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  1. If I am to say anything, I've named my ship (GCV-Rickenbacker) after a dropship that originated in 2nd part of the System Shock game. My first ships, however, were named after RN ships, but not from WW2 - GCV-Leander, GCV-Trafalgar etc. Now my ship's got this name. And I'm proud of it.
  2. Say, I've been cruising around on BC:Home-site, and bumped into a few links to certain fleet pages. What I discovered, was that some (if not all) of them are out of date with updates. Pray-tell me why is that? Are fleet activities making their progress on Forum only, or are there any sites, that might be of any help with that matter? Fair greetings.
  3. Hail to thee! If you want to eject your cargo pod and still have it "on the radar and ready-for-extraction", try using Transporter or SC for deploying it anyplace ye want, instead of pressing that darn [eject] button on Logistix screen. (usually used for dispatching any amount of illegal stuff before docking ) Use TacOps for that purpose. Fair greetings.
  4. Well, I'm not very experienced player in BCM, but after all, I tried SYR/MIL roam scenario. Started up with Firestorm class carrier with prime base of Starpath, Mars region. Main motto (and goal) for my gameplay was: "Inefficiency will NOT be tolerated". That sentence seemed to be a good idea, but in first 3 hrs of playing I had to personally execute, as following: - 2 flight engineers - for killing 10 marines in high-altitude shuttle drops on Mars' surface. - 4 marines - for low combat efficiency (6 from their squad died on surface from gunfire) - 1 medic - he was on "search" duty and accidently got into the #1 shuttle when it launched. Court martialled for that. - Hellraiser and Roamer - for non-kill combat mission against TER/INS Warmonger - Paul Resnig - 6 times. For overall performance. (inventory used for executions of CO: 2xwristlaser, 1xscat pistol, 2xcombat rifle and 1xHAV's main guns ) Well, at least I found an extremely good reason for putting Cloning Module onboard CC - cloning Resnig (isn't that right SCmdr?). All of executions were performed on the surface of Phobos. By myself. 'twas fun... After all of that, one thought came to my mind - who will execute ME for inefficiency... Well, this game is twisted. I decided not to think of any more mottos when starting a new game.
  5. Yuh. Got brain-fart yesterday - ofc there are no HALO drops in BCM. Thx for feedback, Enigma. I've tried yer suggestions and... Well, here it goes: 1) Tried two and even three waypts. Everything was calculated - entering point, distance (over 100kms), TOT (important in highly complicated ground ops) and balanced team on-board. Didn't work. Three times in a row... I guess I'll stuck to tranporter ops then. 2) Hmmm... Pressing "hold" button helped indeed. But I'm still curious about one sentence in BCM manual (side 31, 7th paragraph from the top): "When you are deploying personnel currently in a vehicle, shuttle or transporter, you can create separate waypoints for the vehicle and the team of personnel. [...]" Does this conclude anything? 3) Didn't have a chance to try those ideas out - but they'll be useful when appropriate situation occures in future. Well, some of my problems still remains unresolved... Too bad. With regards,
  6. Well. Hello (not very original isn't it?). I'm a newbie to a BCM (but not a BC, so...). Here, where I live (sort of f*** country this Poland is) it's next to impossible to obtain a working ver of BCM (in exception of pirates ofc ) so I had to order it from US... Well, enough of that chit-chat. In my short-time experience in playing BCM i've stomped into few problems I couldn't handle well. I'll try to make it strict: 1) PlanetOps - the only "safe" way to deploy a team is IMHO a transporter. Every time I wanted to drop down a team of Marines from a shuttle I've heard not very invigorating 8x"aah" and whole team got KIA. WTF?! Is a shuttle droppin' them from 12000 meters or what? Even if so, then where are their "parachutes MarkIII". I know it's a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) type of mission, but got no idea how to perform such an action w/o gettin' killed half of my marines... 2) PlanetOps again. How do I make waypts for my away team, while they are down on the planet. No icon on Bridgeviewer, no icon in TACOPS (and yeah, I've read the f*** manual, and still no clue). The only way to issue any order to a marine in need is to locate him in TACOPS, point'n'click and issue order to a single one alone. (OK. I found another way - board a shuttle or OC and issue orders from their interface. Still too slow method) Is there a faster way? Please help. 3) Got a situation during combat in space. With my Firestorm class carrier and 8 FC on board I've decided to assign one pilot only (no co-pilot) to each of my FC's, so all could be launched at-once while in critical situation. And so it came to be that a Stormcarier warped in to wreak havoc and destruction to Starpath station. I've launched 4 FC's using a standard system (brought from BC3k) -1st FC on Intercept, 2nd defends 1st one. 3rd FC on Intercept, 4th defends him. 4th FC got Roamer inside and got blasted by several rockets before I could get him off the battle. Severe damage occured (but reactor and hull integrity were still a'ok) and only pilot got KIA. Tried to TOW my halted FC back, using a shuttle, but 'twas useless. Every time I issued an order of "Deliver to>Support units>GCV-Rickenbacker" shuttle docked. FC - not. I don't know what happened. Maybe it's a bug or something. Clone of Roamer was already on-board of CC and this FC stucked outside still w/o crew on-board. Finally I exited CC and docked the FC by myself. Phew. Long story... As for now I only launch FCs with full crew of pilot and co-pilot (but that's what I may call an "experience of freshly baked commander"). Don't know. If any of ya had such situation before, please post how'd ye solved it. Well, that completes my set of problems for a start. In addiction I have to say, that BCM is surely a great game! I've played alot before, but this is something I've never experienced. It's almost ideal. (Ofc it's not ideal. Why would the Supreme Cmdr work on another version of it, hmm?) It satisfied almost all of my fancied expectations. Oh, and one more thing. I'd like to apologise for my english. I know it's full of bugz and mistakes, but hell - no one's perfect. With regards, [ 04-12-2002, 18:49: Message edited by: M.S.Ullman ]
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