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  1. Submariners in the Royal Navy refer to their fellow Royal Navy ship borne comrades as "Targets"
  2. I think an information service/network is critical for independents traders and commercials to go about their business in an informed and calculated manner. Intercorp will definately be setting up some sort of system, maybe we should talk? Trading and commercial activities will be our livelihood, as I said above I don't think we should be out there wasting a lot of time and energy organizing embargoes and trying to change parts of the Universe to suit us. We should be masters of adaptation to take full advantage of every situation. At the end of the day if a trader does not feel safe going into a region, then don't. There will be plenty of other "safe" regions to do business in. [ 02-06-2002, 09:59: Message edited by: Guybert ]
  3. Dunno about any of you lot, but the few times I've had an argument with my wife then gone to a bar to cool off(we only have a 1 bed apartment - not a lot of room to stay away from each other!). The LAST thing I want to do whilst in the bar is talk to some other woman. All I want to do is cool off, read the paper, watch some sports and get my head together. Why introduce more confusion to an unsettled situation?
  4. quote:Originally posted by T-WOPR: MUTUAL PROTECTION UNION: Statement of Formulation Mission Statement The general mission of the Mutual Protection Union (The Union, MPU) is to protect commercial commanders from the common dangers to Free Trade: raiders, mercenaries, and aggressive police forces. This will be accomplished through the economic power of loosely united Sects and individual commanders. There will be no need to hire mercenaries to protect from mercenaries, the defense will be the trade. If a region has no trade, how can it survive?Umm ... correct me if I'm wrong but anyone can participate in trading activity right? If the Mutual Protection Union decides to blacklist a region, the dwellers within that region can do their own trading or hire mercenaries to do it for them. Trading will go on whether the MPU boycots a region or not. If a region is especially dangerous either don't go there or hire protection. A few traders choosing to ignore a region will not bring those within it to their knees. In my opinion the only people suffering economically here will be the traders and commercials belonging to your union. A cunning trader or commercial will actually be able to turn dodgy regions to his/her advantage by establishing contacts, building relationships and charging a premium to do business there 'cos others will be too scared to. At the end of the day independents are independent because they're in it for themselves. Just my thoughts .... [ 02-05-2002, 09:28: Message edited by: Guybert ]
  5. You're right, there aren't many independents out there at the moment. Once BCO kicks off I think there will be a lot more around. With BCO the full potential for a life as an independent caste will be released. Bring it on baby.....
  6. As my esteemed colleague has already said, good luck on you enterprise T-Wopr. However, it seems once again that there is massive misinterpretation as to what Intercorp is all about. We are here to provide a range of SERVICES to ANYONE. Unless you are an officer of Intercorp the only rules you need to abide by when working with Intercorp is do nothing to disrespect the name. YOU ARE FREE TO COME AND GO TO USE OUR SERVICES AT ANY TIME. For a fee we can provide a selection of jobs/missions to undertake, insurance against loss of cargo, a cheap source of fuel, financing for ship upgrades, investment opprtunities for your hard earned wedge, a source of information as to the state of the galaxy and what areas to avoid, armed protection when trading in dodgy regions and much much more. Of course if you choose to become an officer of Intercorp, we can offer benefits on top of all this. We are here to help when and where we can, we're not a threat to anyones independant status. In fact, using Intercorp will provide more chances of pursuing a (very challenging) successful independent career by providing services aimed to make this possible.
  7. Yeah, a valve grind and new rings should have that bad boy running more efficiently.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Gomez: Some things are better left dead and buried... Battlestar Galactica, while it was amazing for it's time, is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c compared to modern day story lines. Even the worst of the new Star Trek or Farscape episodes beats the best of the BG episodes. BG always reminded me of Logans Run ... or was it the other way around? Anyway, great concept but crap storylines with absolutely zero plot development. Which now I think of it reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard ... aarrgh
  9. quote:Originally posted by Gustavo: Be carefull with some ODS. They don't forgive. Don't you just love this game?
  10. A couple of FATAL's is a great way to quickly soften up an enemy carrier, then polish off with main gun. Fast & effective.
  11. quote:Originally posted by rtoolooze: Hmmmm.... I think I'll quit using this AMD 1.2 Thunderbird, and Geforce 2 GTS, and start using a Athon XP 1900+ with GeForce 3 Ti 500. Yea, I think thats my resolution. (Atually, I have the new board, and the DDR2700 Ram already. I'm just waiting for the cpu and vid card to get here. WooooooHooooo! I know, the machine I use now does a good job. Its just that I have this disease called "Serious Gamer"! I simply must have the best. So, by the end of this week, my sig profile will change, muahahahahah!!!!!! ) I have a disease called "Empty Wallet"
  12. Trouble is beer and tobacco seem to go so well together .....
  13. quote:Originally posted by Cmdr. P. Laracuente: Hey, Guybert. Do you have any words on Jeffery, i need my approval with Intercorp. Over and Out I think you can unofficially consider yourself approved. Jeff will respond officially in due course.
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