am not wholly out of the danger zone yet.

    I am sorry that I have let you guys down yet again by not being able to be around and would understand if you wanted me out of the fleet, but I really must take care of this problem...

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by Tyrn:

    I just could not resist poking a little fun at a SINner, there's nothing more nor less to it.

    Ah, I see. I was beginning to get worried about something Thought there was more to being a SINner than I knew... Phew.....

  5. My opinion..... Pen and Paper games require much more thought and creativity than most computer games (with the exception of the Battlecruiser games ).

    With that in mind, I feel that the old pen and paper genre will fall more to the wayside as children grow up in an electronic era. I mean, who wants to imagine a forest full of elves, or a vast ocean of space filled with countless stars and possibilities if you can see a graphical representation of them.

    I love both, and being a writer, I can actually get more out of either than, say, my children, because the I have helped bring them up in the video age.

    I, hate to admit this, but I think it is only a matter of time until the pen and paper genre becomes only a small footnote in gaming history much to my personal chagrin.

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