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  1. eric3045

    Patch Woes

    I have the same problem with the patch. Nothing happens when I push continue. I tried uninstalling the game the reinstalling, but still nothing. Athalon 650 win 98 se 384 meg ram geforce2 mx200
  2. Thanks SC I did what you said and it works great!
  3. So far it seems that it crashes when i start at Syganstar, I tried one of the other locations, and the game ran fine, but when I tried Syganstar I get the message "error opening Sygan/PTYPE014" I'm playing as the terran insurgants, I have tried multiple ships, and both sexes. Yhe same thing happens it crashes when I leave the station at Syganstar. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: eric3045 ]
  4. I have tried to play as the insurgent career but every time I try to start it the game crashes. It crashes when I leave the station and the game finishes loading. I get the message "Fatal error error opening Sygan/PTYPE014. My system is: Athalon 650mhz Win 98 se. 384 meg ram 64 meg geforce2 mx200 Also I seem to have a problem that whenever I try to shutdown windows after playing I can't. The monitor shuts off, but my cpu fan is still running, and the green light outside my tower remains lit. I have to manually reset to shut down. [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: eric3045 ] [ 11-21-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ] [ 11-22-2001: Message edited by: Supreme Cmdr ]
  5. eric3045

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    I just got off with the phone with eb, and they told me the game wouldn't be out until 12/4. Please tell me if this is :a) wrong and eb doesn't know what they are talking about, the date for the non-preorder.
  6. eric3045

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    I talked to the manager of the eb near me, and he said that it may be in on saturday, but there is a good possibility it wont be in until monday. He said it was about a 60% chance that it would be there on Saturday, unless the ship date is moved. Unfortunately for me this marks the start of the holiday season so i may get 2 days off in the next month to play the game(yes i even work x-mas day). Oh well I fell the flu coming on, I guess I will just have to call off a couple of days.
  7. eric3045

    Afganistan + Mechs

    Werreng would you like to be one of those guys trying to dig this mammoth hole in the ground? Not only that would you like to run across the mech's field of fire in order to draw it into the trap? Suicide mission man. Use of landmines, missles, artillery, or bombs would be much more practical and less time consuming. How many hours would it take to dig a hole that big anyway? Would a mech just sit around and wait for you to get done, I don't think so! If you wanted to dig it faster you would have to use heavy equipment, and don't you think the mech driver would get suspicious if he saw treadmarks everywhere, not to mention the forward looking scouts could not miss all the activity. [ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: eric3045 ]
  8. eric3045

    Afganistan + Mechs

    If an aircraft could destroy a hardened underground bunker, what chance would a mech have. Not to mention how much speed could a 100 ton monster have. It would be useless on most terrains, and one man with an anti-armor rocket would be able to destroy or disable it. Helicopter crews would love a target like a mech, they would hide behind a hill fire their payload, and bam easy kill. Sixty years ago the aircraft prove the battleship obsolete, what good would a land battleship do?
  9. eric3045

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    Instead of waiting around for them to call, why don't you give them a call a day or two after it is shipped. If you wait around for someone to call you you will never get it.
  10. eric3045

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    That hurts. At least I will get a chance to play Silent Hunter 2 for a while. What has curious is that when you type in Battlecruiseer on the eb web page two links appear for the same product.
  11. eric3045

    Just wondering on Delivery date ?

    I prepurchased the game on 6/6/01 at an eb store, and not the online web site. My question is will I still get the map that goes with the preorders?
  12. eric3045

    Count-Down to Release!!!

    eb changed release date to 11/5. Oh well it gives me more time to upgrade.
  13. eric3045

    Light Cruisers?

    The battlecruiser had similar guns to a battleship, but the speed, armor, and mobility of a cruiser. In this respect the battlecruiser was built to lead and fight cruisers, but have the ability to run from the larger battleships. Unfortunately this idea was lost and they placed heavier armor on the battlecruisers of WWII. as a result of this their armor was still no match for a battleship, but now they lacked the seaworthyness to run from their larger cousins. Also from this extra armor the population of the time thought that a battlecruiser was a match for a battleship. The result of this was disasterously proven at Jutland, and when the Hood faced off against the Bismarck. [ 10-21-2001: Message edited by: eric3045 ]
  14. eric3045

    Just wondering on Delivery date ?

    SC said it will ship on 10/29, so that means it will be at eb on 10/30 or 10/31.
  15. eric3045

    Ram quest

    Is it true that on windows 98 that even if you have 512 megs of ram the os only recognizes about 190megs?