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  1. I would discuss this with you gentlemen if any of you were capable of actually discussing it. Quoting press releases and campaign rhetoric as actual fact is less than impressive. In fact, it's downright depressing to see that my fellow Americans are all sleepwalking through their lives. The Congressional record is open, go read it. The contents of the Bills that either of the candidates have proposed and/or voted for/against are available, too. I hear everyone quoting rhetoric from the debates. In high school and college, we had debates- these were overhyped infomercials, not debates. For the love of God and Country (which, btw is YOU and your neighbors, not the government itself) learn to read and stop just repeating the useless drivel that oozes from the foul mouths of Kerry, Bush and especially their disingenuous campaign machines. waits for
  2. Has anyone else had the CTD issue when entering the Ore Belt system? I just can't get around it...It crashes about 3 seconds after I enter that system It is great if I stay away from the Ore Belt, though...
  3. I got tired of waiting on Best Buy, EB and Gamestop to figure out a) what the game is, is it actually coming out, and c) if their labotomies are reversable... So I ordered it from GoGamer Wednesday night and had it Thursay by 2:30pm... This thing is graphically amazing, but I haven't had a chance to really dig into playing it as my daughter has been sick all week I gotta say the interface is gonna take some getting used to, but once I start remembering the keyboard shortcuts I think everything will just keep getting better... Sorry to hear you haven't got it yet, SC, but all I have to say is.... NEEENER, NEEEENER, NEENER !!! LMAO
  4. Just downloaded the demo... I can tell a few of things right off the bat: 1) I need at least a new AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 2) The lighting and bumpmaps are absolutely amazing compared to prior games... 3) It BETTER be fun to play, because I am going to buy it !!!! Also, did a benchmark on my system... Framerates Scene 00 219.243 fps Scene 01 29.718 fps Scene 02 62.486 fps Scene 03 36.528 fps Scene 04 26.178 fps Scene 05 17.333 fps Scene 06 8.980 fps Scene 07 33.124 fps Scene 08 49.476 fps Scene 09 35.061 fps Scene 10 21.814 fps Scene 11 20.000 fps Scene 12 18.666 fps Scene 13 17.970 fps Scene 14 43.329 fps Scene 15 21.356 fps Scene 16 29.659 fps Scene 17 43.380 fps Scene 18 24.245 fps Scene 19 7.160 fps Scene 20 30.437 fps Scene 21 20.438 fps Scene 22 19.089 fps Scene 23 27.969 fps Scene 24 29.677 fps Overall average framerate: 35.733 fps This is wihtout antialiasing, but with everything else on at 1024 x 768 32 bit. To run this thing with all settings maxed out is going to take a killer rig...
  5. Grayfox, My main problem with the whole thing is simply put: In the long run, neither system will work. BECAUSE of human nature, the practice of capitalism and the pursuit of profit causes us to rationalize dishonest (even evil) behavior- as long as they result in profit for ourselves. In the end, our children learn from this example, morals are thrown away (seeing more talk of morals being a bad thing) and society degrades as the middle class disappears and the elite rich leech the lifeblood of the poverty stricken populace who still will do ANYTHING for money. I'm so glad you have a great job. I work for a great company, but you apparently have to be pretty and able to lie at the drop of a hat to get ahead. Same as every other company I have worked for- you got the looks and the bs talk you move up. I'm not a socialite; I'm a IS Specialist. Also, if I were part of any minority group, my chances for promotion would increase dramatically even if I had no degree. It's all about lawsuit prevention. I guess the only thing holding me back is my dedication to giving the customer what they deserve, and my honesty. Those used to be the qualities that got you ahead.....
  6. Grayfox, You must be living in Wonderland, then? Have you ever worked for a large corporation? If you work hard and contribute in a positive way helping raise the companies profits you will not see any rewards for this labor. In todays large corporations, profit is the motive. They understand that anyone less than an executive or their top R&D guys can be replaced easily- usually with cheap foreign labor- and is unimportant. You will always have a supervisor or manager (use any title you want) that you report to who will take credit for your hard work, find excuses to post low review scores and crappy raises to as many employees as possible- if they even let you have the raise they promised within the next year. I KNOW socialism doesn't work, but neither does capitalism. I have seen this country detroy the family unit, teach us our parents are disposable and market products directly to children who don't understand what money is (and learn that money and things ARE happiness). All the while, the elite rich and politicians (and those that aspire to be) make lying and cheating the most often rewarded skills in the US. If you've ever talked with executives, you'd know that unless they know they've been recorded, they'll always deny promising that raise or promotion. Hell, look at Clinton- he made a mockery of our entire system when he was allowed to squirm around the sex scandal by denying that oral sex is 'sexual relastions'. And we bought it. And most of us keep buying it and always will. We've been made so comfortable in life that we are afraid to go without that AC or TV, the video games and the internet. The more technology we get, the worse society becomes. More greedy, more dishonest, more bloodthirsty. Most will do whatever it takes to make sure they get the leg up and you get the shaft- most of them are bullshit artists and thieves with PHD's, no common sense and a knack for taking credit for the hard work all the little guys under them have done. Capitalism doesn't work either. In the end, we will consume ourselves and each other in our lust for more and more of all this crap we don't NEED anyway. We know better, but screw it- as long as we're comfortable we'll let the next generation deal with it. Why sacrifice? This is capitalism!!
  7. My score, If I were talking about a certain game that I am obviously not, would be a 6. Course, I'm old school and am not impressed by flashy graphics...Just how well a game plays.
