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  1. Ya I'm just looking for a quick fix on my rig that will hold me over till I get a state-of-the art Athlon1800XP wich will be in a year or 2 ...so how much would a chip or motherboard upgrade cost?
  2. ya I guess this really doesn't belong in this forum:/
  3. k will I havta replace the Motherboard 2?
  4. Yippee! I found an EB where I live=D...1 problem I need ta upgrade my rig:/...is it possibly to take out the old 500mhz chip and put in a 700mhz or 1gig chip?...I have a Celeron processer500mhz...how much would it cost?.
  5. The main question that comes to my mind is what kind of a FPS improvment will RAM offer?
  6. Hey guys I'm about to upgrade from 128RAM to 320RAM I just was wondering what are the benefits for having alot of RAM for games in general?....just courious.
  7. The Athlon1900XP is their latest comp isnt it?
  8. Thx for the great advice guys sounds like an AMDAthlon1900XP is the way to go=D
  9. Oh and how can I tell if my heatsink fails?...will it send smoke signals or something?
  10. Holy $%^& 300degrees =O I didn't know computers could put out so much heat. hey what are the odds of a heatsink failer I wonder:/
  11. hey what kind of 'special' quality's do the P4 have:/ [ 11-12-2001: Message edited by: Gamesniped ]
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