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  1. JJ, there's a button under the "Instant UBB Code" heading that says "URL." Use it. If you can't find it for some reason, then it's... code: [ URL=http://www.whatever.com/your/link/is ]Link[ /URL ] (Without the spaces, obviously...) I already tested my sig, but here it is again, just in case. [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  2. code: [ IMG ]http://www.URL.com/of/your/pic[ /IMG ] (without the spaces, obviously...) There's a button under the "Instant UBB Code" thing that lets you put a pic in, called "Image". [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  3. I started a new roam scenerio early this morning (about 0130 or so) as the great Cmdr Rentacar Hertz in command of the Firestorm GCV-Chunky Monkey I launched from the Orion station and I was flying around in the system kicking the crap outta stuff then towing it in for money and experience. I had just finished grabbing a disabled transport when several red dots popped up on my TACSCAN screen. I checked them all out, but they were all still in hyperspace, so I decided just to jump back to Orion station and deliver the ship. Well, about halfway through my jump, the enemies finished theirs. Most of them were fighters or tiny ships, and the station chewed them up and spit them out. One, though, was a medium sized cruiser (I think...I forgot to check what type of ship it was, I just remember it was green and smaller than mine. ;;; Hey, it was late...) I switched my camera view to take a look at it and it was beating the station pretty harshly. PTA lasers were going everywhere, both from the station to the ship and from the ship to the station, but the station took a lot more hits. Well, I finally came out of my jump and fired up my engines to full throttle as soon as they were operational. Being in a rather slow Firestorm, it took me quite some time to get there. I selected a missile and set the aiming reticle over the enemy ship, but it was still out of range. I got to about 70 klicks away when BOOM, the station goes. "Aw, crap," thought I, "there goes my source of income." Yeah, I'm kinda shallow like that. The other ship turned and starting coming after me, then, which brought it in range. It was pretty badly hurt from the fight with the station, and after just a couple missiles and some salvoes from my main guns it was dead in the water...er, space. Unfortunately, I seemed to have fired one salvo too many, because it exploded right next to my ship, damaging quite a few of my systems, but, surprisingly, destroying none. Too bad the systems it had smashed were my reactor's cooling system and my engines. So...no engine power to do a HJ to another station and not enough power to get launch control on to get a shuttle out to tow me. Well, I had my engineers fix the reactor first, since I was missing three parts for the engine, and so my power was back up to full when they were finished. I decided not to launch a shuttle to get me out of there just yet, however, as there were still like a billion SF marines floating around. I launched my undamaged fighters and was assailed with all my pilots saying "Bogies inbound, inbound." every few seconds... I wanted to yell at them, "They're just marines! Go fly into them or something!" Well, for my part, I went around trying to snipe the marines with my main guns. That's a pain, let me tell you... I got sick of it and just started launching missiles at them. It was about 0300 by then, though, so I figured I should head to bed. Perhaps further news of Cmdr Rentacar Hertz and the GCV-Chunky Monkey will be forthcoming later on.
  4. I've had that same problem, especially in Mechwarrior 4... My mech's torso would always be twisted a little to the left and would slowly continue to twist that way. I finally figured out that the point where the joystick is fully centered is a little more to the right, and it would fall to the left just a little if you let go of it (from heavy use or just a faulty stick, I dunno, but that's the case). I just recently saw the same thing happen in the E2 demo the other day, but it's easy enough to correct...
  5. Ooooh, no wonder! I was scouring the keyboard commands doc to try and find a way to change it, but I've been looking at the E1 doc the whole time! Wow. Don't I feel stupid. Thanks for your help, it was much appreciated.
  6. I'm having a bit of a problem with my joystick controls... In E2, when I move the joystick left to right, it rolls the ship instead of turning it, and it only turns if I twist the joystick, which is a pain to remember. I've tried most everything in the config menu to get it to the way I'm used to, but so far it doesn't seem to have worked. Is this the way the joystick is supposed to work? It didn't do this for me in the E1 demo... Or is there a really easy way to change this I'm just missing? Any help would be...well, helpful for this [mostly clueless] newbie. Oh, and if it's just some simple thing I'm missing, feel free to bash me for being stupid.
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