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  1. This is all becoming very interesting. Intercorp is out to provide asisstance to non fleeters in the BC Universe and to be honest, we can only imagine at this stage how it will work out and try our best to pursue the objectives we've set out. We've created a set of giudelines which we think will form a working structure with which this can be achieved. But, without doubt, this structure is dynamic and will possibly need to modified to suit the realism of actual multiplayer game play (is that an oxymoron?). That being said, the purpose of Intercorp is not to intentionally position itself against any of the military organizations. But as I have become involved in this, I am finding it very curious to see the almost aggressive reactions from some of the fleet representatives towards Intercorp. Shades of xenophobia creeping in there? Anyway, we are always open to suggestions as to how we can provide a better, more useful organization. Myself and my fellow directors will be here to respond as best we can. Remember this is not a military organization, we are independents, so our outlook and methods will not jibe with yours 100% of the time. We're all here trying to do our job and have fun.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Spuzzum: I don't have a picture of the slacks available, though. But how many people need to see what a pair of slacks looks like? Do they have pleats in the front or are they 'flat'? (Flats are much trendier )
  3. Smiley, I know this is not the thread for this but since it was mentioned. Click on the Intercorp/El Dorado link in my sig. This is a Corporation being set up to help non fleeters with all sorts of in game resources and provide an extra dimension to mp gaming. Also, go to the miscellaneous fleet discussion section to see more indie stuff.
  4. Okay okay I'l wear a suit instead like 007. Now thats a cool idea. Could add a bit of class to the Indies. I imagine we are generally considered to be a bit of a motley lot. We, here at Intercorp, should look into whether 'required dress', whilst working for the Corporation, should include a tie.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: [QBT-shirt and jeans? I'm thinking more along the lines of Mad Max.[/QB] LOL. You going to sit at your PC with motorcycle boots, a leather codpiece and full face helmet on?
  6. quote:Originally posted by Fendi: I'm still trying to figure out what to wear as my "uniform" for my pic. One thing for sure you'll see a happy man. Being an Indie, I assume jeans and Tee shirt will be acceptable?
  7. I can't see a whole lot of chicks falling for the men in THAT uniform!
  8. Once in Commlink, make sure you scroll fully forward and back. You'll find very detailed orders about what to do with the diplomats and who specifically to look out for. Often you will be told to stand by for further orders once a specific task is completed. That is, the scenario (I've barely started it) will go on and on for a bit.
  9. The Warmonger has got to be the best "Indie" ship. Fast and packs a punch. Let's face it, you don't see many mercenary's around the world with Nimitz class carriers in their arsenal now do you?
  10. SC Thanks for staying true to your dream. This game is mind blowing. The scope is so huge and in that sense very realistic. Just how you would imagine it should be if it were real. I've been playing for hours and still haven't a clue what I'm doing!?! Awesome...
  11. Yeah Treat that brake pedal with respect!
  12. SC I'm extremely impressed. Thanks very much, I'm certain this game will live up to my excessive expectations. Love the artwork and manual. Got home late last night and only had time to install it and check it booted up OK and the controls (joystick/mouse etc) all seemed to be doing what they should. No problems at all. The graphics are stunning, even better than the E2 demo (or is just my over excited imagination?). One question though, as I said it was late last night and my eyesight wasn't perhaps at it's best, the HUD seems coarser in apperance than that in the E2 demo. That is, the numbers and lines seem thicker. Is this the case? Is it possible to make them finer? (OK that's 2 questions). I appreciate you have a ton more important issues on your plate right now, but if you can find the time to respond I'd be grateful. Also, if this is covered in the FAQ or VCF then I apologise in advance, just thought I'd ask since I was posting my impressions. Cheers.
  13. Shingen (and all you other Indies out there). Just keep in mind that you can come and use Intercorps resources at any time, with no obligation to stick with them for the long term. For example picture yourself as an up and coming assassin in the galaxy and doing OK. All of a sudden, your usual contacts and leads for juicy kils dries up (or has been taken out more likely). There you are, without a contract, bills to pay (fuel, food, gas, mortgage, diapers etc) and a great kick ass engine upgrade sitting at your local battlecruiser dealership with your name written all over it. So what do you do? Go door to door (airlock to airlock) trying to flog your valuable skills in vain? Or, do you head to your local Intercorp agency, peruse their exhaustive lists of juicy "take out" assignments they have on file. Select one that takes your fancy agree with the basic Intercorp ground rules, execute it (sic) and there you are rolling in cool hard wedge? Free to go off and do your own thing once again. You've got to admit, even for the "staunchly" independent types, Intercorp will be a pretty handy facility to have around.
