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  1. Thank you SC and your team for your hard work and dedication. Thank you Blerm for your delightfully fast download server. Gamaliel the Lurker.
  2. ROTFLMAO!!! I greatly appreciate the warped sense of humor. My stomach still hurts from laughing... Keep up the good work Barron. Gamaliel out.
  3. LOL, enjoy your well-deserved vacation SC! The patch sounds sweet. I'm off to explore the galaxy... Gamaliel out.
  4. quote:Originally posted by Soback: Oh, man. The one in the docking bay looks awesome. Hey $ilk, how did you do that?? That is interesting. Gamaliel out.
  5. Keep 'em coming guys. BTW Simparadox, why were you attacking a scientist starstation?!? What did my colleagues ever do to hurt you, hmm?? I guess my next question would be: What caste were you playing in those pictures? Just curious...Please don't kill me!! Gamaliel out.
  6. Ahhh....a fellow Scientist. I like the way your pictures tell a story, LOL. BTW Medics also make horrendous shuttle pilots. Yes, I did find out about that the hard way. I would post pictures but I was so angry at them that I plumb forgot about it. Gamaliel out.
  7. Those are pretty pictures, Barron. Well...except for the last one, LOL. I think I will keep a safe distance from Valkerie space from now on. And to think that the game reviewers say that this game doesn't have good graphics. I guess they need to play the game longer and see more of the universe. Gamaliel out.
  8. Ok SC, it will be done. I will send you the saved game as soon as I re-deplete the shuttlecrafts charge. Unfortunately, I saw your post after I had been playing the game again and I had already recharged the one shuttlecraft that was seriously depleted by docking it with Genesis starstation and using the station's Logistix screen. Needless to say, they all now have a charge of 98% to 99%. I will get them down to 75% or so before I zip up the files and send them in. EDIT: For clarification; realized after posting that what I had written was unclear. I have now sent the files. My ISP's e-mail server is notoriously unreliable, so if there are any problems please let me know. Gamaliel out. [ 12-09-2001: Message edited by: Gamaliel ]
  9. My apologies, SC for not providing sufficient information in my previous post. I have started a new game with RC9 with the following parameters: Terran/Scientist, Roam, LRT-15 unarmed transport. By some miracle I have managed to avoid attack approximately three hours into the game and can report that all ship systems (including the auxiliary charger) are at a full 100% according to Logistix/Crafts/CC. Both Flight Engineers are on-station. All ship systems have full power allocated in Logistix/Power. Unfortunately I must report that my shuttlecrafts are still not being recharged according to the CVD/SSS. (I have launched them several times for various purposes and then recovered them. They are currently docked with my CC. In all cases I have used the highest AI system engineers and/or medics as pilots.) I have a theory for why this might be happening. I have noticed that Carrier class vessels have a "central charging unit" listed in Logistix/Power. I have also noticed that the "central charging unit" does not appear in Logistix/Power on Transport class vessels. Perhaps if this unit is not present then the auxiliary charger can not work. I am probably 100% wrong about this so it is just a theory. In any case, given the fact that this issue does not appear to be a problem for anyone else in the community, and given the fact that I can just recharge the shuttlecrafts at a starstation or starbase; I figure this is of no importance. I am well aware that you are quite busy SC and since I do not wish to become an annoyance, I will not bother you with this again. I will report to the airlock now and await further orders. Respectfully, Gamaliel.
  10. First off, thank you SC for answering my questions over in the Clueless Newbie Questions thread. I did not realize my questions might serve a useful purpose. I am now testing 1.0.02 RC6 and have welcomed the new flight engineers to my crew. I also noted the presence of the new auxiliary charger on Deck 4 of my transport. However for some reason my shuttlecrafts still do not appear to be getting recharged. I have noticed that Carrier class vessels have a charging unit listed in the Logistix Power allocation screen that does not appear on the Transport vessels Power allocation screen. I do not know if this is in any way relevant but figured I would mention it. Please don't flush me out the airlock - I am just a newbie. Gamaliel out.
  11. quote:Originally posted by EAGLE: The way i see we'll only be able to prove what ship is most effective in MP turnament or wait for BCO. I'd love to see 20-30 ships in a system watching 2 guys fighing for their life and 'best ship' title. LOL, "Battlecruiser Tournament". Gamaliel out.
  12. I play as a Terran/Scientist and my favorite ship is the LRT-15 transport. Why? The big cargo bays give me plenty of space for my mineral samples and it looks good. Gamaliel out.
  13. My apologies, Aramike. Now that I have had a chance to actually play the game, I would like to change my choice of ship to an LRT-15 class unarmed transport. I need those big cargo bays in order to hold more of my mineral samples. Please let me know if there is any problem with this. Gamaliel out.
  14. Greetings, I noticed that the forum software has been upgraded to version however I am still having the same problems as before (on two different PC's and a Mac). The only improvement I have noticed is that while refreshing a page seems to be more helpful than before, it is still not 100% effective. IOW the browser reports a page as being "done" even though it is obviously incomplete and hitting refresh sometimes allows more of the page to be seen and other times not. Oh well...back to lurking I guess Gamaliel out.
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