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  1. This morning some Frensh deputies put to examination a law to forbid such absurd trials (heard this on France Info radio before going to work). A child will never be able to sue anyone just because he was born. Then I am personnaly not a pro-choice, but I will politically fight for it to be a legal right. Even if it is paid with my tax money. I am not only an individual, but a member of a nation. If I do not agree with the way my tax money is spent, then I will vote for someone else.
  2. You asked for other countries, well in France lots of black are from Guyane or Martinique territories, and they are frensh since centuries. I work in IT, and I cannot remember a frensh black booted out just for his skin color. (I said frensh black) But this is not the case for Arabs (mostly Algeria and Morocco), since I have witnessed that on equal qualification, experience and pay a white or black guy will frequently be favored over an arab. It is illegal, but you will never be able to prove it. Today, if you want to hire an IT engineer, you will be able to find tens of qualified unemployed Arab guys but very few frensh names. All service providers companies know that an Arab guy is much more difficult to rent to a client than an europeen guy (even an asian or black one). So what of a solution ? I still wonder.
  3. quote: Notion: We are killing innocent civilians in our war on terrorism. Of course USA is killing some innocents. When a bomb fall it has no friends. But that would be forgetting that since WW2 civils are not any more considered as legitimate targets by western governments. At least as few as possible will die, even if it is a low reconfort for the dead. quote: Notion 2: It is impossible to win the war on Terrorism. Reality: Think logically for a minute. Yes, bombing Afganistan to hell will not end the war on terrorism, neither will bombing Iraq, or any other Middile Eastern Country. That's why we are setting up a new government in Afganistan, and probably will in any other terrorist harboring country. I doubt the United States will make the same mistake twice, in this specific instance. After the terrorist harboring countries' governments are replaced, it will become much harder for terrorist groups to operate. Yes, terrorism won't be eliminated, but it will likely be lower than pre 9/11 levels, because they will be unable to operate in the open because of governments crushing them. It will never work. UK with thousands of soldiers was not able to eliminate IRA, France has not been able to eliminate Corsican terrorists and even Spanish dictator Franco was not able to erradicate ETA(not to mention nowadays) when his police had very few civil rights to respect. Just because all these organisations had popular support at some extents. The only example of terrorists whose organisation was erradicated (in france) was les brigades rouges, but they were a small (even if ruthless) group operating without any popular support. So if you want to eliminate a terrorist group, you have to deal also with its popular support. If not, you will just kill some terrorists just to have some new ones emerging a few moments later. Then here we go for the everlasting war..... quote: Notion 3: We are acting like terrorists by bombing Afganistan. Humm.. Did not read this one before, I find it a bit difficult to support. Even if it is Christ's teaching to forgive, well... Sometimes peace can be worse than war (anybody remember Munich ?) quote: Notion 4: We are doing what the terrorists want. Reality: Bin Laden doesn't want his top military and terror advisors dead. That's like Bin Laden saying that he wants us to chop off his hands and legs so he'll be more effective against us. Captain Dread's reality seems to me very "American", not Arab. The way WTC was bombed shows that we have in front of us some very intelligent people. I cannot imagine that they did not include the possibility that they could be wipped out clean by the retaliations, which I hope will be the case. I would guess that if they are killed, their bet is that they will be martyrs, thus showing the way to others. Please remember that these murderers do not care about their own lives. How can we treatten people to kill them when they are eagier to commit suicide just to kill you ? quote: The terrorists are mad. The only way to make them happy is the destruction of America, and/or the withdrawl of support for Israel (which would cause them to declare their nuclear status and start a Middle Eastern Arms race, not much fun when a bunch of "kill the non-islam fanatics" have nukes) The only option is to disable the person's ability to punch you AKA, destroy terrorists and their supporting countries. Anyone who is "pro-peace, anti-war" is saying, "let them keep punching us". If that's not pro-Taliban, nothing is. To the point, a nuclear suicide attack is my worst fear. And restrict help to the only democracy of this area would lead to another genocide. But what to do with Egypt ? Most of its population is furiously against USA. It won't matter how much billion of US dollars go to the country, as long as root of their hate is not treated. quote: The destruction of Terrorist supporting countries will highly limit the capabilities and activities of terrorist groups, and in the end protect American security. You are dreaming, as shown in Europe. In fact to win the war is only the first step. The second step is to win the peace. A poor peace will lead to other wars (remember WW1 ?). quote: fighting is wrong Of course it is wrong ! Only terrorists of madmen can imagine it's not ! Problem is not if fighting is wrong or not, but what will happen if it is avoided ? If it was alway avoided France would probably have been "freed" by soviets troops in WW2. All fighting was avoided in Cambodgia. Then Pol-Pot killed millions of his own people. As a whole I think Captain Dread is missing the point : the most important thing will not be to win the short term war but to win the long term peace.
  4. Some points I wanted to react on : Equality : remember there are now proof that we are not born as equals. Some of us grow up as Einstein, Mozard or Platon and some will not be able to lace their shoes alone for their life. Then it is a bit "artificial" to think so different people will live(deserve?) the same living condition. Anyway, the problem is not to limit the amount of money that Bill Gates can earn per year. I believe the problem is more what is the minimum to live under which human dignity is not respected ? To answer this question I do not think that capitalism is adapted, but communism is even worse. Then a bit of history : I read in this thread that in the 30s in Germany, the Jews were possessing almost the entire (what was left of) German economy. This point has seen some widespread use in different country. This is to forget a bit to quickly that during 1500 years, jews were NOT allowed to own lands in most of europe. They could work on it, but never own it. There you go on the legend that all jews were merchants. In fact, they had very little choice. During middle age, the power was with the lands owners. Merchants was some sort of low caste. That started to change around XVI century. Nowadays it is the contrary.... Then for the feeling of most of Europe versus the jews, it has NEVER been good until end of second world war. My Grandmother used to pray in the church to forgive 'these poor jews who killed the Crist'. THAT WAS IN FRANCE JUST BEFORE THE WAR.
  5. To support the "read-only" forum point of view : I have been looking for a successor to an "Elite type"(SF and freedom) game for years. And what convinced me BCM could fit in was not the dev diary, nor the free BC 2.0, but the living community running around that game. I have been playing to Total Annihilation since 3 years now, so I believe I understand the value of a living community. When you have a living community for years, then there is an interesting game behind. I do not trust games reviews/preview, but when I did read posts in the forums I just told myself 'well, even if I've never seen such an ill tempered guy , what is done seems worth buying'. Period. (as would say SC) So I strongly support to find a technical way to have read only forums (general discussion, hints/tips, stories). If people have to register to write in it, so be it. But if the forum was closed, and I had only only access to general discussion, I am not sure I would have been interested to the point of preordering the game. Of course, it is a newbye advice, to take as such, but do someone think I am the only one choosing his games that way ? PS : SC wrote "I have ZERO interest in newbies. " but newbies may have interest in your games. I can only disagree as everybody in the community started as newbies. [ 10-15-2001: Message edited by: Unknown_Enemy ]
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