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  1. quote:Originally posted by Zane Marlowe: Hey Buck, Might want to get yourself over to our new site (issfleet.com) and register. Get involved man! There's plenty to do, and there's a new release to play with. Welcome back! thank you kindly. as much as i would love too, I'm afraid not having a computer at home makes it a pointless exercise. but i promise that I'll be back to ISS when i do get one. I look forward to playing with you all again.
  2. I had almost forgotten 'bout old ISS! just got an e-mail telling me i had a pm from a fella called quasar trying to recruit me into vanguard fleet! so i thought i'd pop in and say hi. the new logo's are looking great BTW. *salute*
  3. enjoy your holiday Urza, don't forget to bring souveneirs!
  4. [rp] nothing to report. Patrols in venus and jupiter uneventful. [/rp]
  5. Hi Ari, please check our fleet site (linked in my sig) it has plenty of info about the ISS. also if you have any questions not answered there please feel free to send me a private message or e-mail (buttons at the top of my message) -RVS-
  6. I think i know what he's talking about. The AE has a partially rendered EF marine jetpack when in space instead of the "X" or "4-point" space marine jetpack.
  7. quote:By the way, did anyone else notice a strange resemblence between Balrog and Diablo (the Diablo from Diablo the game, that is)? yeah I thought so too! I'm a BIG fan of Tolkien and consider myself a little anal retententive when it comes to the details. I felt that the movie had the spirit of the plot but lacked the details. This is not a major drawback though another gripe was that the characters were not as "developed" as in the novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie though and would say that it increases my enjoyment of the originals. A viewer who has read the novels will get a lot more out the movie than a Tolkien nOOb. The best part imo was the visualisation of the characters. everyone looked perfect! exactly as I imagined them, except for the orcs, orcs make me think of warcraft orcs. The orcs however were still right. gollum oh my god he is so perfect! my advice, read the novel before you see the movie, you'll appreciate it much more.
  8. I don't see this thread lasting much longer and I doubt we'll be seeing Joe around here much longer either
  9. thanks man i needed that. humanity has been getting me down lately but this has reminded me that as bad as we are, there is still a little greatness left in us.
  10. I love this forum. my mates are always ragging me about the time i spend here but i don't care. i enjoy this forum as much as i enjoy the game. I sure will miss it. yet at the same time i look forward with hope to what we will make. you all make this community what it is.....great.
  11. has someone archived the logs from here yet?
  12. quote: $ilk, do me a favor and send me an email with everything you compile Please post this list on the iss yahoo group and other "secure" forums.
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