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  1. JJ, there's a button under the "Instant UBB Code" heading that says "URL." Use it. If you can't find it for some reason, then it's... code: [ URL=http://www.whatever.com/your/link/is ]Link[ /URL ] (Without the spaces, obviously...) I already tested my sig, but here it is again, just in case. [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  2. code: [ IMG ]http://www.URL.com/of/your/pic[ /IMG ] (without the spaces, obviously...) There's a button under the "Instant UBB Code" thing that lets you put a pic in, called "Image". [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  3. Whoo! I spent $894.92 last night, and I'm feelin' fine. My DDR RAM (all 512MB of it... I decided to upgrade a bit. ) just came today (gotta love free 2-day shipping ) and my video card should be here on Monday or so. The rest of the stuff late next week or early the week after. I decided to just go with the Taisol CGK742092. Not the best, perhaps, but AMD recommends it up to 1900+ and the price is nice. If it doesn't work out too well (i.e., if my comp continually suffers from heat problems), I'll just get a better one. Thanks for all the help and support, guys. Putting these things together can be a hassle sometimes, especially with so much new stuff on the market (trying to learn all the improvements in computers since '98 [what my current computer is] can be rather overwhelming...). [ 11-30-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ] [ 11-30-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  4. Argh. So many choices. Does anyone have any suggestions on which fan to get to support an Athlon XP 1800+ (yeah, I decided to go with it)? I've found everything but that, now. There are tons and tons of choices, but a lot of the little blurbs about the fans don't say what speed they safely support up to...
  5. Akira: Yeah, I know. I'd like to have a G3Ti, but it's a bit late now. The card's already shipped, and I haven't got the money not the time to return it and buy a newer card now. Oh, well. I'll wait 'til the GeForce4 is out and get one of those. Also, thanks for the fan info link. The CPU fan has probably been one of the biggest worries I've had while putting this thing together... Not too much experience in that matter, at least with AMD fans.
  6. I just found out why my video hasn't gotten here yet: they ran out of stock for that card. However, they offered a GeForce 2 Ti with TV out for only $15 more, so I'm getting one of those now. Not too much of an increase, to be sure, but it's still one step better than the G2 Pro. Besides, a G2 Ti for $115 (shipping included in that price) isn't bad. [ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  7. Uhm... Personally, I like using the shuttles to get around, but besides the pain it is to get them to let go of you and not have them HJ billions of klicks away, it does seem like a pretty cheap exploit. Anyway, my real point is that I just had a small comment about the "weight" thing: Remember where the shuttle and whatever craft it's towing are. In space! Do you understand the concept behind that? Weight has no bearing in space, only mass, and mass in space doesn't limit transportation. There's no friction (well, an incredibly small amount of it, anyway. Not enough to be noticed until after some centuries of travel, no doubt...unless you smash into something solid. ). You could go outside and flick your CC and 1) your finger'd hurt like hell, 2) the CC would move in the direction you flicked it at whatever speed your finger's flicking action gave it. In atmosphere, everything changes, which is probably why the shuttle couldn't lift the CC after a certain point. [ 11-27-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  8. My mistake. It doesn't matter, anyway. I've made up my mind to get at least a 3, most likely 5 piece speaker system, and 'cause of that I'll be getting a sound card to go with it. If it doesn't work, I return the card and get a different one until it does.
  9. Space is nothing, don't you understand? In space there's about a maximum of one atom of matter per cubic meter, with the very very rare star/planet/moon/galaxy/nubula/whathaveyou thrown in. Have you seen those pictures of nubulae and such taken by the Hubble? In a lot of those, the different elements in them are given more color so you can actually see them...
  10. Gallion: Yeah, I know, that's why I'm having a friend who builds computers for a living help install the fan for me. SC: Sound isn't that big of a deal for me. If I do get the 5 piece speaker set (not sure yet) then I'll probably get a decent sound card, but if I don't and just go with some generibrand speakers the integrated one is good enough for me.
  11. Oh, on the matter of cooling... I wasn't really sure what fan to get. I was thinking about this one: http://www.tcwo.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_pr...1gi2Ty0HOCiiA7f Edit: This is just the CPU fan, obviously I'm going to get other fans for the rest of the comp... It says it supports up to 1700+ on that page, but if you go to one of the Athlon CPU pages (specifically the 1800+ and up pages..) it says that that fan is recommended. How in the world does that work?? Well, it shouldn't matter too much, since I'll probably get the 1700+ (I dunno, though... That 1800+ is mighty tempting. ) Sidenote: Check out the spiffy new thing at the bottom that lets you scroll through the page! That must be brand new, and I like, I like. Edit #2: (*sigh* I should really think these messages through a bit more 'fore I post 'em... Oh, well.) On the bottom of the posting page, that is, not the regular thread page. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ] [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  12. I'm getting this stuff from a multitude of sites... Ask me on AIM, Nova, and I'll give you links to a few of 'em; don't wanna list 'em all here. Heh. Gallion: The G2 is just a temp card 'til prices on the G3s drop enough for it to fit my budget. I had to keep this comp under $1000, and that G2 was only $100 total (I already bought it last week to upgrade my current system a bit...didn't think I would be getting the new one so quickly), so...I'll "suffer" for now. Hey, nearly anything's better than the comp I have now: PII 350 with a Voodoo 3 16MB card. I give you permission to wince.
