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  1. Really appreciate you for looking into it, but I didn't pre-order the game. The key I have is a retail key that I bought tonight around 7pm, unless they gave me a preorder key by mistake. I have my support request in, with D2D, so am expecting manual activation reply from them at some point. Thanks again.
  2. DRM issues should be discussed over here please.
  3. Just ordered UCAWA and the manual + keyboard chart from BMT Micro. Now just have to wait.... ;-)
  4. quote:Originally posted by sckid1108: Been away from UC for awhile and it seems like a good time to get back into it with the release of a new title ! Heh, me too. Just waiting for the "digital distribution to start" Would also be interested in a printed manual and map.
  5. Also picked up my copy today at EB in Ottawa, Canada. Paid $49.99, plus tax.
  6. When you use the Mouse Flight controls, and you decouple the guns, the targetting reticle follows the mouse movement (doesn't stay locked), in the same manner it does when you use the joystick.
  7. The manual for the most part is identical to the original BCM manual with the addtion of the Appendix. In the appendix there are four instant action tutorials, and a new section "How Do I do this..." which includes such topics as "Upgrade My command craft systems", "Trade for Profit..", etc. There are a total of 28 of these "How to's", which for me were very helpful. Its nice having these in the manual without having to print them out.
  8. Just picked my preorder at EB today, and I am staring at the box at this very moment. I must say the quality of the whole package is just amazing. Box is beautiful, the manual is thick, on high quality paper, and with lots of extra tutorials and stuff in the backt. Kudos to Derek, and also Dreamcatcher for this. I cost me 44 Canadian (10 less than BCM), but it was well worth it. [ 04-04-2003, 05:47 PM: Message edited by: Mythandril ]
  9. Figured it out, I tractored the fighter manually with the BC and it promtped me "Attempt Recover (Y/N). Previously I was attempting the recovery via the Tac/Ops menu (where I spend the majority of my command time).
  10. Is there a way to recover your own fighter/shuttle assets if they are damaged and are unable to dock with the BC. During a battle, one of my fighters was badly damaged, and the pilots killed. I have since cloned my pilots, but there does not seem to be any way to recover the damaged fighter so that I can repair it. I tried tractoring it with a shuttle and delivering it to the BC, as well as to Galcom HQ. I also tried tractoring it with the BC and docking with GQ. Im this case I do not get a dialogue saying "Do you want to deliver....", as I do with other ships that are not part of my assets. When I dock, and when I launch again I still have the figher tractored to the BC. Is there a way that I can recover it, so I don't have to purchase a new one?
  11. It looks like the new ATI Catalyst drivers that were released yesterday (Saturday Aug. 3) have fixed the problem with the need to disable Table Fog.
  12. To the best of my knowledge, satellite performs on average a little slower on the downstream (not much) than cable, and quite a bit slower on the upstream than cable, but performs better on both that xDSL. Satellite is also subject to poor weather conditions and is significantly more expensive than all other services. Around 19.95 per month for limited, and around 129.00 per month for unlimited. Not sure about the pings, but Jaguar is probably right.
  13. The All Seeing Eye can be found at: http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/
  14. Wow, both the sight and the artwork are incredible, you have a great deal of talent. The page displays great in IE 6.0.2 (default in XP). I run at 1024X768, and at this resolution the main page interface is very small, and there is a lot of empty space on the page. Also, when you click on a picture it would be really cool to have it open up fully maximized so you see your glorious artwork right there in front of you. Beleive me I'm not trying to be picky, just giving some feedback as requested. Your page already is top-notch.