  14. Dudes, check out this excerpt from an email I got from EB games about 15 minutes ago: "Thank you for ordering from EBgames.com. Your order has been shipped completely. The status and/or ship date for each item on your order is detailed below. Here is the status of the item(s) you have ordered: Battlecruiser Millennium Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1" SWEEEEEET !!! Speak to y'all in about a year once I surface from playing this baby....
  15. and ISS will never have the need to have someone taken out anonomously?
  16. He He Did you see Rumsfeld on CNN today tear a some new arses in the reporters attending his press conference? It was brilliant! Some moron asked if he thought it was fair that US troops were firing on the retreating Taliban forces. Not surrendering Taliban forces mind you, retreating ones. You know, the ones who haven't given up yet and are merely withdrawing their position and would happily blow you away if you let them! I mean, how incredibly ignorant do you have to be before you can become a reporter?
  17. Hey the status of my pre order at EB Games has changed from "processing" to "open" Sweeeet ! btw .. anyone know what the "open" status means?
  18. quote:Originally posted by Shingen: The corp could offer incentives to JOIN by offering several services like mutual protection, insurance of assests ( for a price), and a reliable job stream. I FAIL to see any benefit of relingushiing by independence just so I can join your corp, when I can just go get my own jobs, and create my own alliances. By joining Intercorp you WILL be able to benefit from ALL of the services offered by it's branches. This can easily include mutual protection, insurance plus a load more (what about a cheap source of petrol - sorry radine? What about a large list of potential jobs? No need to blindly run aroung the Universe trying to drum up business!. Basically, if there is demand by members for any service/resource then we can look into providing it for their benefit. That's what we're all about. You are not required to relinquish your independence. You can always/at any time/of your own free will/without strings go off and do your own thing without the umbrella of Intercorps support and come back. However, for Intercorp to avoid raising the ire of all the fleets within the first 2 minutes of the mp servers going on line and getting vaporized, working within the organizarion requires members to follow a few operating rules. A small irritation methinks when weighed against the benefits of membership. Also, at this stage, there aren't any assasins in Intercorp and our understanding of the caste is limited. We're just trying to get a basic structure set up and are really feeling our way as best we can. Once mp kicks off I'm sure we'll need to modify the details a bit, based on what members are saying/suggesting, to get things working most efficiently. We're here to help non fleet types as much as we can by providing all manner of resources. The key at this stage is to understand and get on board with the concept of Intercorp. If you think the details need modifying then join up and give us a hand to get the division working in the Assassins best interests. Go on it's going to be loads of fun. [ 11-16-2001: Message edited by: Guybert ]
  19. What really pulls my chain with evening news broadcasts is when there is an impending blizzard about to hit somewhere upstate in the middle of the night. There is always some reporter there "live" standing outside the snowplow depot of some town expected to be "hit hard". They say the usual crap about a snowstorm is coming and the snowplows are being deployed. You can't actually see anything apart from this reporter freezing his/her a** off 'cos it's 10pm and dark outside. If you surf through all the networks news programs, they all have reporters "there live" in the dark (all with associated live mobile units, crew equipment etc) saying the same inane crap. What a complete waste of money! Listen up networks; WE KNOW a storm is coming, we saw it on the weather forecast! We don't need some smarmy idiot and overpaid crew on double time wages telling us this "live"! If you stopped wasting all this money you wouldn't need to run so many irritating advertisements. Focus on real news for once!
  20. quote:Originally posted by Outlaw: Unfortunately for me since I'm a Gammulan it makes no sense being a member of Intercorp since I will obviously show up red on your radar. True. Being a Gammulan does automatically put you on a lot of fleet blacklists. An issue I'm sure we'll need to look at in more detail in the future, as a number of those fleets have already made their (possibly misinformed) intentions known as to the form their relationship will be with Intercorp if Gammulans are members.
  21. Ahh yes I see now... pretty obvious really. Thanks
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