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  1. ...but they know how to get a point across. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW_gU1zFQJw...related&search=
  2. Likely for balance reasons-- I havent had a problem in Agincourt taking down loads of people with the bowmen. If they were as effective as you would want them to be, the AI would never be able to break a siege for instance. Unarmored units in Rome: Total War would get wasted when hit with a volley of arrows. This would make it nearly impossible for the AI to win in a siege. I could hold off armies outnumbering me 20 to 1 even with inferrior units. That was with basic stone walls-- anything more than that was usually no contest. Also if you notice units can get 'wounded' rather than killed outright with a projectile. So either it misses, they block the attack, they get hit and wounded, or get hit and killed. If you look closely units turn a shade of red when they are wounded. Keep in mind that units with shields or experience are much more likely to block/dodge an arrow coming from the front or their shield side. Hit them from their weapon side or from behind and they are more likely to get wounded/killed. Likewise with missile troops, the more experience they have, the more likely they are to hit someone with their shot.
  3. Yeah I played the demo. I stomp all over the French in the first mission (Pativa? Forgot what it is called but you fight as the Holy Roman Empire) but at Agincourt im constantly getting rolled over. I just cant kill enough of the french before they get to my lines. By the way those system specs are oollllllllddddddddd. I just forgot how to change em. None of that info is accurate so I ought to take it down.
  4. Im curious as to what your system specs are Terran Marine?
  5. Terran Marine, your system specs are probably too low to run the game well. I read somewhere if you could run Rome: Total War at full detail with decent speed then you will be able to run Medieval 2 at about half the settings with decent preformance. I like the amount of detail they put into this game, it seems even more 'real' than Rome. Although I have yet to see any of the troops preform these 'finishing moves' CA was bragging about. I like the fact they brought back taking prisoners. It will make it more fun to ransom back Grayfoxes troops. There will be alot of surrendering to me going on.
  6. Your no match for me-- ill be happy to roll over your pitiful army anytime. Have you played the demo yet? Im downloading it now.
  7. Just tried the combat demo-- its pretty decent for the stage its in. Im eager to try some of this procedural generation stuff out.
  8. http://www.nbc4.tv/video/9152183/detail.html# OUCH - Im fortunate I can do nearly everything that needs to be done to my car myself
  9. Easier and more fun to play than Civ 3. Much less micromanagement with cities (you can see everything you need to know about the city in the world view). Very large maps can get a bit laggy if your computer does not cut it. Oh and my favorite part: The game is built around multiplayer. GOOD MULTIPLAYER Never looked back at Civ 3 since I started playing 4.
  10. I wish I could say something good about yet another mmog coming out but... I just cant. I just know its going to fail sad to say.
  11. Eh... I think PC's have already lost to consoles. The old days are over-- it is time for the console to rule now. Or thats how I have felt about it for the past two years. Prehaps its more because im not as into gaming as I used to be.
  12. I think scale is the largest problem. Sure the world is huge and thats nice, but it just does not 'feel' like im taking cover. There are not rocks, boulders, debris, buildings you can hide behind, run to at a moments notice, etc. Id rather have a planet 1/16 of the size or smaller and have lots of cover rather than a large, nearly barren planet. Also of course you may not want to read this, but FP combat inside ships would be would make my day. Main thing: too vast, not populated enough. Anything less and I probably wont even consider buying another UC title (unless of course you do something awesome to steal my interest). Tweaks and graphics will just no longer do it for me. This is just my opinion on the UC series and how I just dont feel it advanced as far as I would have liked it to.
  13. The new Camaro looks like garbage im afraid to say. The Challenger is a different story. Although I am not really a fan of American cars (except the Z06 Corvette and ESPECIALLY the Ford GT ) I have to say the interrior of the Challenger is 'frickin' sweet'. I mean check out that dash!
  14. My car broke down on the way to the movie. I was told by my friends who went that I was fortunate to have missed out.
  15. OUCH Gonna have to work hard and blow everyone away with your next title. Relive your glory days!
  16. Dont install the patch if the game runs fine for you. PSG's and systems with astroid belts cause some serious lag. Other people seem to have randon things happen, for instance one poor chap had a Khaak Carrier, Destroyer, and many clusters spawn in the Home of Light system and wipe everything out.
  17. quote: Bill Gates, whose Halo trained Lee Boyd Malvo to be the Beltway Sniper as well.
  18. LoL I remember around this time last year reading that post from I believe Jaguar who put it up.
  19. How souless do you have to be to turn away a little girl from seeing santa? Kids gotta be scarred for life.
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