  15. Just though I'd add my comments as I have been a user of both Linux and Windows(in it's various iterations) for years. I currently have a dual boot system with Windows XP on my 40 gig drive and Linux(Mandrake 8.1) on my 20 gig drive. I first started experimenting with linux back in college when I was taking linux scripting and was using Mandrake 6.0, and throughout the years have developed a love/hate relationship with the OS. For those above who have cateogorized Linux as not being user friendly, and a headache, unfortuanately have not used one of the later versions. Mandrake 8.1 is fabulous, and the user-friendly installation routine, is a wonderfully easy as setting up Windows xp. All my hardware from my MS scroll mouse to my Gforce 2 GTS installed flawlessly, including the drivers for 3d accleration. Quake3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Terminus run smoothly, and the framerates are as good as they are in Windoze (btw, both single and multi-player binaries have been released for RtCW). I have a fairly large library of Loki games, and they all run well, and play great online. I can't really explain it, but running games in Linux give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Now Linux is not for everybody, and part of the satisfaction is tinkering with the OS, and I can understand why some may not like it --> anyone who has experienced the dread "Kernel Panic" will know what I mean. Now in terms of Loki, I a truly saddened, as they were truly pioneers, but I must say I am not surprised, in August when they declared Chapter 11, the signs were already blowing in the wind. Derek, you mentioned Transgaming a little earlier in the thread, and while I wish them luck, I don't think thier route is the way to go. Their software is truly in it's infancy, and most windows games do not run well under Winex. Currently I got Starcraft and Half-Life to work, as well as the windows version of Wolfenstien, but there is just too much fiddling, and corruption with 2d menus to make any of it fun. I truly think that they should be focussing on working with developers on specific Linux ports, and not creating some "all in one" software (which I think is impossible) I truly hope that Linux gaming takes off, but I think the key to this the development of in-house Linux binaries in tandem with the Windows binaries for new software titles. Wolfenstien is a great expample, albeit the linux binaries where released at a later date. Id has always been supportive of Linux, and I hope they continue to be in the future. To my knowledge, Neverwinter Nights being developed by Black Isle will release with both Windows, and Linux versions on the same CD. Hope so. I think the problem with Loki, is that they were way behind the release curve. While the games to ported where outstanding, Myth II, HOMMII, et. al. the windows versions were out well in advance of thier Linux ports. I usually picked up their versions, even though I already had the Windows versions, just to support them. To conclude, part of the appeal of Linux is obviosly free open-sourced software. The very nature the OS in this regard, doesn't bode well for developers who wish to sell software to people, who for the most part abhor paying for anything related to Linux. This fundamental aspect of Linux and Linux users, in my opinion will relegate the hobby as a small niche market, which is part of a bigger niche market. Anyway I am blabbering now. Cheers, Myth
  16. Oops, my humble apologies. ===>>Crawls back under rock to resume full time forum LURKING career.
  17. Hi, Just upgraded BCM version to 1.0.04 using the update patch from 1.0.04rc1 and verified that there were no files left in the save folder. Started a new roam scenario with the default settings, and sent one marine to each shuttle(as I do whenever I start a new roam). Once the marines have reached the shuttles, tried to launch the shuttle from the RHS menu by clicking on the green shuttle number and pressing launch. The shuttle won't launch, and the icon for the Flight Officer comes up (but with no spoken sound) or text. I try all four shuttles and the same thing occurs. If I click onthe blue bar at the top which summarizes the last com messages appear, there will be a blank line where the text would be.(e.g. shuttle launched, etc.) I can launch shuttles if I select the CC from the RHS menu, select shuttles, select one of the 4 shuttles, and give it, for example a fly to -->earth order. Obviously, if this cannot be reproduced by anyone, I will do a reinstall of the game and apply the full 1.0.04 Patch. To conclude, I did, as always execute the patch from with the BCM directory. I apologize in advance if I have wasted your time. Cheers, Myth
  18. Hi, Have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz PCI card with the latest certified drivers (all in profile)and I cannot hear the bridge chatter (am running latest version of BCM). Derek, Since I am a compulsive LURKER and seldom post would just to take this opportunity to give you some major KUDOS on BCM.
  19. An annoying trend that I have recently noticed in gaming reviews, both in print (PC Gamer, GCW) and on the internet is the frequent use of sophmoric humour throughout the review. Every reviewer, with a few exceptions, wants to be a comedian, often comparing game features to bodily functions. It seems to be in vogue to trash a game just to show off the writers comedic prowess. It seems that these reviews are written by pre-pubescent boys, for pre-pubescent boys. In my opinion most reviews today have no value for the consumer, and I tend to ignore them. I miss the days when reviewers where objective, exposing the pros and cons of a given title. I used to buy PC Gamer every month, but it has really become pathetic over the last year or so. Even Computer Gaming World used to more mature but they have fallen as well. Please no more L33T D3wdes.
  20. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. I am really enjoying the single player game thus far (just past the crypts --> very creepy). Multiplayer is fantastic.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Gallion: More RAM and get a different sound card. SBLive is a PoS in my experience. TTFN I agree. I picked up a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card last week to replace my SB Live and have been totally impressed with it. I used to buy Creative products since they seemed to be the industry standard, however I have learned through experience that their drivers are about as flaky as ATI's and updated as frequently. The Santa Cruz performs better, and sounds a hell of a lot better. (ughh, can't spell tonight edit number 4) [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Mythandril ] Delete the extra edited by messages. No one wants to know you edited the post four times. [ 12-05-2001: Message edited by: Tyrn ]
  22. Can't wait for this movie of my all time favorite novel.
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