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  1. it would be nice if they could sue the hell out of them and get big bucks. but i guess that takes a lot of money to. and if they tried it would be like bill gates and his lawyer minions spending 3 years and 250000 dollars in court over a 50 dollar speading ticket..... they would go bankrupt and be living on the streets. it would be nice if there were justice in the world wouldnt it? Work on your spelling skills warreng. Especially if you post in a topic that the SC creates. TTFN [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: Gallion ]
  2. it happens to me a lot, but i just hit refresh and it compleats loading. but it sure is a pain though.
  3. i saw most of it! but i think if i had known before hand how cold it was going to be i would have stayed in bed. but i have to say that seeing it was realy cool! i hardly look up at the stars and for some reason when i looked up this morning it made me feal veary small. (thats a creepy fealing!)
  4. ok, hope you find what your looking for.
  5. i dont know what the music sounds like, but i might have found somthing (i dont know) if some one could look at the tracts on the cd and see if this is on there. if not this could be it. any way if its not sorry, gave it my best try. quote: Hootie Frontman Gets Movie Role Hootie & the Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker has landed a part in the new Gwyneth Paltrow movie. According to the syndicated Hollywood column, the Farrelly Brothers, who brought us such gems as Something About Mary and Dumb & Dumber, have put Darius in their new movie, Shallow Hal. The Farrellys are big fans of Hootie, and have been pals with Darius for a while. They cast him as a maitre'd in one scene with the movie's star, Gwyneth Paltrow, but fans might not recognize him. Saying he was tired of being, quote, "a fat hippie," Darius has slimmed down, and shaved his head and goatee as well. Darius will re-record a track from his forthcoming solo CD, The Return of Mongo Slade, for inclusion on the Shallow Hal soundtrack. Meanwhile, he plans to launch a solo tour soon, and he's already started writing songs for the next Hootie album. mongo slade? does it ring a bell anyone???? i found this atweb page [ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: warreng ]
  6. yea, i have metal gear solid and for it being 3 years old its still the best play station game, hows the second one and what do you do in it? play station 2 is looking like the best but hows x box? came cube looks like its for little kids. dont think im going with that one.
  7. aw crap, didnt read the post right..... i swear i can be so stupid some times...... [ 11-17-2001: Message edited by: warreng ]
  8. i ben wanting to get a new game console and just wondering which one i should get? money isnt a big deal have $500 for it but i want the one that will offer the most games. any ideas?
  9. the things keep coming up as me being autoritarian but i dont think i am, the thing dosent work, of corse i may be wrong consedering rignt now i have a movie playing about destroying the greater part of the east hemosphere????? see, web page
  10. but if we make afganastan one goey radioactive blob there would be no terrorists to try to kill us. and if any one any where trys somthing like what happend on 9/11/01 or uses bio and or chemical agents any where agen make it ploicy to flatten where they came from to the ground! any way it would make me feal better...... IDEA: tape the event in excruciating detail and force all the other middle east countries to wach it forever! (scrambel there comunications) hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa........see if they do it agen. [ 11-16-2001: Message edited by: warreng ]
  11. agreed. blow the hell out of them.
  12. and i was just saying how easy it would be to kill them, aka: a big hole in the ground. read the hole thread (if you havent all ready) it will explain it better.
  13. remember, we are talking about psychopathic terrorists who want to die here! besides i would just use another 20 pounds of c4 to dig the hole. BOOM!!! and there you go one big hole. [ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: warreng ]
  14. does any one know when they ship the ones that where pre-orderd from the web site?
  15. true, but why do you need a plane when, quote: getting rid of a mech would be as easy as digging a 20 foot deep hole in the ground and covering it up, then have about 20 guys get the mechs attention and then have them run across the hole and when the mech follows and falls in the hole toss in about 20 pounds of c4 amd bam that would be what 100 billion bucks blown up in smoke? [ 11-15-2001: Message edited by: warreng ]
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