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  1. Its a great game.. loving just about every minute of it. However, there are still some imbalances and little things here and there they should work on. I play on Lowca, and got a few buddies of mine to play with along with a ex g/f... Name is Kenada, im usually found on Naboo.
  2. quote:Originally posted by Marvin: quote:Originally posted by Kenada: What are you thinking? It doesnt work right... always thinks your gonna be at Mars. However, the Mind Probe is freaky. Pure slight of hand. Not all the numbers are possible combinations ... but all the possible combinations have the same symbol. The extra numbers are only there to confuse you. Heh, guess it doesnt take much to confuse me anyway...
  3. quote:Originally posted by Commander Elio Jason: this is pretty cool Space Chase What are you thinking? It doesnt work right... always thinks your gonna be at Mars. However, the Mind Probe is freaky.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Riga: quote:Originally posted by Kenada: Heh, mine is pretty slow too. Is there anyway to have intercorp-unlimited.com to lead to a sub dir on my site... www.under-core.net/~iu ? I've already setup a web-user account to do some playing. Lemme konw what you think. Hello Kenada, Sorry for this late reply, but at the moment my time is _very_ _very_ limited, and will be for the next month or so. Yes, it is possible to redirect intercorp-unlimited.com to this subdir on your site. I will do so at the earliest possible time, but that will not be this week (probably in the weekend). If you like, I can send you the original web-content (intercorp site in a zip file. Just let me know. PS: is there any way for other people (directors?) to add content on your site? Yeah, thats cool that it will work. Have it forwarded to www.under-core.net/~iu and send me the site content so i can throw that up for now. Yeah, there is a way. I've set up a web user account, that when you log in to my ftp (ftp.under-core.net), it takes straight to the IU sub directory. I gave it its own ftp logon and password. So, others doing that is not a problem at all. Adios.
  5. Heh, mine is pretty slow too. Is there anyway to have intercorp-unlimited.com to lead to a sub dir on my site... www.under-core.net/~iu ? I've already setup a web-user account to do some playing. Lemme konw what you think.
  6. i agree with Elio, driving in Florida sucks... Here in Lakeland, i dodge about 3-5 old people weekly.
  7. Well boys and girls, im here and finnaly got BCMG... other news, ill host the IU site for yeah. I've got more than plenty of resources with my new host. I've got unlimited database, gig of space, 50 gb of transfer and more email addys than i can count and free webmail already installed. Web addy is under-core.net. Dont have to much up other than a pic of my tatoo i got recently, and a general layout, php forums. Since i have not been around, im doing some back-reading on the forums to see what the latest is.
  8. Well folks, long time (well really long time) no post. Working my ... off at my new job. I'm a waiter at a pan asian bistro and sushi bar called Gosh! Doing around 45-50 hours a week there. Things have been doing alright. I've done some upgrading to my computer. Got a 2000+ XP pro, upgraded my vid card, and now i just need to get a good motherboard and 512mb of DDR. Anyway, talk yeah folks later.
  9. Actually, there are quite a few mmorpgs coming that revolve around nations so to speak. Realms of Torment is one that im interested in. That have a perma death system that their implementing and a breeding system.
  10. Boy... i see you guys are paying any attention... lol
  11. Intercorpers... heres the latest on my situation... My computer is getting old. I need to replace a few parts so it may run some things better (e.g. BCM). So, i have taken my RAM and my HD from my HP Server (that cannot be fixed) and pop them in mine. And out of boredom, i have installed Win2k Advanced Server. I have IIS running with all the little fun stuff, got php installed, MySQL (so im playing with phpNuke and phpBB2 right now), and getting more later. My computer however works fine as a dedicated server for anything. So not all is lost(BC server). Ill see what i can do when it come to playing, but hosting games will not be an issue. Here is a link to my toying around.... Systemblue is used just as a name [using DNS re-direction since i have a static IP] Get back to me and tell me whats up...
  12. just to let you guys know, im still here....
  13. Counter Strike Ser. Name: Kenada's Server IP Addy: Password: bcm Its and random rotate maps, mostly all default options.. and my cable gets me 1.3mb/768k upstream/downstream... happy fragging... I'll be off partying my @*$ off all weekend becuase the 22nd was my 21st... ill leave it up and running all weekend. Dont know what happened the first time... but go it fixed. [ 10-26-2002, 11:20 AM: Message edited by: Kenada ]
  14. I need to get mine removed... im currently working a two sites right now: one for myslef, and another that is for BC stuff (gonna get a new domain too). But money is the issues, so, i got one 1/2 done, and the other about 1/4 done.
  15. Seems like space shows are trendy now... that and space sims that are mmogs...
  16. quote:Originally posted by Dredd: I'm not sure if i've posted on this thread yet or not, but banning video games is stupid. I usually don't resort to such simple and innane comments as stupid, but it IS. Why would you outlaw a type of entertainment and then ban tourists from using it? Who the **** is going to gamble on a game of counter-strike or BCM? If the police are too stupid to know what gambling games are, they need to spend the money used enforcing this ****ing stupid law on training their ****head cops. Morons.hey, you'd be amazed... i gamble at LAN parties... not to mention get out right intoxicated.. nothing like trying to fly a battlecruiser under the influrance... crashing into big rocks (moons) all the time... [Roleplay] me: hey, bet you five bucks i can kick your #[email protected] in a game of Counterstrike or DragonMod Z... guy: your on! [End Roleplay] I have won good money doing that man... [ 09-12-2002, 09:55 AM: Message edited by: Kenada ]
  17. quote:Originally posted by Dredd: I played the Beta for awhile, but it has the really bad habit of getting extremely old, and letting the beta people bring in their chars is just going to scare off more new players than anything else when it's released.i was part of the 3rd or 4th wave... needless to say, i played for 2 days and uninstalled it. need i say more?
  18. quote:Originally posted by $iLk: Nice to see you guys are still kicking around.kicking many things...
  19. How will it fare if i have 3 computers on my network sharing my cable... I already have one i am going to dedicate to be a BCM multiplayer server, then the other two will be clients along with the rest of Intercorp... heh!
  20. Once i get a 512MB or a 256MB, then ill have a another computer that we can use as dedicated server for BCM MP... 128MB and WinXP just does not cut it...
  21. me? im still here... most of the time... thought not mentally... but always physically...
  22. It was suppose to be on PC first... I hate MS... well, its more like a love/hate relationship. I was looking forward to some heavy LAN playing when I first heard about that game... Not i have to wait even longer.
  23. quote:Originally posted by Jaguar: Well, as most of you probably know, I have been unemployed for a few months and things are getting rather thin. I have been posting resume's at every internet site that I can think of and going out and applying at all the companies around. Today, I got a hit, a BIG hit. A company out of Southern California has offered me the position of National Sales Manager. The catch is that I have to move to Southern California. OK, here is where I need the advice, as many of you know, I am progun, antigovernment, etc etc ad nauseum, and when I even consider Southern California, you have to know that it sounds like an excellent opportunity. What do you all think, should I go for it and move, or should I wait for another opportunity to come along? Any help would be very appreciated. I am having a REAL hard time. ******EXTREMELY IMPORTANT***** CALIFONRIA HAS A VERY HIGH COST OF LIVING (if i remember correctly...) I.E: 50k per year in Florida, (where i live), very good money... However, 50k per year in California, is not.... would be like getting 25k per year in Florida... Get my drift?
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