  13. Yes! My dad officially gave me permission to start ordering the parts for my new comp. Finally no more 7 average fps, even in space. Here's the specs: [*]MSI K7T266 Pro2 (MS6380 v2.0), Socket-A, Via KT266A-chipset based for Athlon and Duron PGA CPUs with Built-in Sound Controller [*]AMD Athlon Socket-A PGA 1200 (1.2 GHz) using 200MHz FSB w/128k L1 full-speed cache and 256k L2 full-speed Cache. (I'm most likely gonna be selling this one to a friend and getting an Athlon XP 1700+ ) [*]256MB DDR SDRAM CD2100/DDR266 [*]InWin ATX-Style S500 w/300W power supply (I'll probably bump that up a bit if I get the 1700+, though) [*]40GB Western Digital internal EIDE hard drive [*]Mitsumi 1.44 MB 3.5" [*]AOC 17" flatscreen monitor (16" viewable, .25mm dpi, 1600x1200 max resolution) [*]GeForce 2 PRO 64 MB DDR video RAM w/ RAM heatsinks [*]Lite On 16X DVD/48X CD-ROM [*]CD-RW 16x10x40 EIDE/ATAPI (haven't decided which brand to get yet...there are two I'm leaning toward, though) [*]56K Zoom Fax/Modem PCI Internal, Model 1120M, V.90 OEM version. (no cable or dsl in my town! ) [*]Windows XP [*]Some speakers (Other thing I haven't truly decided on yet...although I saw a nice 5 piece set a couple days ago.) [*]All the necessary fans. I haven't totaled up the final price, but at last check it was somewhere in the range of $800. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ] [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  14. Look in the Spare Parts category... A fighter is listed as "Fighter Asset" and a shuttle as "Shuttle Asset." ... and an OC is an "OC Asset" TTFN [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ] [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  15. Man, I really wish I still had that game. I'd like to see what a smart Resnig could do, like...actually take a piss in the toilet instead of his pants, or not drool all over himself while on-station. Hell, he might even be able to teach the marines something useful! ...No, that'd be pushing it. [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  16. I'd prefer competent pilots and other officers, thanks... Oh, well. That game's gone, anyway, thanks to it freezing before I got a chance to save (wormhole bug thing, I posted about it in the General tech support thread). Otherwise I'd take a screenshot and show you all a competent Resnig (known up to now as only a myth! ) [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  17. Maybe I should post this in a tech support thread, 'cause it seemed like some sort of horrible bug. I started a new game and Resnig had an AI level of 25%, at least 4% more than any of my other bridge crew. More than any of my pilots. More than any of my engineers, my medics, or my marines. In short, Resnig was the smartest man on my ship besides myself. I was so scared I almost pissed myself. Is something like this supposed to happen?!? [ 11-25-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  18. I started a new roam scenerio early this morning (about 0130 or so) as the great Cmdr Rentacar Hertz in command of the Firestorm GCV-Chunky Monkey I launched from the Orion station and I was flying around in the system kicking the crap outta stuff then towing it in for money and experience. I had just finished grabbing a disabled transport when several red dots popped up on my TACSCAN screen. I checked them all out, but they were all still in hyperspace, so I decided just to jump back to Orion station and deliver the ship. Well, about halfway through my jump, the enemies finished theirs. Most of them were fighters or tiny ships, and the station chewed them up and spit them out. One, though, was a medium sized cruiser (I think...I forgot to check what type of ship it was, I just remember it was green and smaller than mine. ;;; Hey, it was late...) I switched my camera view to take a look at it and it was beating the station pretty harshly. PTA lasers were going everywhere, both from the station to the ship and from the ship to the station, but the station took a lot more hits. Well, I finally came out of my jump and fired up my engines to full throttle as soon as they were operational. Being in a rather slow Firestorm, it took me quite some time to get there. I selected a missile and set the aiming reticle over the enemy ship, but it was still out of range. I got to about 70 klicks away when BOOM, the station goes. "Aw, crap," thought I, "there goes my source of income." Yeah, I'm kinda shallow like that. The other ship turned and starting coming after me, then, which brought it in range. It was pretty badly hurt from the fight with the station, and after just a couple missiles and some salvoes from my main guns it was dead in the water...er, space. Unfortunately, I seemed to have fired one salvo too many, because it exploded right next to my ship, damaging quite a few of my systems, but, surprisingly, destroying none. Too bad the systems it had smashed were my reactor's cooling system and my engines. So...no engine power to do a HJ to another station and not enough power to get launch control on to get a shuttle out to tow me. Well, I had my engineers fix the reactor first, since I was missing three parts for the engine, and so my power was back up to full when they were finished. I decided not to launch a shuttle to get me out of there just yet, however, as there were still like a billion SF marines floating around. I launched my undamaged fighters and was assailed with all my pilots saying "Bogies inbound, inbound." every few seconds... I wanted to yell at them, "They're just marines! Go fly into them or something!" Well, for my part, I went around trying to snipe the marines with my main guns. That's a pain, let me tell you... I got sick of it and just started launching missiles at them. It was about 0300 by then, though, so I figured I should head to bed. Perhaps further news of Cmdr Rentacar Hertz and the GCV-Chunky Monkey will be forthcoming later on.
