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  1. There's always the Duke Nukem way of differentiating friend from foe...."Shoot all the mother ******s and let God sort them out." Besides, have you guys learned nothing from WW2? Invasions with ground troops are messy, OTS all the way baby! Then go plant your flag on what's left of that charred mound. Vandal
  2. Yowsa! hook me up with Commander Minako's Comm frequency Nova!
  3. This should be called the Supreme Commanders opening speech in the Commanders mess at Galcom station. (Pilots and Marines gotta see it on the reply vids, lowly peons that they are )
  4. And please, a little originality here, try to play something else BESIDES the Stormcarrier, it's big, it's bad, it's got more fighters than pilots, but who really wants a *challenge* eh? eh? Here's mine, which I have to admit was love at first sight, Questor - Heavy Cruiser. Sleek lines, scores of turrets and impressive speed and moves. Can't beat the quadruple green exhaust either!
  5. quote: What font? That unlock screen has NOTHING to do with BCM. It is a completely separate wrapper (like SafeDisc) which is executed prior to BCM actually running. Actually the font I was referring to does not pertain to the wrapper, I posted earlier about actual in game fonts in the General Issues Thread.
  6. Hmmm I tinkered with it a little bit, tried entering the serial number provided and hitting unlock, gave me a blank error message, so I gave up and hit continue. Works great except for that annoying font now...
  7. Click continue, it will only work until 11/26
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