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    Tac, where would you suggest I go if say for instance I wanted special assignments and only to report to a few individuals who knew the details of my assignments, be they assassination, intel gathering,pretending to be a free trader while working behind enemy lines, feeding the fleet intel and perhaps doing a little sabotage or other things? Will there actually even be opportunities for such missions?
  2. Orthae


    Thanks for the info, Tac. I'll do some research and think about things before I decide which wing I wish to try to serve with. Also, I'm not sure if the game is going to have anything like what I have in mind for covert ops. Oh, well. I'll find out
  3. Orthae


    Epsilon, In my opinion, there is no better selection for me to try than the Wraiths. I only try out for the best Cmdr Somerset, I would be more than happy to work with you or any other commander, the Fleet Commander deems. I humbly await assignment wherever.
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    Hi all. This is my first ever post. I petitioned to join Wraith Fleet to get a positive gaming experience and don't think I'll be disappointed. I am one of those dedicated gamers, but have been lurking about until I knew where this game was going. I will accept re-assignment anywhere I am told to go, but am really interested in covert ops. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and try to participate more than I have. Thanks
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