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  1. I'm sorry SC. It wasn't my intention to bother anybody. But thanks for the reply - I was sure it belongs to tech support. Sorry again. Nova: No, every needed part is there and the crew is fine. I started the repairs for this system parts at a station, so every needed part should be there and every other system part could be repaired. I think it is related to the repair time. This repairs should all be completed the same minute they were started.
  2. quote:Originally posted by jamotto: quote:Originally posted by Zothen: In my opinion Doom 3 is a boring engine-demo! I thought it is well known that Id Software doesn't sell games, they sell graphics engine technology. Id Software relies on people to make mods to create the actual game content. Yeah, I had a talk with a game developer about this... It wasn't well known to me, hehe! ^^ www.moddb.com has listed 24 mods for Doom 3 and 349 mods for HL2... We will see which Engine makes the mod-race!
  3. I have to post this again, because my former post has been deleted! Some systems of my FCs won't be repaired, although everything else will be repaired, parts are stored and crew is fine. I don't know what I can do and I haven't found anything about this in the VCF or the forum, but that may depend on my bad language skills, because english isn't my native language. My former post was a bit more detailed, but it has been deleted and I don't know why or what I've done wrong. I don't know how to solve this problem, so please give me a hint where I can find a clue or tell me what I've done wrong before deleting my post, because it isn't very easy for me to write/read in english so errors/misunderstandings may happen! thx
  4. In my opinion Doom 3 is a boring engine-demo! Great graphics but nothing more! After playing for 2h I got used to all so called "horror-effects" and soon you know that when something spawns in front of you most times something spawns behind you, too! Frigtening? Hell no! And the levels are so damn narrow that you can't move - so why keys for strafing?? ^^ Just seems to be a big, blinding demo to sell the engine - everything else is history - Half-Life history! I hope Stalker will be out soon...
  5. For a few days he asked me via icq to send him the patch and he behaves the same way as in his mails. No signs of an apology but nice words about a certain known person. It also wasnt done with a simple "no" from me so he bothered me again. I havent had any problems with him, but the way the talks is like a choleric maniac of some kind. Welcome to my ignore list. In a certain way I feel sorry for him...
  6. quote:Tak, when I posted the idea for a MP fleet action tournament, I put the most complex idea there because if you put a simplified version in there then people invariably say "yeah, but you're missing...." (As it turns out, if you put too complex an idea in there then it turns out that people think it can't be done. We'll see friends Sorry, but that's nonsense! I don't think you would have the problem to say to them that's just the beginning. If you start it too complex most players who don't have the time for such complexity (recon phase, spacebattle phase, groud operations all need time to play) won't join in. I don't think it can't be done, but think about the time a usual player needs for this. That's why I said omit the recon phase and the planetfall phase in the beginning and let everybody jump into some quick action first. Then we see how much players we have for this tournament and then we should talk how to progress and expand the tournament. I don't think anybody would mind you this approach... quote:In the mean time, I meant what I said about not having worked out the logistics part. How would you guys rate your CC's? Would you offer any amendments to the proposed Strategic Map elements of the game? I'm curious to hear. Each asset has a certain worth. May it be possible to engage the logistics part with this values? Another way could be to rate the firepower of a CC (shilds, turrets, assets, etc.) to set up a list with this. Then you set up the resources a certain CC costs and set a value how much income each faction gets from their property per cycle (day, week, whatever...). [ 05-31-2004, 09:13 AM: Message edited by: Zothen ]
  7. Basicly a very good idea for UC-multiplayer, Zane, but like Eclipse I think it can be too complicated to organize. I would suggest to start it on a smaller scale with basic battles for sectors and extend the campain as needed for the participating players. I would start it without planetfalls and without the complex battleflow diagram. Just one fight for the dominance of a sector and so a progress through the sectors of the galaxy. How do you want to organize the resources, players etc? With an interactive homepage?
  8. quote:Ps. you don't need to go to a station for a cloning module, your ship already has one.When I go to medbay, the cloning option is not highlighted. Maybe I need to take another look, though. Have you checked your energy settings in logistix? Perhaps the cloning modules are turned off?
  9. quote:Originally posted by street: quote:Mr. Smart screwed us all on this one. LOL, sorry you feel that way dat125... I am real new here, at this forum. I must say, THOSE bugs,(if you are really having problems with such) were pretty much fixed in the latest patch. Well, then give me a hint why this bug is in UC, too!?!
  10. I've experienced the same problem with the Wraith-Station with UC(RC7). I've traded between GalcomHQ and Wraith with a MKI Shuttle and suddenly when I wanted to dock with Wraith it turned to disabled (changed directly from textured to framework). Shields and Hull were full and no enemy in range. Later I've started a new carrier with a fresh installed and patched UC and did the same - trading between GalHQ and Wraith with the same shuttle. When I reached Wraith the second time it turned to disabled again, but this time I fortunatly had a savegame 30km in front of the station so I could do a few tests. It turned out that Wraith always changed to disabled state when I approached the station via autopilot and I reached distance 0km. Whenever I approached Wraith without autopilot its not going disabled. I can provide the savegame if wanted. (Hope I get not beaten for posting UC-related things to a BCMG-Board, but I posted it here, because my last post was deleted for posting about things that where discussed before...)
  11. Is it shure that BCM will be shipped in this year? The last date I've seen was 11/14/01. Where is BCM when its already Gold?
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