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  1. Hopefully, I'll have by Friday
  2. Same here, but I was told by my cable company that they'll keep service going as long as they can. Hah. Guess it's time to break out the dial-ups again
  3. Orthae


    I have some rubber cement... Will that work, Dreada? [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Orthae ] Don't you just hate spelling error.... [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Orthae ] [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Orthae ]
  4. I think I'll take my kids to it this next weekend.
  5. Thanks. I just found the store locator and found those locations as well . I appreciate the help.... Will run out when the boss (wife) lets me.
  6. Okay... this may sound like an excuse, but I'm having a hard time locating and EB game area near me and I don't have a usable credit card to order the game online. Never fear, though, I am trying to be diligent and use my options so I do not get booted out of the fleet for non participation. I will try to have my own copy by the time everything is up and ready to try, hopefully. If not it will be soon after that.
  7. Okay, I'm registered. Now all I have to do is get the signature right, hehe. Who knew this would be such a challenge.. I love it
  8. Thanks, I'll try it... hehe. Just trying to be a more active member.. Don't want to be purged again
  9. I think I added the wrong url for the logo, but I think I got it now. Now to finish my page
  10. I thought I was gone.
  11. I tried to register for the forums, but can't seem to get a response stating my registration has been okay'd. Every time I try to log in, it kicks me out stating I haven't registerred yet.
  12. Great graphic, Tyrn. I love it
  13. I have returned, yet again. I appologize for this unexpected absence, TAC....
  14. Thanks, Tac. I'll try to keep a better tab on myself so I don't miss roll call anymore
  15. Ack! . Been away for a bit and been removed.... I was at work until just recently or I would have replied sooner. Had to rebuild computer after a nasty mess and forgot to check in ocassionally. Can I be forgiven? [ 10-06-2001: Message edited by: Orthae ]
  16. Orthae


    Since we're talking positions.... I would like to apply for a fleet intel officer position if it isn't already taken by Commander Sommerset . Nah. maybe I'll just be me.
  17. Orthae


    Thank you, Commander.
  18. Orthae


    Does that mean I'm now part of S.I.N.?
  19. Oh, a question.... Am I supposed to use that picture as me in my posts?
  20. Orthae


    Thank you Commander Sommerset. I shall do my best not to let you, Tac, or any Wraith down.
  21. Orthae


    Thanks, Tac. Sir, I think I would like to try out for SIN.
  22. I like the way you doctored my picture, Tac. Glad I read the whole post before resending it to you in jpeg format. You still want me to do that?
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