  19. Doesn't the tag have to be outside the quotes? I seem to remember that, but I'm not really sure, and I haven't tried using the /i tag yet... Anyway, try that, Melanie, and see if it works.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr: Because they don't use YOUR transporter. They use theirs. Their breaching the security codes pertains to them fiddling with and breaching the phased trans matrix modular whotzit in order to actually be able to beam to your ship. Nothing to do with the functionality of your transporters. Yeah, thats my story and am sticking to it. Nice! I was right! My cousin was over yesterday for Thanksgiving and I showed him the game, and he asked me that very question. I told him the first thing that popped into my head and was logical, and that was exactly it (well, maybe I worded it a little differently, but you get the idea). And now I have proof to rub in his face and show him that I'm right! hehe... [ 11-23-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  21. [RP] The auctioneer steps up to the podium on the stage. He picks up his mallet and the bill for the evening, and looks at the first item on the list. "All right, we've got a genuine Battlecruiser MkII with all the fixings! Let's start the bidding off at 15 billion GalCreds, do I hear 15 billion? 15 billion? 15 billion from the man in the straw hat! Do I hear 20 billion? 20 billion...." [/RP] [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  22. Ooooh, is that how? Thanks, SC, I was wondering the same thing...
  23. All my MP3s are 128 kbps or lower (one's even 48 kbps ), and Winamp is indeed not running (and I force quit the little "Winampa" program Windows automatically starts when Windows boots up.) I'll go try adding them one by one, though, to see if it's only a few of them. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Ancharon ]
  24. User created or just user added? Heh, I couldn't create an MP3 if my life depended on it... As far as I can tell, I followed all of the rules for adding MP3s listed in the FAQ, and, watching the kbps reading and looking at all the ID3 info things for the MP3s I have in there, none of them are VBR... Sorry to bug you, maybe it's just my piece of utter crap computer... When I get my new one I'll see if I have the same problems.
  25. (I just typed up a rather long and detailed post concerning my problem, but I got some bloody error saying: quote: Could not find any forum_thread_data files! Please tell the board administrator to Rebuild Forum Stat Files for forum: 19 and so now my post is all gone. I'm attempting to rewrite it, but my short-term memory doesn't hold much so I'll probably forget some stuff. A good swift kick and a query for info should help if I forget anything, though. ) Anyway, my problem is that many of the MP3s do not play in-game. I added a bunch of MP3s to the SoundFX/Music folder so I could listen to them in the game, but it doesn't seem to work right. When I start up the game, the intro music plays and then the first track plays when I actually get into a scenerio, but all the tracks after that just come out as soft static. I hit the Alt+, and Alt+. button combos to switch tracks, but none of the others play. Looking at the FAQ, it might be that some of my MP3s (or quite a few of them...I hit the Alt+. button combo many a time) are VBR format, and not CBR. I have absolutely no clue how to check, though... (I'm a total newbie when it comes to music files... ) It could be that the game randomly chooses a CBR file when it starts a scenerio, which is why that one plays, and then there's just a long line of VBR ones, but, as I said, I have no clue how to check. All the MP3s work fine in Winamp and Media Player 7.1, and I have no other sound problems at all. Everything else in the game works as perfectly as it could with a Voodoo 3 card and a 350 MHz processor *sigh* ('cept for that no-automatic-quit-upon-death bug mentioned in one of the other forums, but since the SC said he's got a fix for that I'm not concerned).
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