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  1. Vandal

    Hey Derek yer bum, FIX THIS !!!!

    FIX THIS!!!: ATV's on steep angle terrain. Basically what happens is they seem to sink into the terrain itself (Kinda like tanks in Kuwait with only their turrets sticking above ground). This is most noticiable and reproducible in IA23 - Search and Rescue where you start out in an ATV and go find a downed pilot in the mountains surrounding a TER/INS base. Fun mission save for that little annoying graphics glitch. [ 12-04-2001: Message edited by: Vandal ]
  2. Vandal

    Misc Tech Support Issues II

    Ok, not sure anyone has posted about this yet, but I'm able to repo this graphic glitch pretty consistently. When you launch from Earthstar station in Jupiter (easiest way to start is be Earthcom and choose Jupiter as your region), when you're viewing externally both your ship and the Earthstar station itself, the moon behind it while somes grow very large and become translucent with a white-ish tint. Anyone else seen this? Happens everytime I'm in there.
  3. Vandal

    Planetary Assaults/Invasions

    There's always the Duke Nukem way of differentiating friend from foe...."Shoot all the mother ******s and let God sort them out." Besides, have you guys learned nothing from WW2? Invasions with ground troops are messy, OTS all the way baby! Then go plant your flag on what's left of that charred mound. Vandal
  4. Vandal

    So... how do I look?

    Yowsa! hook me up with Commander Minako's Comm frequency Nova!
  5. I too still have it, it existed in the before and after installing 1.0.01. I don't think this is a driver problem is Nova who is using an ATI chipset or myself who has a GF2 is seeing it as well as a couple other people.
  6. quote:LOL!!! Like the manual says, NEVER let your AE get in harm's way. He's not James T. Kirk you know. Agreed. next time I'm gonna send the rest of the bridge crew in, with Resnig as point man!
  7. quote:It is scaled according to the model. And since your POV is closer to the ship (from the bridge) they will appear larger. Repair your ship and it will go away. Please don't tell me that you guys have not seen this particle emitter in damaged and disabled crafts. Yes I have seen the effect on badly damaged ships, but the effect pops up in the bridgeviewer, when I view my ship externally, when I view other ships, star stations, planets, etc... This isn't because my ship is damage or any of these ships are damaged, it's like if you view a ship that had them at one point, they become a permanent artifact that keeps getting rendered over and over. I've also seen this happen sometimes where you view a ship that docks at that a station, and then when it switches you back to the bridgeviewer, you see the particle stream of their twin engines overlayed on the bridgeviewer at the same angle and juxtaposition as you just viewed them, minus the craft that was emitting them of course. I think to reliably repo this, you should pick a fight with an unarmed transport, since there's no chance of getting damage And then disable it, do and external view of it while disabled and then blow it up, tow it to a station, etc, and then you'll start seeing the described behavior.
  8. Note to the rest of the gameboard: your Commander AE does NOT equal a Marine. I got fed up with my cowardly marines fleeing after receiving minor flesh wounds (LF 8% means you're still ALIVE soldier! Get BACK THERE!) Anyway, one intruder was holed up in a Shuttle craft, so I sent my AE after him, was kicking *** for the first couple of minutes, then I got cocky and figured I could handle em, so I was gonna turn on power to launch control to dump his sorry carcass out the airlock personally, anyway, couple of seconds later, the Dear John message says my commander was taken captive aboard a shuttle and listed as MIA, game over! He must've gained the upper hand while I was radioing the CE to turn on the launch power. SC please make the intruders fight honorably!
  9. I've had the same one Nova, It looks like a little starburst in the middle of your field of view. And it does persist in saved games, and seems to always show up after a combat sequence for me. I also noticed that it seems to be some kind of collision animation or some such and I think it relates to the camera position. Here's a good test, if you hit F9 and zoom all the way out from your ship, you don't see it, it's only when you zoom in very close to the center of an object that you get the "mini explosion" graphic. I'll leave it up to the SC to determine whether this has to do with BCM's graphics scaling code (i.e. how it decides to render small objects and sprites unless your POV is very close and detailed) or it's more related to BCM getting confused with the camera and it's creating some kind of collision detection animation. Just some thoughts... sorry for the ramble. Vandal
  10. Vandal

    Open letter of thanks to the BC fans....

    This should be called the Supreme Commanders opening speech in the Commanders mess at Galcom station. (Pilots and Marines gotta see it on the reply vids, lowly peons that they are )
  11. Ok, I'll take some recon photos for you after I get back from Thanksgiving dinner, just woke up and now I gotta go get ready.
  12. And please, a little originality here, try to play something else BESIDES the Stormcarrier, it's big, it's bad, it's got more fighters than pilots, but who really wants a *challenge* eh? eh? Here's mine, which I have to admit was love at first sight, Questor - Heavy Cruiser. Sleek lines, scores of turrets and impressive speed and moves. Can't beat the quadruple green exhaust either!
  13. As I was completing TOD1M1 I noticed that the supply depot in this system looks identical to Tulon - Multination/Raider station. They also over lap which might cause game problems if one is destroyed and then rebuilt. Nothing too major though. [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  14. Vandal

    Fonts in 1.0.01 (resolved)

    Knew I forgot something! Good catch, haven't slept for a day, anticipation of BCM kept me awake all last night, and it's still keeping me up.
  15. Vandal

    Fonts in 1.0.01 (resolved)

    Well I got it fixed, decided to cleanly wipe out BCM and patch up from scratch, worked like a charm, sorry Derek it's been along time since I've been able to fiddle with one of you're incredibly complex (and sometimes tempermental ) software opuses. I'll fiddle around with stuff more before I go wasting board space and time.