  8. I got on in the first round of testing. I can't comment it on it- but I am no longer testing it.
  9. Nvidia now has stereo-drivers available for Windows98/ME/2000/XP. They work even better than the older 98/ME only drivers... Cheers
  10. Not a member of any fleets, here, but I'd like to keep informed and stay in touch. ICQ: 31390420 I don't use any webmail services, if you need my email check the ICQ directory or message me. I'm kinda partial to the Valkeries, if that fleet still has openings...
  11. I am reading alot of messages from people who feel closing the forums will give the SC a break and others who are just sad to see it go and want to try carry it on elsewhere themselves... I can completely understand what a bother it is to try administering a forum of this size, keeping it neat and relevant. Up until now, though, I have been almost paranoid about posting anything from fear of being banned because I mis-spelled a word, used the wrong punctuation or just asked a question about something everyone else takes for granted. Some people just don't have the reading comprehension to fully understand the manual. I would never say dumb it down, but as a community shouldn't everyone try to 'help each other'? If the SC is getting overwhelmed, I agree that he is more than entitled to a break. That's why the Moderators are here- so he doesn't have to be. After all of this, the bannings, the harsh words and the closing of the forum how many noobs are going to want to email directly for support? I would certainly be afraid of what I might happen should I leave out something or say something wrong. When my kids are 'not having fun anymore' it would not be appropriate for them to throw the toys on the ground along with everyone elses feelings. BCM is a mature game, can't we all be mature people? I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, and I hope I haven't caused anyone injury by this. I just want to enjoy the BCM experience and the community that made me want to be a part of it- without name calling and tantrums (I get enough of that from my kids). Whether the forums remain here or somewhere else let's remember this is supposed to be fun. If not, lets uninstall our games and play with SQL or ACCESS all day, scowl alot and give only fruitcake for Christmas gifts... -Whomever angers me, conquers me...
  12. Great. Good way to end my weekend. I spend my weekend dealing with the real father of my step-son who shows up at my door with police wanting to be a part of his son's life after not having seen him (or paid child support) for 14 years... Now this. Does everyone truly have such thin skin? I'm sad to see this forum go, and any chance of decent support for noobs with it. I understand that my opinion is not wanted and that I could easily be banned from even reading this forum again, but I had to say it. -Whomever angers me, conquers me...
  13. quote:I think I'm going to go with the H3D wireless glasses from I-O. After e-mailing them with some questions, they said I could always return them in 30 days for a full refund. Of course, I'd have to pay shipping, I'm sure; but $10 is much less a loss than $100.[/QB] You need to know one thing ahead of time. There is only OpenGL support in Windows 2000 and maybe XP. The software with the glasses, and the Nvidia Stereo drivers only work in Windows 98 or ME for full support of Direct3D and OpenGL. Have fun!
  14. quote:Anyhoo, back to the topic. Which glasses are you currently using? Do you notice any "ghosting" effects whatsoever when using the glasses? What video card and monitor are you using and what resolutions do you play at?[/QB] The glasses I am using are from H3D, they are essentially the same glasses shipped as the 3D Revelator glasses. The Nvidia stereo drivers allow for you to adjust the stereo separation to best suit the user- as everyone percieves it a little differently. Naturallym if you have the drivers out of adjustment, you will have 'ghosting'. Luckily the Nvidia drivers and the hardware with the H3D glasses allow for hotkey adjustments on-the-fly, so you can set it differently for each game if need be. There are some games where ghosting is inevitable, as they are not well written, but BCM is one that works well! One thing about the BCM demo. The anomalies on the 2D screens do require that I turn of the stereo to view them properly, but as it is just a CTRL-HOME(or whatever you set it to) to do turn the stereo 3D off and on, it is not a hassle at all.
  15. No, not the funky 'red and blue' glasses. Though I am sure the EyeScream Light glasses would work, those rely on the processor to do most of the stereo separation and that might take too much away from BCM. The ones I used are the LCD shutter glasses, the ones that shut off the vision to each eye in tune with the redraw of the left and right separate images that the Nvidia Stereo drivers (and the hardware for the glasses) generate on the screen. Actually, it looks just like BCM, only there is a very real perception of distance and depth that you do not get without the glasses. The star-field, from the 3D glasses perspective is truly impressive, very deep, vast seeming. In addition, all the models, especially the planets and the clouds, seem to have more volume. It's really hard to explain- you have to see it. Hmmm...If you've ever seen really good 3D, like at Universal Studios, or some of the better I-MAX 3D movies you'll have an idea of what to expect. The only issues are with all the 2D tactical screens, but I can't complain about that as BCM was not really developed for the 3D glasses. I gotta say it again; Derek Smart has really done a GREAT job on this game. From just Demo2, I feel that it looks fantastic and I am going to lock my wife and kids in the closet under the stairs so I can play the demo in peace!!!
  16. I've been reading about BCM for a long time; I loved Derek's attitude and the way he does things. Soooo...I felt the SC deserved payment for his efforts, and pre-ordered BCM from EB's online store. Then I downloaded the Episode 2 Demo and gave it a test run. I like it. I like it alot. THEN I put on the 3D shutter glasses, hit the hot key for the Nvidia stereo drivers and man what a difference!! With the exception of anomalies in the 2D tactical screens, this game works extremely well with Stereo-3D glasses! I know it wasn't developed with these in mind, but I wanted to let everyone know they should try it if they have the means. It adds alot to the already massive scale of the models in BCM. Thanks, SC, BCM scores high marks all around! I can't wait for my copy to arrive!!!!
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