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  1. Good bye all. I have spent 3 weekends trying to get BCM working. It was working until just before 1.0.2 was released. I have read and done everything in the FAQ (atleast twice) that would be applicable to my system. I have downloaded and reinstalled directx8.1, Windows Media Player 7.1, all sound and video drivers, VIA 4in1 drivers, motherboard BIOS, reinstalled Win98SE, everything remotely mentioned in the FAQ. Not to mention uninstall and reinstall BCM and reinstall BCM patches 22 times (there were times before that I didn't keep track of). I will now go and troubleshoot my system that was rock solid stable and working perfectly before I started. I realize that I will get banned.
  2. Hi all: I'm having a problem with BCM that I have run out of ideas with. I dont think it is a problem with the game itself. I start a new career, select the ship etc, and launch from the station. I get to the screen that loads all the zones, and get to the 'load complete: standby' in the lower corner just before the bridge screen comes up. Then everything just hangs and the game goes no further. I need to hit the reset switch. System specs are: 1hz AMD Athlon 768m RAM Visiontek Xtasy TI 500 with nvidia detonator 23.11 drivers Soundblaster PCI 500 with latest drivers Win98 SE DirectX 8.1 Media Player 7.1 I have reinstalled Win98 over existing install. I have reinstalled video, sound and DirectX drivers. Reapplied 1.0.2 patch (havent tried 1.0.3 yet - will when I get home). Any ideas as to what to try? What is it not finding that it needs to? Thanks
  3. Quick question. Sometimes I find illegal cargo in cargo containers. I have noticed that Terran Military careers dont allow the trade of illegal items. I am aware that some stations have illegal security status and some are legal. As Terran Military, you can go to either and not have the illegal category in tradcom. Is there anywhere you can sell illegal cargo when you are Terran Military? Or is the only option creating a creating more space debris?
  4. This is one of the minor gripes I have. The artifacts appendix says that the Celestial Orb reguires nothing, it just works. When you look at the crew appendix, it lists what is needed to get the Celestial Orb to work (RE having sufficent AI). I just think that the artifact section should list the AI needed for all the artifacts, not just some of them. I don't know about the Celestial Orb having a reduced effect when it is not analyzed. I have one that is not analyzed (RE AI is 22) and I can't tell any difference that it is making. I'm not saying there isn't one, just not one that I notice.
  5. I tried getting these pesky guys last night. Hoped into a fighter and tried to shoot him for about 30 minutes. I finally shot one with a missile, got him to stop moving and was able to get close enough (.06 km) to blast him. Didn't get any EP though, dont know why. I shot about 6 missiles at another SF marine and never hit him. I think most of my problem is that I am using the keyboard. I'm hoping that a joystick will make things easier. If your target is 1/4" away from your aiming point, it is really hard to get dead on it the smallest increment you can move the aim point is 1/2"
  6. If you are playing as a commander, is there any way that you can kill SF marines in space? I tried getting close and using PTA. I tried sending FC out with several different orders (SAD, CAP, attack specific target, etc) with no results. The FC just stop and don't move. Any one have any luck getting these guys?
  7. Just a hint. I don't remember how I learned this.... It is generally not a good idea to turn off either your engines or your reactor when you are 10,000 feet over a planet. Meldan
  8. SC- I am aware of the ROE for NPC's, as well as why the enemy ships would not be moving. Those aren't the issues. Why am I sometimes unable to damage, with missile or guns, an enemy ship disabled by an NPC? This was pre-patch.
  9. You MUST have DirectX 8.1 to use the patch. If you apply the patch, run bcm.exe and nothing happens, install DirectX 8.1 and that should fix the problem. Meldan
  10. Has anyone else experienced phantom ships in space? There has been a couple times where there were enemy ships with no shields and armor at 125 or so just sitting in space (not disabled). I flew up to them, came to a dead stop and blasted them with IOD and nothing happened. I was 2km away, both at a dead stop, I didn't miss. The missile I shot at it also hit, exploded and did nothing. The ships were being left alone by everything else in the system, nothing was attacking them, and I was not the one who damaged them to begin with. I just was finishing them off, or trying. I think a cargo pod was also a phantom. I couldn't order a shuttle to pick it up, the shuttle would sit there at 0 speed when I ordered it to fly to the cargo pod. Cargosweep orders didn't change anything. I was about 5000k from the pod, couldn't jump to it and couldn't order the shuttle to it. There was a planet in the way, which may have caused a problem. I jumped out to a jump point and tried to jump to the pod, and was unable to establish a jump profile. Meldan [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  11. The SC has a new bcm.exe which fixes this problem. Drop him a line and the problem is fixed. If you try to run the new file and nothing happens, you need to get DirectlyXplodes 8.1 (aka DirectX 8.1). Meldan
  12. First I want to mention that this game looks like it has tons of potential, I'm just having problems getting there. My fault, not the game's. I deployed a mining drone on Triton last night. Had the shuttle wait nearby with the intentions of picking up the drone when it was full. I targeted the drone in CVD, and checked the cargo, it said 0/0. I went to bed and let it do it's thing. Next morning, it still says 0/0. Time definitely passed, game was not paused. Am I missing something? Am I not checking the cargo correctly on the drone? One of the how-tos at the end of the tutorial on the CD just says "check the tactical computer" for the cargo. Tactical just says that the drone is deployed. (BTW- the answer to that how do I deploy mining drones is screwed up in the tutorial. Looks like some lines are missing) I thought I would pick up the drone and do something else. Go to tac-ops, select the shuttle to set waypoints for, and the add/delete/etc buttons for the waypoints are all red and can't be selected. I can issue an order directly to the shuttle but not set waypoints (I did create waypoints to deploy the shuttle). I can't create any waypoints for any shuttle or fighter, they are all red. How do I enable them again? Another question. I think I'm sitting on the surface of Triton. How can I find out where I am on the planet? There is no indicator in Tac-ops that I can find. Only clue I have is the radar on the bridge monitors. If I want a shuttle to wait near a drone, I think I need to locate the drone in tac-ops so I can set a waypoint. I think the game has lots of potential and I'm just having learning curve beat your head against the wall issues. Thanks
  13. [A very interesting soapbox, SC. Hmmm, and the autobiography sounds good, too. Do you know what the title's going to be yet? ] I just can't resist. Let's start a countdown til the autobiography is published.
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